Russell Howard's Good News

Thursday 10:00 PM on BBC Two Premiered Sep 22, 2009 In Season





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  • Will leave Mock the week in its wake

    Russell Howard came to fame in a ridiculously funny show known as Mock the week. A show that i was hooked on. I say was simply due to the most recent series being poor.

    That is why i think this show will be the new mock the week. Admittedly the two shows are totally different but comedy is comedy. Russell has the right attitude to host a show like this. He is churpy, witty and smart, but most importanly hilarious. The overall show is just a silly way to catch up on the news without having to put yourself through the boring news itself. I highly reccomend this show to any comedy fan, even more so to those that just like a silly but informative half hour of television. With the Good news section at the end a brilliant way to make you feel like there is hope in the world yet.
  • This Show Is Amazing :D

    This Show Is Got To Be The Funnest Thing On TV ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! It Basically Russel Howard Making Fun Of The Weeks News About Music, Mystery Guest, Politics, And Every Thing Inbetween :)Funny Stand Up And Skits That Will Have You Laughing Til You Cry. Russell Howard Is Most Hilarious comedian Ive Seen In A L . O . N . G . Time. Every One Should Watch This Show! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I LOVE THIS SHOW! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Russell's charisma and various talents make his show perfect for television because at the end of the day he entertains. The semi adult family ranging from 15 to the over 25s will enjoy this.

    Russell Howard's 'Good News' makes you smile the clips, and sketches for both young and old leaves you feeling happy. Russell Howard is someone you like instantly both men and woman find him charming, he is modest and doesn't follow the crowd he has his own unique style which the audience enjoys because he picks up on the little gems, usually missed by most of us. Watching the show proves to be rewarding because of what you learn about the week, the mystery guest, and mostly you get to watch an amazingly talented guy. I would reccomend the show to all my freinds and family.