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This Australian police drama gives viewers an inside look at a Tactical Response Team based in Melbourne, focused on preventing crime rather than chasing criminals.

Rodger Corser

Rodger Corser

Senior Sergeant Lawson Blake

Catherine McClements

Catherine McClements

Inspector Kerry Vincent

Callan Mulvey

Callan Mulvey

Sergeant Brendan "Josh" Joshua

Samuel Johnson

Samuel Johnson

Intelligence Officer Leon Broznic

Ashley Zukerman

Ashley Zukerman

Senior Constable Michael Sandrelli

Nicole da Silva

Nicole da Silva

Senior Constable Stella Dagostino

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  • good and bad

    i think that its a show plus doco of police life all shows aren't perfect put this one is on my good line i have all 4 season's and if you whatch it online stuff is cut out and there was an interview about a mounth ago with a cast member and they dropped a hint ''it will be back'' but when is anybodys guess
  • Just another fsscist cop show

    So first episode and the women that's supposed to be investigating the punk cop that violated the one guys civil rights and beat the crap out of him is also an arrogant jerk who thinks she is above the law and can vandalize her ex lovers car. I can see where this is going already. Every cop show any more features cops roughing people up and covering for each other, and it's all ok because they are "real people with real problems". So are the people they bust, they just don't have a badge to protect them. Nice to see the Aussies have the same kind of LEO problems we Americans have.moreless
  • Come on Season 5

    Wow! this is such a great series and I want more. This show makes you laugh, feel sad, cry, smile, and learn so much about the different countries outside of the USA. Thank you for all the shows so far, but I am looking forward to Season 5!!! Not sure if there is any plans for another season, but well keep watching for them.
  • There should be more!

    I stream TV so I look for series to watch over the summer when none of my regular shows are on. I find that the Australian shows are really interesting and fun to watch. I was looking a big close on this one and was left wanting more. They didn't end it well for the viewers with Kerry saying to bring everyone back in because there is another bomb.
  • Good show

    this was a great show. the first two seasons were the best for me as it had the most Lawson/Kerry scenes and the banter between them. This was not really written int but the chemistry between them was sizzling, unfortunately by season 4 the banter practically gone and the writers i feel were alot to blame. What started out as great and totally unexpected.

    to me the show was ruined in season 4 by shannon/Lawson relationship Lawson became a weak character and Shannon in the whole season she was in it was not the nicest character. it seemed forced down us the Lawson/Shannon relationship which to me lacked chemistry big time unlike Kerry/Lawson

    There was some great episodes of this show and some ok ones. Season 4 had some good ones but the on going storyline made it hard if you mised it to catch up or start. I liked season 4 as it had more KErry in it than alot.

    Kerry was the one character who had bad things happen to her in the whole of Rush with killing a cyclist and then James coming back did not end good either. Her character mellowed a bit but i enjoyed the more fiesty Kerry but she was one who did not mind bending the rules to suit her. Despite it all, Lawson was always there for her to lean on and her crush on him was great something happened between them but it was never shown unfortunately. she never wanted to appear vunerable or weak in front of himmoreless

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