Rush Zone: Guardians of the Core

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Rush Zone: Guardians of the Core

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Animated versions of NFL players and coaches are featured as an unexpected hero searches through stadiums in an attempt to find answers.

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AIRED ON 10/6/2013

Season 2 : Episode 24

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  • Oh barf, this is lame.

    I will admit that I'm no football fan (heck, I really don't care for sports) but this show is exceptionally lame. The only real purpose that this show was created was to create super football fans. Nothing but product placement mixed in with a lousy plot/story and mediocre characters. Not even the guest stars can save this show which is nothing more than a foul ball that proves that not only can Nick not make quality cartoons anymore, but has bad taste or luck in finding them.

    The 'basic' plot of this show is about how a few kids take football way too seriously and somehow become guardians of the nfl and those who support it. It is also painfully preachy by talking about the virtues of teams, athletics, and cooperation too. First of all football (or any sport) is nothing sacred and second playing hard core (tackle) football is bad for your health because both amateur and professional players by giving them several mini concussions. Many also get earlier and more severe onset of mental issues at a much higher rate than players of basketball, volleyball, golf, baseball, or tennis.

    So skip this show because it's more like an extended commercial than an actual show.moreless
  • A big advertisement that fails as a sports show and a cartoon

    I'm not the biggest sports junkie out there, but I do know the basics. Needless to say, I got the chance to watch this show, and I was really curious to see what it was about. What I got was a big, giant commercial aimed at kids to get them watching ESPN.

    The first thing I expect from a sports-related show is, well... sports. For about 78% of each episode, it's just a load of pandering on about an athlete on some team and what they did for their team, and how somehow they'll have to help the Guardians, a bunch of kids who take sports more seriously than they really are. The other 22% is just some horribly animated sports match between the Guardians and the antagonist. Over all, it's a jumbled mess in one episode. The animation is some of the worst that can come out of flash, the plot is the most ridiculous, boring I've seen in a while, and the athletes they bring on the show for voice acting prove that voice talent is not their strong-suit.

    Unless you like being told "Kids, watch ESPN, for about 30 minutes (God forbid, the one hour Big Game specials), then refrain from resting your eyes on this show, for it's quite the foul ball.moreless
  • Rush Zone is an evil marketing scheme

    Rush Zone was only created to pull kids into watching football and keep it the most watched sport in the nation, and buy NFL related products. There is nothing special about it. It's kind of a sick marketing scheme, in my opinion.
  • This would have been a better show,if it wasn't for the time limit

    Nicktoons Network still isn't even great at making their own original shows. I mean,why can't they make good shows like Corneil and Bernie or Kaput and Zosky? However,Rush Zone:Guardians of the Core is a huge example. I thought this looked great at first,however,it was disappointing. Rush Zone is about a boy named Ish who defends the NFL team from evil spirits and monsters. It sounded like a great idea,and so many NFL players called this good,but instead,the results ended up as bad as a person who thinks 1+1=11. The first problem I had,was the fact that this show was only 5 MINUTES LONG!!! Are you kidding me? All of this hype for a show that is that long? You have got to be kidding me. That is just as bad as Best Day Ever hyping for only an 11 minute long episode. The second problem I had,is the animation. Seriously,it looks like everybody is made out of rubber and paper. And everybody moves slowly. Also,I don't see what is so funny about this show. I barely find it funny. And why was the season finale was an hour long about the story of Ish being the guardian. Umm,that should be the first episode,not a finale. And why is the boy named Ish? What kind of parents name their kid Ish? I think that is supposed to be a name of a god,but seriously,that is not even a name. Overall,Rush Zone:Guardians of the Core was a nice attempt to be a good Nicktoon,but it ended up failing. Please,watch Corneil and Bernie and Kaput and Zosky,or NFL,but please,don't watch this.moreless
  • Nicktoons latest failure.

    I dont have much to say about this show, except its horrible. Its a 5 minute show that Nicktoons wasted their money on. It seems like a 5 minute ad for the NFL. Please stop showing stuff like this and bring back your orginials. Its like a big advertisement for the NFL. Why would Nicktoons have the time to promote a crappy 5 minute "ad". Not only that but the animation is horrible. Stop airing stuff like this and get your act together. No one likes stuff like this. Start airing orginals, and stop airing this pointless garbage. Stop airing stuff like this/moreless

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