Ryusei No Rockman

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Ryusei No Rockman

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In the year 220X, futuristic cities now exist and technology has only rapidly expanded since the creation of the internet. Satellites now orbit the earth linking all the cities in the world through EM waves. These waves in turn power the invisible EM Wave World, home to a race of other beings.

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AIRED ON 3/29/2008

Season 2 : Episode 21

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  • For what it is, it's pretty good.

    I love the old-school 2D Mega Man games, I must admit that I've never played any of the Star Force games, even so, I did enjoy this anime series. It has a strange format, every episode is around 8-9 minutes long, excluding the two awesome openings. But both seasons have a continuing story line, the first season departs from this every now and then to give us more character driven episodes, which is where season 1 has an edge over season 2, the episodes where wolf poses as a dog and develops tis sweet relationship with a little girl was surprisingly touching and emotional.

    The first season is also more "fun", others would probably use the word "disposable" instead, one episode has Mega Man running around delivering mail with pretty much nothing happening, and it's actually one of the best episodes because of the romantic subplot. Ah, yes, the romantic subplot(s), in the entire season 1 Luna obsess about Mega Man, she does so in season 2 as well, but she's not as much featured in that one, and then in the first season finale....nothing, then begins season 2 and they seem to ditch the whole Luna/Mega Man stuff and instead they start hinting at a possible Misora/Mega Man relationship instead, which there were zero clues about in the first season, in fact her whole character was radically different in that season, she becomes more arrogant and kind of mean sometimes in the second season. In the very last episode, once again, nothing happens with the relationships, a shame, because I thought this was one of the more interesting parts about the series.

    The villains in both seasons are overall pretty good, some are actually quite cool, such as Hyde, Ophiuchus, Yeti Blizzard and that skeleton guy. One "surprise" villain in the second season is far too obvious mind you. The characters in general are quite good, I like the protagonist Subaru, Misora, Luna, War-Rock. Gonta and that Kizamaro guy were pretty irritating though, but they became better by season 2, speaking of which, the last season, though significantly shorter, has better animation and better action, both of which were really lacking in the first season. Both seasons have pretty disappointing season finales, but I kind of blame that on the strange episode format, it's hard to build up suspense when you only got roughly 8-9 minutes. Still, there are many unanswered questions so it's too bad that there won't be another season

    I really wish I could watch more anime, problem is, it takes devotion, most shows are so darn long, I just don't have the time or the money to get the DVDs, sit down and enjoy the glory of japanese animation, which is one of the reasons I decided to check out Mega Man Star Force, even with over 70 episodes, it went by like a breeze due to the individual episodes brief running time. For what it is, I enjoyed this series.moreless
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