Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Sep 02, 2008 on Network Ten

Episode Recap

A police helicopter comes to the support of unit Tango 1 who is chasing a silver Ford Falcon. The air unit has trouble locating the vehicle. They are chasing Gary Bea, the guys in the police car hear over the radio. Apparently a familiar face they barely ever catch. One of the guys once lost him in a chase. The air unit finally finds the car, but soon loses it again. Only minutes later, they are chasing the guy on foot. The guy is fast and the police officers have trouble following him. They call him "speedy". He jumps or climbs over everything and so manages to get away from several officers. However in the end one of the officers who waited by the car gets him. However, even those who didn't know the guy agree he was a serious challenge.

The guy who caught him was supposed to stay in the car. His colleagues tease him.

A woman drives home and walks up to the front door. Instead of going in she goes around the house and sees a couple having sex inside. She knocks on the window and takes off. She runs to her car and smashes the guy's car windows. The police get the call and they are on their way. Meanwhile the woman rams the car of the guy with her own. Then she takes off promising it was just the beginning.

The police arrive. They split up, two knock on the door. Nobody opens, inside there's a fight. A kid opens up. The neighbours called it in, the woman is bleeding, but she doesn't want to charge him. The police take off again. Those people apparently are familiar clients. Back in the car Lawson is called in by the new inspector. The inspector is the one who crashed her guy's car.

In another car from the same unit, they discuss why they need a new boss.

In the office, Lawson declares why the unit is needed. She will take charge over the unit. She explains she's in charge and she'll be the one who's the boss.

The second car, Tango 2, gets a call. They are five minutes away and the driver takes a bet that she can make it sooner.

In the office, the inspector and Lawson argue. Lawson calls someone to complain. She calls the same guy and gets through right away.

Tango 2 arrives at a car crash site in time. It's the beater from before where Tango 1 had to step in.

In the car, the kids are still in. The guy isn't helping, he says he did it on purpose. Meanwhile two of them try to get the kids out. However the car isn't stable. The guy doesn't look happy that they're getting the kids out.

Back in the office, Lawson is seriously angry.

At the crash site, Josh goes in the car to get the kid. They finally mange to get out and an emergency vehicle arrives. One of the kids is unconscious, the father gets aggressive.

The inspector wants her car fixed. The officer in charge says no, but we see her drive away in a new car.

Tango 1 catches up with Tango 2. An MCU guy asks some questions: apparently the car didn't break. The members of Tango 2 are shocked to learn that he tried to kill them all. They are angry and take off. Back in the office, the guy in the command centre has to show the new inspector how he works. Lawson and the inspector get in a fight again.

Tango 2 stops at the hospital and one goes off to check up on the two kids. The others wait outside. The younger one is fine, the older one is seriously injured. He wants to see them. The mother holds her kids. She apparently has custody of the kids and he can't handle that. He told her he'll show her what he can do. Apparently he did so. Outside the room, the father sits waiting. After some comment, Josh takes him to the stairs. There Josh starts to beat that guy up. Grace turns her video off, so the command (Leon) doesn't see what's going on. Josh beats the guy up pretty badly. Kelly is upset. He is so upset. She tells him that his career is over. Michael takes the guy to "clean up". The guy took off and doesn't file a complaint.

Grace is still upset over what Josh did. He's angry about the kids.

Tango 2 is back on the road – nobody speaks. Enough has been said. They arrive back at headquarters where Lawson asks what's up. Grace tells Lawson. Josh walks away; the new inspector (Kerry) hears everything. She starts her own investigation. She asks Michael what went on but Michael doesn't say anything.

Grace joins Josh in the office and she tells him he put everything in the report, he says so did he. Lawson enters.

Another unit is out – some crazy guy with a machete who attacks random people. Michael has to take care of the woman, a victim. Stella and Dominic chase the crazy guy but first they have to find him. He runs towards Michael. He takes out his rifle. The guy starts running at him, so Michael shoots rubber at him. The guy thinks he's dying.

Kerry asks Grace what's going on.

The crazy guy goes to the hospital, but they don't arrest him.

Leon shows Lawson some video footage. Kerry walks in. It's Josh's camera showing the incident. On the last video they see what happened, as Michael wasn't fast enough to turn his video off.

Kerry runs into Josh and ignores him. They have a short dispute anyways.

Grace waits for Josh outside. She asks him why he did it, he asks her out. She turns him down. Her boyfriend picks her up.

Inside Lawson is eating iron, while Kerry walks up to him. She has been drinking. She tells him they'd better work together whether they like it or not. They talk about Josh and the case. She explains she's 'god' for him when he asks her what she's doing here.

Meanwhile Josh runs home.
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