S Club 7 - Season 3

CBBC (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • The Return
    The Return
    Episode 13
    After performing in front of 10,000 fans, the band has finally becoming a success in America. They are then overjoyed when they discover that they can finally return to England when their manager says they must leave and do some international promotion.
  • The Concert
    The Concert
    Episode 12
    The band has finally made it big, they are to perform a concert in from of 10,000 fans! Although they are initially excited, they soon develop some kind of stage fright. With their careers on the line, will they be able to pull it together?
  • The Vanishing
    The Vanishing
    Episode 11
    After ruining Miguel Delgado's concert and making him lose his memory, the band goes into hiding thinking Miguel Delgado fans are after them. When they need money, Jon and Hannah put on disguises to sneak into their apartment. However, Miguel finds them and thinking Jon is a girl, asks him out on a date.moreless
  • Supporting Parts
    Supporting Parts
    Episode 10
    The band gets a big break, they are to be the opening act for a huge Latino pop star, Miguel Delgado. However, things turn bad when they accidentally knock him out before he is set to perform. Now they must perform on stage and try to wake Miguel up. However, when he finally wakes up things are worse then they expected.moreless
  • Alone Again
    Alone Again
    Episode 9
    The band's record company fires Dean because he is too old, leaving the future of the band unknown. In order to make sure they can still stay a band, the band must somehow get Dean his job back. Meanwhile Rachel discovers she has a gray hair and freaks out thinking she is starting to age prematurely.moreless
  • The Stylist
    The Stylist
    Episode 8
    Dean decides that the band needs a makeover, so he hires a stylist. The stylist gives them awkward makeovers, so the band decides to rebel.
  • The Cousin
    The Cousin
    Episode 7
    Hannah's cousin is visiting, but he only wants to take advantage of the band's success. He tries to get money from them and makes them play at a mafia wedding. Meanwhile, the guys are forced to help Dean train for a marathon.
  • The Fan
    The Fan
    Episode 6
    The band finally has to shoot their first music video. After the director tells him he has the vision, the band goes through a bunch of ridiculous costumes, including a Ying and Yang concept, Cowboys and Cowgirls, watersuits, devils and angels, and animal suits. While on break, a fan asks Bradley for his autograph. The fan then becomes obsessed with Bradley, and follows him everywhere.moreless
  • The Kiss
    The Kiss
    Episode 5
    When Hannah and Paul kiss for the first time, they try to keep it a secret from the other band members.
  • Doing the Deal
    Doing the Deal
    Episode 4
    Dean tells the band that unless unless they get a record deal, they will have to part ways, so he begins sending demos to a bunch of record companies. A company is interested, but wants to see them perform first. Meanwhile, Jo and Hannah get into a fight over a boy.moreless
  • Public Relations
    Public Relations
    Episode 3
    When the band has no publicity, Dean hires someone to create it for the band. However, things go horribly wrong when Jon's love life gets falsified, Jo is stated to have a long lost mother, Hannah and Rachel wind up on a Jerry Springer-type of talk show, Tina's is troubled by plastic surgery rumors, and Paul and Bradley are honored by not so great sponsorships.moreless
  • Dosh
    Episode 2
    The group is down in the dumps, but when their first paychecks arrive they are super excited. Jo saves hers, but everyone else goes on a spending spree. However, their happiness is short lived when they spend most of their money and discover they are all payed differently.
  • The Last Chance
    The Last Chance
    Episode 1
    Now homeless, the band gives themselves 24 hours to find a manager or they will return to England and break up. Meanwhile, an unsuccessful manager gives himself 24 hours to find a client or he will give up on his career. They both enlist the help of a psychic, and things may finally be looking up for both the band and the manager.moreless