S Club 7 - Season 1

CBBC (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • Reprise
    Episode 13
    The band gets the chance to move out to L.A. in order to become more famous. At first they are excited, but then they start to have second thoughts after all the memories of the hotel and even Howard.
  • How Deep Is Your Love?
    Paul falls madly in love with a dolphin trainer.
  • Bermuda Triangle
    Bermuda Triangle
    Episode 11
    The band wants a day off so they "borrow" Howard's boat and go out into the ocean. They all fall asleep and the boat winds up in the Bermuda Triangle. When they wake up they are in 70's clothing and when they go to the hotel, it looks like it did in the 70's as well!moreless
  • Court in the Act
    Court in the Act
    Episode 10
    The gang has to convince an agent from The Department of Labor that they aren't foreign nationals.
  • Missing
    Episode 9
    Rachel is missing her boyfriend, but Hannah thinks she's being stupid. Howard loses the band to a hotel down the road and they all have to move. Hannah meets a lifeguard and when Howard wins them back, Hannah realizes what Rachel is going through.
  • Alien Hunter
    Alien Hunter
    Episode 8
    The TV show "Alien Hunter" is being filmed at the hotel where the band works and they get the roles of extras. However, Tina gets the part of the alien villain. She lies down in a laundry van for a rest and the van drives away and she can't get the outfit off. Everyone thinks she's an alien!moreless
  • Volleyball
    Episode 7
    The band plays a volleyball game that Howard bets against them. Jon hurts himself during the game, and wins a heart of a girl who was incidentally watching the game.
  • Alligator
    Episode 6
    While Howard gets made over by the girls for his date with a swimsuit model; Jon and the guys decide they are going to let Clint the alligator be free from his caged home in Howard's Hotel, only to find out that Clint the alligator likes Howard, and returns to the cage, after being set free in a swamp.moreless
  • The Man from E.M.I.
    Jo keeps getting letters and packages from her boyfriend Robert who is back in England. She tells one of the girls that she wants to break up with him, but out of the blue, Robert is behind her. Meanwhile, the band prepares for a man from the "E.M.I."
  • Wind Resistance
    Wind Resistance
    Episode 4
    A hurricane is quickly approaching Florida. Howard decides this is the perfect time to go on vacation, so he rebuilds the hotel basement to look like Hawaii. The band then brings everyone in the hotel to the shelter much to Howard's protest, and decides to throw a party to keep everyone calm.moreless
  • The Blue Chevy
    The Blue Chevy
    Episode 3
    The band decides that they need a car in order to get around town. When they talk to Howard about it, he sells them his Blue Chevy only to find out that it is broken down. Jo and Bradley decide to get even by "borrowing" some parts from Howard's Red Chevy.moreless
  • Howard's Hotel
    Howard's Hotel
    Episode 2
    After a long flight from England, S Club arrives in Miami, Florida. Howard makes them the nightly entertainment at the hotel. On their first night Howard decides to make them sing different music than their own. Will the band go through with it?
  • Take Off
    Take Off
    Episode 1
    S Club 7 go at it with their manager Danny Parsons for not getting them any decent gigs, so he sends them off on a trip to Miami promising them fame and fortune when they arrive. They arrive at Howard Borlotti's Paradise Hotel in Miami expecting a life of luxury, but Howard has other plans.moreless