S Club 7

CBBC (ended 2002)


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  • Season 4
    • Let's Get Out Of Here
      With all the band feeling pretty homesick, their happy to make a run for it to escape Tina's ex-boyfriend. He just won't take no for an answer and his dad is even worse. He wants them to get married. After an amazing chase the six reach the Barcelona docks and jump on a ship leaving for England. But as they set about congratulating themselves on their amazing escape, they realize the boat is headed for Egypt not England! Jo ties up the crew of the boat and the gang make it home.moreless
    • 24 Minutes Till Doomsday
      With just 24 minutes until S Club hit the stage for an open-air concert, Rachel realizes she's committed a terrible crime. She forgotten Tina's birthday! That means a mad dash to try and find a present, while Hannah is searching for something quite different; A ladies toilet that isn't out of order!moreless
    • Survival
      Episode 11
      The band goes on the road to showcase their songs, but on the way home they get seriously lost in the middle of nowhere. Things become worse when their tour bus is stolen. Now they must find a way to survive the Spanish wilderness.
    • Of Mice And Music
      Of Mice And Music
      Episode 10
      The future of Club S Club is threatened when they find out they have a mice infestation just before the food inspector turns up! That's not the end of their problems, cause when he finds out that the band are planning a gig at the club, he tells them they don't have the right license to play live. In fact if they perform, it will be illegal. In desperation, Rachel takes him out on date to try and win him round.moreless
    • The Rain In Spain (The Lurve Episode)
      Lyall turns into a hopeless case who spends his days gazing at a local waitress and Jo becomes more then just friends with a way gorgeous local footballer. Since he's up for transfer to a UK club, Jo offers to help him with his English. So far so good-until his transfer comes through and Jo discovers that she doesn't want him to go.moreless
    • Spanish Jon
      Spanish Jon
      Episode 8
      Jon surprises the band by announcing he's Spanish after discovering the existence of his long-lost relative and national hero, Don Edouardo Crespo de la Mancha Lee. And he's not doing things by halves, Jon embraces the Spanish lifestyle by insisting on eating late, skipping through the afternoon, and going out to party in the middle of the night. And that's not all the band have to put up with, they've got to cheer up a brokenhearted Maria.moreless
    • Superstition
      Episode 7
      Lyall is set on getting S Club's latest demo played by cult radio personality El Porco. But the greedy DJ is only interested in one thing-stuffing his face at Lyall's expense! To make matters worse, S Club are having a run of awful luck with Tina losing her lucky ring, Maria breaking her ankle, and El Porco ending up in hospital after one of the band's gigs! Have the guys blown their big chance?moreless
    • Shake Down
      Shake Down
      Episode 6
      The band are super busy decorating the club, but Rachel and Tina can't decide which color to paint the walls-and they've already been through 83 tester pots! Meanwhile, Jon and Bradley do battle in a bid to create the tastiest cocktail.
    • Absent Friends
      Absent Friends
      Episode 5
      The band is having a hard time adjusting to a new life without Paul, and changing their name and holding a press conference to announce Paul leaving isn't helping. To cheer up, they decide to buy Paul's favorite local nightspot, Club Catalan, and discover that Paul has one more surprise for them before he leaves.moreless
    • Goodbye Is The Hardest Word
      Paul confesses to Hannah that he is leaving the band and wants her to help him break the news to the others. They all take it hard and try to persuade him to stay. Meanwhile, Jon is trying to become a matador and Jo and Tina ban all junk food from the house.moreless
    • Jon De Bergerac
      Jon De Bergerac
      Episode 3
      Bradley becomes infatuated with a girl, and asks Jon to write poems and love letters for her. However, the relationship doesn't last long, but Jon keeps sending the letters anyway. Meanwhile, Hannah and Rachel attempt to give Jo a makeover to make her look more ladylike, and the band is suffering from writer's block.moreless
    • A Problem Called Maria
      Hannah and Rachel realize there is something going on with Maria and with a bit of detective work find out that she has taken up some more jobs as she is not getting paid that much as the band's housekeeper. Therefore S Club think of a plan to get her paid more! Meanwhile, the band is missing L.A. and finding it difficult to adjust to their new life.moreless
    • The Fame In Spain
      Having achieved massive success in America, the band's new manager sends them to Barcelona, Spain to write their new album and promote themselves to Europe. They are soon become depressed over the fact that no one recognizes them. Bradley decides that he wants to be an artist and decides to leave the band.moreless
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