S Club 7 - Season 2

CBBC (ended 2002)


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  • Goodbye Hollywood
    Goodbye Hollywood
    Episode 13
    Joni decides to sell the apartment building, so the band must move out. As they pack and remember all the goods times they had, they must decide where to do next. However, things may turn around for them....
  • Working
    Episode 12
    The band carelessly blow out the power in Joni's entire building, so to keep Joni from finding out, the band has to come up with $200. Rachel becomes a dog sitter, Hannah a courier, Jo and Jon become DJ's, Tina becomes an aerobics instructor for a retirement, Paul becomes a paper boy, and Bradley does a bunch of odd jobs.moreless
  • Making Movies
    Making Movies
    Episode 11
    The 7's apartment is overrun by an ant invasion and their landlady Joni threatens to throw them out on the streets. It turns out that she's emotional and touchy because her boyfriend has dumped her. To escape from the ants, Joni and the fact that this month's rent is due, Paul suggests that they make a movie. They decide to make a cop flick and when they spot a thief robbing a young girl's bike, Paul and Brad (dressed as policemen) chase the guy and become real life heroes.moreless
  • Game Boy
    Game Boy
    Episode 10
    Bradley has becoming obsessed with a video game, and won't even eat or sleep. The band has had enough of it and decide to track down Spike Donahue, the game's inventor and head of a multi-billion computer games empire. They hope they can get the cheat codes from him, so that Brad can finish the game. Spike, however turns out to be an obnoxious 13 year-old brainiac, but after a bit of schmoozing he hands over the necessary info. Meanwhile, Rachel, Jo and Hannah audition for the role of Zelda, warrior princess in another video game, but things don't end up exactly as planned!moreless
  • Fallout
    Episode 9
    Jon gets a job modeling, so Rachel and Tina give him posing "tips". Brad and Jo apply for the same job at Buddy's Burgers and have to dress up as a burger and a hot dog, but it ends up with them in a big fight. Paul and Hannah have a fight over who's going to do the dishes, and try to decide over a game of chess. Jon's modeling job is a disaster and tempers are really frayed back at the flat, to such an extent that none of the band are talking to each other.moreless
  • Mr. Muscle
    Mr. Muscle
    Episode 8
    Tina gets a job at Muscle Beach at a fitness instructor. One of her students, Ryan, asks her out on a date. On the same beach, Jon gets into an argument with a bodybuilder, who just happens to be Ryan! He challenges Jon to an arm wrestling match. Tina then has to try and convince Ryan not to arm wrestle Jon.moreless
  • House-Sitting
    Episode 7
    The rent is due for the gang but they don't have it. Joni's friend asks for three sensible people to house sit. She tells the band about it and Rachel, Jo, and Paul take the job. However, they decide to have a party for the band, but things get out of control when Tina invites a biker gang.moreless
  • Prom
    Episode 6
    The band decide their agent is rubbish, so Joni recommends them a good agent. However, he will only except them if Rachel takes his geeky son on a date to a prom. Rachel already has a date, so the other girls take her place.
  • The News
    The News
    Episode 5
    Paul is going out with Linda, an organized, intelligent girl who bosses Paul around and wants him to change his entire image. She then gives him an ultimatum, telling him to leave the band. Meanwhile, Rachel gets the S a gig at a surfing party, Hannah and Tina lie to two surfers and say that they are professional surfers, and Jo is having trouble sleeping due to Bradley.moreless
  • Misguided
    Episode 4
    The band owes rent to Joni, so to get around paying the rent, Paul has to be Joni's "boy-toy" for a double date with her friend. Meanwhile, Hannah catches a thief trying to break into a movie star's house and stops him. The actor takes her on a date, but its far from what she expected.moreless
  • Hello Hollywood
    Hello Hollywood
    Episode 3
    The band finally arrives in L.A. They drive around town and quickly realize they still aren't famous. They need to find a place to stay, but are evicted from a hotel. In order to make money, they have to sell their beloved car and get something else. They then decide to cruise town to find a manager, and when a roller bladder takes Bradley out, they may have unintentionally found everything they need.moreless
  • Clever Camp
    Clever Camp
    Episode 2
    The band is looking for a job to get some money. They find some as camp counselors at a camp for smart kids. However, the kids are very dull and boring, so the band decides to show them how to have fun.
  • Into the Unknown
    Into the Unknown
    Episode 1
    S Club 7 arrive in LA and almost as soon as they arrive, Hannah is desperate for the loo. They eventually find one but it will cost them $50 to use it. When they arrive in LA they realize they have no money so they try to find some of Paul's relatives in Ridgeback Woods to borrow money off of them despite the villagers warnings.moreless
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