Russell Coight's All Aussie Adventures

Network Ten (ended 2002)


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Russell Coight's All Aussie Adventures

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PRODUCER'S NOTE: No more than six animals were injured in the making of this series. Australia - a land as massive as it is vast. And when it comes to outback adventures they don't come any better, bigger or more reckless than Russell Coight. Winner of the prestigious Ocker Award for services to khaki shorts, Russell is back with his unique blend of over-the-top, outback, in-your-face Aussie Adventures. Well, time to hit the road! Rules for Contributing You may contribute unless you dont use profanity, if you wish to do so, you must use *'s to censor yourself. Only pretty much one rule: no rules! I dont need any co editors at the moment, thanks!
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  • Awesome

    This show is hilarious. It was filled with so many quotable moments and gags that would live on in Australian Pop-Culture.

    This show could have been ridiculed with immature jokes that make no sense, but instead the humor was sharp, on the ball and often very clever.

    The best thing about this show though was that it was parodying the Australian Man who loved the land (For Example: The Bush Tucker man) meaning that its observations were very often on the ball.

    The one criticism I have with the show though was its reliance on certain gags (like the handshake one) but other than that a really funny show.moreless
  • Definitely better than any aussie "comedy" of today!

    I found this show hilarious during its original run, but after buying the dvd set and re-watching it, I realized how immature and silly this show is. I still liked it obviously, but not for the same reason. In its original run, I enjoy it because Russell would always do something stupid, but now I enjoy it because of the jokes hidden within every episode, e.g "Australia, a land as ancient as it is old." or the handshake gag that is in almost every episode. This show was easily better than The Wedge and any other piece of crap Aussie television comes up with lately.moreless
  • People would agree this show is just 'stupid' humour, but it was still an extremely funny and entertaining show.

    So the show is about an outback bloke, Russel Coight (Glenn Robins), acting like the know-it-all of the outback community. He's obviously a bit of a moron and unbelievable clumsy and he's taking us on a documentary style trail through Outback Australia.

    Everything he does goes wrong. Everything he says is wrong and every comparison he makes is idiotic, but it makes for some damn good entertainment. Most people know the phrase "Some are nocturnal, some only come out at night" makes no sense, but Russel preaches it.

    He kills animals because he left the handbrake off, he crushes animals by leaning on their homes, and he sets his tents on fire through most idiotic way. Flipping people's cars, ripping off their roo-bars and crushing cars under trees, yes this show is the complete package.

    Stupid comedy is right, but i think seeing a well known comedian going through the outback acting as the outbacks ambassator, yet having no knowledge at all is a funny thing to watch.

    Please bring back All Aussie Adventures.moreless
  • A guy who thinks his the best outback bloke.

    TOP STUFF.As what Russell Coight Jr would say.Why he is jr because when he was little his father died because "did you put the handbrakes on?''Alot of funny jokes are in this brilliant.Russell Coight is a send up of Troy Dann,Malcolm Douglas and Steve Irwin.Bring it back Channel Ten.You just gotta!

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