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  • One of the most enjoyable shows ever

    I watched this show in 2008 on Canada's BBC Kids, it was so fun to watch the cast singing and dancing in some of the episodes, I didn't think about recording on my VCR at the time, which was a mistake I would take back if I could, if only it was still airing in re-runs in 2013, that would make me so happy

    S Club 7's music is so outdated, I can't stand to listen to it anymore. but their tv series will remain as one of my favorite tv shows
  • This is a good show! it should still be on in reruns!

    This is a good show! it should still be on in reruns! Or dvd!!! I really loved watching this show everyday! I miss it! Then the band split so ABC Family, quit showing it! I hated that! I wasn't expecting it to stay on forever but, I just don't get why one of the higher rated shows on their network, would just go off the air!! Again, my review is all about getting the show back on! Or on DVD!! www.tvshowsondvd.com vote for it to come out on DVD!! I have! Comments are accepted if you want to voice your opinion!!
  • I grew up with this show. I used to watch all day marathons. It was one of the best things in the 90's. Whenever I see it it always takes me back and makes me smile.

    I grew up with this show. I used to watch all day marathons.
    It was one of the best things in the 90's. Whenever I see it it always takes me back and makes me smile.

    I grew up with this show. I used to watch all day marathons.
    It was one of the best things in the 90's. Whenever I see it it always takes me back and makes me smile. I grew up with this show. I used to watch all day marathons.
    It was one of the best things in the 90's. Whenever I see it it always takes me back and makes me smile.
  • This show was so good! I luved it so much!

    I Sure wish this show started airing again. It was a great show. Much like Hannah Montana, it is a show about a real-live pop band going thru things they didn't really go thru. But unlike HM, it is partially a Drama series. I think this aired on ABC Family with Totally Spies, Braceface and other shows I enjoyed. I have this show on one tape from 2002 along with those shows. But this is my favorite out of them. I haven't watched the tape in quite a while so it's pretty vague right now but I luved this show, it's the reason why I listen to S Club 7 songs every now and then along with my family!
  • Singing... That's what this group is all about, and they're good at it!

    Hannah, Tina, Jo, Rachel, Bradley, Jon and Paul are the S Club 7, a pop band who wishes to go down in History as one of the best ever, but to do that, they will have to work hard. The series shows us just how difficult it is for a person to ascend in the show business, but it also shows us just how you can always count on your friends when you need the most. The whole group goes to America, in hopes that they can become famous there. But when they find out that they have been conned by their former agent, instead of just going back to England, they try and make the best they can of that experience. Singing their songs, they believe that sooner or later, they will succeed.

    This and much more, makes this series one of the best ever from BBC. 10 out of 10!
  • S Club, There ain't know party like an S Club Party.

    I can't believe I found it. I saw a few episodes of the show when I was around first grade. I actually found their CD I have of S Club 7 that when I first saw the show my friend didn't want it so he gave it to me. The show wasn;t bad if I saw a few episodes of it and remembered it. S Club Party, Bring it All Back, and Everybody Wants Ya were my favorite songs. I could only remember the name of the show I like completely forgot everything about the show including the members names. I do remember 1 part which there was like a statue of a naked person outside of one of the girls rooms. That was the only thing I remember.
  • This Show has so many Unique things that it makes me want to wacth it.

    This show is good.It follows the Life of S Club 7(They Used To Be My Favorite Band and I used to love the show when it was on).

    I really Liked Rachel and Tina cause they Made me laugh and then Bradley and Jon were fun to wacth.
    Then Hannah was so unique it was fun to wacth her every week.

    I really Hope they bring it back on the air cause I really want to see it.It was good and Interesting and It sucked that it couldent be on longer.

    AnyWay To sum everything up BRING It Back On The Air !
  • i grew up watching this show!

    this show was my favorite, as a kid i would always watch this show on fox family (now abc family)and i really miss it so much and i hope that one day they would show reruns. i love all their songs especially "have you ever," "you," and "never had a dream come true." my favorite seasons were LA7 and Viva S Club. it was really sad when i found out that the band broke up. i loved all of the characters, but my favorites were rachel and hannah. this show was really funny, and i even memorized most of the songs. this show was definitely a classic.
  • Wonderful show that needs to return to television. Too funny not to return!

