S Club 7

CBBC (ended 2002)


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  • Specials
    • S Club Party
      S Club Party
      Episode 1
      S Club's tour in England. Songs include: "Don't Stop Movin'," "You're My Number One," "Two in a Million," "You," "Natural," "Bring it all Back," "Never Had a Dream Come True," "Reach," and "S Club Party."
    • Christmas Special
      The S Club are to go back to England over Christmas and New Year's. To get airplane and present money, Bradley is a mall Santa, Tina is the back of a reindeer, Paul is the front of the reindeer, Hannah, Rachel, Jon, and Jo are elves. Their "Ebenezer Scrooge" boss is constantly on their backs, nagging them and nagging them, putting pressure on them. On the band's last day of work, they get fired because Hannah and some other elf constantly kiss( there are children present), Jo called a girl who disrespected her mother a spoiled brat, and the others because he said so. The band is a bit sad they do not have money for presents, but they decided to make the best of it. Paul, Hannah, and Bradley were going to pick up plane tickets before the band's gig, and Paul lost control of the brakes, and the car swerved off the road. Jo was angry the others were late, but when they found out about the accident, they were WORRIED. Hannah and Bradley were okay, but Paul lost his memory. The band tried everything they could to help Paul, but nothing worked. The doctor said Paul had to stay in L.A. The band decided to stay and have an L.A. Christmas. On Christmas Day, Paul was sitting in a park and some man said something about brakes, making Paul remember the accident. As he remembers what happened, he meets the others, telling them he is cured, and they perform their gig in the park.moreless
    • Special Edition
      Special Edition
      Episode 3
      S Club 7 goes behind the scenes, and talk about what they like most about being in S Club 7. Also highlighted performances from Orlando, Florida. Lip-Sing Songs: Reach and More (more information about lip-sing songs coming soon!) Also Showed, their two music videos, "Never Had A Dream Come True", and "Don't Stop Movin'."moreless
    • Artistic Differences
      The band decides to split up because of their Artistic Differences.
    • Boyfriends and Birthdays
      To coup being far away from her boyfried, Rachel decides to quit the band.
    • Back to the 50's
      Back to the 50's
      Episode 6
    • Hannah Goes Wild In Turkey
      Hannah tries to save the monk seal
    • Seeing Double
      Seeing Double
      Episode 8
      S Club get cloned bu an evil scientist, Victor Gaghan But meanwhile the real S Club are on a worldwide tour and they are looking forward to their time off. But their manager Allistair has let them down again and he says they won't get any. S Club wake to find Allistair has diseapeared so they spent they day relaxing, but Hannah soon sees herself on a live S Club concert on TV........ S Club fly to Hollywood and they try to track down the clones. Rachel, Hannah and Jon swith places with the clones and Jo, Tina and Bradley spend time with the clones and try to find out Victor Gaghan's HQ. At an autograph signing, the real Rachel writes for help on fans CD and as Rachel, Hannah, Jon try to escape, they get kidnapped and taken to Victor's lair.......... The clones finally remeber where they came from and they all head up to the castle to try and find the real Rachel, Hannah and Jon and the fake Rachel, Hannah and Jon try to find the clones. S Club soon save the day and finally get a day off from Allistar and spend the day at the beach watching clone S Club perform in their place. Finally the can get time off whenever they want!.........moreless
    • Jo Goes Wild In Asia
      Jo searches for the Asian Elephant
    • Rachel Goes Wild In Russia
      Rachel tries to save the siberian tiger
    • Tina Goes Wild In China
      Tian goes to China to save the Giant Panda
    • Jon Goes Wild In Malaysia
      Jon searches for the orangutan in Malaysia
    • Paul Goes Wild In Kenya
      Paul goes to Kenya to find the Black Rhino
    • Bradley Goes Wild In Brazil
      Bradley goes to save the Hyacinth Macaw
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