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Russian Roulette

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Four strangers: One goal: to win a head to head competition for a chance at $100,000. One wrong answer could be their last! This is Russian Roulette! Edited my itiparanoid13 and main contributor to episode guide Otto9000. This show has one of the most unique formats I have ever seen. There are 6 holes on the stage. There are 4 contestants. Each is standing in a different hole. One drop zone is activated. Each receives $150 just for standing inside a hole. A challenger is selected. Mark reads the question. The challenger chooses someone to answer the question. If it is answered correctly, the player gets $150. For each correct question, another drop zone is activated. There can be five drop zones at the most activated at once. However, if time runs out or if someone answers incorrectly, the name of the game is all the contestant thinks about. If it is answered incorrectly, the challenger gets the challengee's money. The person who answered incorrectly hears the sound of something unlocking below him. Then, that contestants pulls the handle in front of him. The red drop zone lights go through each hole. If the light doesn't land on the contestant, then that person survives. If it does, the contestant is dropped out of the game, litterally. In this game, you are the bullet in the game of Russian Roulette. And what happens to the bullet? The bullet drops out of the gun at a rapid speed, much like the contestant. The trap door below that person opens, and he is out of the game, forgotten forever. Well, until they show the slow motion replay. If time is up in one round, the person in the lead gets to leave the hole. A lever rises from the ground. Only one drop zone is activated. All contestants hear the sound of their game unlocking. The player pulls the handle. If the light is on you, you lose. This same type of thing happens until the third round. In this round, you can either keep the question or pass it. Then is the all mighty bonus round.... part one. In season two, the first round is worth $150, second is $200, and the third is $250, unlike season one, whose 3rd round was $300. The bonus round is more exciting than ever with the 10 Killer Questions. The floor becomes a clock. Every 10 seconds a new drop zone opens. If it catches up to you or you answer incorrectly, you sink. Get all ten and you win $10,000. Every question you do get if you fall is worth $300. Every open hole now becomes a drop zone if you survive. If you pull the handle and drop, you lose the $10,000. If you survive, you walk away with $100,000. Of course, you can chicken out and go across the bridge and leave if you want to. In season 1, it was the 5 Killer Questions. There are 5 questions of different identities (True and False, Word Scrambles, Multiple Choice) a player had to answer. Get them all and its the same option. Each right was worth $500.


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AIRED ON 4/1/2003

Season 2 : Episode 67

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