    The S Club 7 series were my childhood. Period. My personal favorite was LA 7. I don't know why, I just enjoyed them in that location the most. The show had many funny lines coming out of the Brits' mouths, which was what made the show so great. The good thing about it was that it tied in one of the songs that was from their current album into the episode. One that comes to mind is when they jump on top of tables in a courtroom to get out of going to jail. THAT stays with you forever.
  • Loved this show for some strange reason!

    I loved this show for some strange reason despite being
    In my late twenties while the rest of the cast was like
    In their teens or early twenties. About a band
    Called S Club 7 from Australia and a few from England
    Trying to make it big in the world with their music
    Like one reviewer says, they hope that it comes back on
    DVD because I would love to see it on DVD!
  • i love s club 7. so much good at this show! i will also put out some links about a week for songs

    Watch yourself! Its kinda good. Its about a club who is singing in this film, good show , and disco . Well im 13 years old and are not so diffrent my friend so. possible to not enjoy this film. It is hard to write 100 words about this but I do it for fun. I Hope you do the same thing. www.home.no/pomf/songlist.html for links (not done) it will be done around 30 may -06 so watch out. I will put out some favorites songs by interview some kids. Thanks for let me share my words contact me if u want!
  • A show about one great band.

    A really fun and good and short show with nice people, good jokes and great songs and dance moves.
    I liked the second season in L.A. better than they were in Miami. And the series in Holliwood were also very good and terrific. The Viva S Club in Spain I didn't like so much, it was little bit repeating itself, all the situations and jokes were the same and another minus is that, that they repeated their songs too, from episode to episode, but in some reasons its good, another side it is boring too.
    But I still want to watch them over and over and listen to their music. I like their own personalitys and how they commuincate and get well with each other. I love them all, but Hannah and Paul are more special to me.
    I really miss you.
  • I really enjoyed watching this show, i hope they bring it back on tv or put it out on dvd.

    I enjoyed watching this show when i was younger, my friends and i kept on talking about it when we were hanging out and then i googled the show and i found this site. i hope to watch this soon! thanks again. if any1 hears anything about it coming out or w.e leme kno
  • It was a freakin awesome show!

    Why the heck did you take it off the air?!? at least show reruns! I loved it! I still listen to the music! Bring it back! I mean c\'mon!It was a really good show! I know it sounds kinda nerdy but I used to watch like.. every episode! haha! Everybody loved it!
  • The show was great and I wish it would come back on T.V or DVD.

    When I was younger I loved watching S Club 7. To me there were fictional characters living in Miami, like the Golden Girls. Little did I know that over seas they were the biggest thing to happen there since tea and crumpets! The show instantly hooked viewers with its catchy theme song "Don't stop, never give up let the world see what you have got...” Those sweet childhood memories of watching the humorous adventures of a British pop band working for minimum wage at a motel and occasional going back in time are really all that any child really cares about. I know, how incredibly cheesy, but there was just something about the show that I loved. Back when the show aired in the U.S it aired on a low rated network called Fox Family which later sold at to Disney for ABC Family. Back when the channel was Fox Family there were many other great shows like S Club such as State of Grace, Big Wolf on Campus, Goosebumps and many animated programs that had not seen the light of day in years. Those were the days.. Towards the end of the shows run things started to get a little duller. The show's name was changed to just S Club when one of the band members left to perform solo (Never head him again!) and the show kept changing to a different setting; California, Spain, etc. Finally after a good series run the show ended with a direct to video movie entitled "Seeing Double". The film was just about famous celebrities such as Elvis Presley who where cloned and now their clones run amuck in the real world. Soon S Club is cloned, but they don't go down without a fight. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but it was a pretty decent way to end the show. The movie was blasted by critics, but younger viewers find it decent. Aside from being on the top of the U.K charts for over three years the band also had extremely strong CD sales. Today in the year 2005 S Club 7 is no more then a distant memory, but its music lives on and will live on for eternity. Hopefully someday S Club 7 will see the light of day in a DVD format.
  • i thought this show was cool i tried to watch it when i could or make the dvd

    i think this is cool i mean the people were awesome the acting was good and they could really sing i forgot where they came from but you could hear accents in their voices that would be neat if they brought it back i know they have cd's wasn't it back in 1994 when the show came out on the family channel at least bring a dvd of it one of these days
  • S Club remain to be one of my favourite pop groups...

    I've loved the S Club TV shows ever since they first began in 1999 with the release of their first single, Bring it All Back.

    I have every season on Video, except Viva S Club which the BBC remain to sell.

    I adore this show very much and S Club will remain to be my favourite pop group.