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    I'm not sure if all of you know or have heard of TVShowsOnDVD.com, but basically it's a site where you vote for your favorite TV shows to be put on DVD. Anyways, it'd be great if you all could vote for S Club or at least asked someone with an account on the website to vote. Membership is free and whenever there is any news about the show(s) you have voted for, the site will e-mail you with the news.

    Here is the information listed for all four S Club series, and I put the link to vote below the title for each series. Thanks for reading.

    S Club 7 In Miami (1999)
    Unreleased Rank: 406th
    Overall Rank: 879th
    Season Set: 588 (99%)
    Best of: 122 (21%)
    Individual Episodes: 113 (19%)
    Total Number of Voters: 592

    S Club 7 in L.A. (2000)
    Unreleased Rank: 431st
    Overall Rank: 924th
    Season Set: 558 (99%)
    Best of: 114 (20%)
    Individual Episodes: 106 (19%)
    Total Number of Voters: 562

    S Club 7 in Hollywood (2001)
    Unreleased Rank: 426th
    Overall Rank: 917th
    Season Set: 562 (99%)
    Best of: 118 (21%)
    Individual Episodes: 110 (19%)
    Total Number of Voters: 568

    Viva S Club (2002)
    Unreleased Rank: 1650th
    Overall Rank: 2469th
    Season Set: 162 (99%)
    Best of: 43 (26%)
    Individual Episodes: 39 (24%)
    Total Number of Voters: 163

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    It would be great if i could get these on dvds as my daughter misses them only had them on videos but got rid of them but wants the programmes back so that she can watch her favourite band in the programmes ,please someone let me know when they are .

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