Season 1 Episode 4

Big Magnum

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Jun 19, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Big Magnum
After hearing about Kazuma’s escape from Holy, a new client, Ayase Terada, hires Kazuma and Kimishima to rescue her sick brother and the villagers from a Hold camp. Can Kazuma manage to beat the evil Tatsunami? And can they escape with the villagers?

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  • Big guns and stealth missions. A mostly Kazuma-oriented episode, this one does a good job of showing his motivations. It has a lot of character development. Some parts seemed to drag a bit, but overall it was a good episode.moreless

    This isn't my favorite, but it's definitely a good episode. It really shows how strongly Kazuma believes in his ideals. The episode starts with a corrupt HOLY operative, George Tatsunami, terrorizing a village. All its inhabitants are captured and sent to labor at a camp. One of the captured Inners was the brother of closet Alter user Ayase Terada.

    And that's how everything starts. Meanwhile, Kazuma has finally been dragged to the farm by Kanami, and is forced to do an honest day's work, something he's not too thrilled about. Kimishima offers him a job, and though reluctant at first, Kazuma soon agrees. The job is high-paying and dangerous. Kazuma couldn't have asked for more.

    They arrive in the destroyed village. Some buildings are completely gone, and some are just destroyed. I like when Kazuma looks around and says that there aren't as many bullet holes as he'd expected there would be. These people didn't fight back, he said.

    He gets mad, wondering why they didn't protect their homes and lives. Kimishima says that not everyone has an Alter power like Kazuma does, but Kazuma says that even if he didn't, he'd still fight. It shows his strength of resolve, and it also shows the fact that he doesn't understand and can't forgive those who won't fight for what they believe in. It's an interesting part of his character.

    Wandering around, Kimishima picks a little doll out of the rubble and dusts it off. It's kind of sad.

    Anyway, Ayase shows up soon after that. I love when Kazuma meets Ayase! Kimishima is wandering around with his hands clasped, flirting like crazy, and Kazuma's just standing back, unimpressed, until he realizes that she's an Alter User, when he shifts to standing back incredulously. The dialogue between them is hilarious, despite the fact that, throughout the show, Kazuma simply can't remember Ayase's name.

    When they're preparing to break into the compound, and Ayase and Kazuma are sitting together on the cliff, one of the most important conversations in the series takes place. Its importance runs all the way through the episode Ayase Terada and beyond, establishing Kazuma's determination to break down any walls in front of him, no matter what the cost.

    It's creepy when Ayase is in the HOLY vehicle destroying the communications with her Alter. The melding, garbled voices and the way her hair snakes around is really neat.

    I like the end. Kimishima is mad at Kazuma for acting recklessly, but Kazuma was only doing what he knew how to do: not to back down, not to hesitate. Both were right, in a way, though.

    Overall, this was a good episode. It did drag a bit in places, but though it wasn't the best episode my any means, it was a good one.moreless
Michelle Ruff

Michelle Ruff

Ayase Terada (Eng.)

Guest Star

Fushigi Yamada

Fushigi Yamada

Akira Terada (Jap.)

Guest Star

Kumiko Nishihara

Kumiko Nishihara

Ayase Terada (Jap.)

Guest Star

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    • Ayase: You know, there seems to be a wall right in front of us.
      Kazuma: Yep. And we're going through it.
      Ayase: (in a relieved whisper) That's right.

    • Kimishima: (talking, tossing and turning in his sleep) Oh no! Ayase, not there!
      Kazuma: Idiot.

    • Kazuma: So, why do you wanna get involved in this? It could be dangerous. You could even be killed.
      Ayase: They've got my brother in there, and he's very sick. Besides, everyone down there is like my family. Do you ever feel that way sometimes?
      Kazuma: (Remembers Kanami and pauses briefly) ...No, I'm afraid I don't.
      Ayase: It's sad, isn't it?
      Kazuma: But I can tell you this. If there was this big thick wall and I had to get through it, you can bet I'd use my power without any doubt or hesitation! I wouldn't think twice about it. Nothing would stop me! The key is don't hesitate. If you really want to rescue your brother, don't hesitate.

    • Ayase: Shouldn't you get some rest?
      Kazuma: I'd lose my edge if I rested now.
      Ayase: So, are you gonna do this kind of work forever?
      Kazuma: For an alter user like me, there's not much else I can do.
      Ayase: What I've done is just keep quiet. I hardly let anyone know I have this kind of power. My own brother probably doesn't even know. Everyone looks at an alter user with such contempt. But this is the first time in my life to ever seriously use it. I can finally be proud of my power. Maybe it can actually help someone.

    • Kazuma: Hey, you might try striking a pose like that more often. It's a real turn on.
      Ayase: You animal!

    • (Kazuma first meets Ayase)
      Ayase Terada:I was sorta expecting you to be a little bigger. You look kinda weak.
      Kazuma:And In spite of the way you look, you seem to be a real bitch!
      Kimishima:Hey! Watch it! That's a terrible way to talk to a client.
      (Ayase demonstrates her alter power for Kazuma)
      Kimishima:Sure. We'd love to help. And since Ayase's been kind enough to help us on this assignment, I expect you to do your best.
      Kazuma:You're gonna help? How's that?
      Ayase:Is there a problem?
      Kazuma:You'll get in the way.
      Kimishima:You dumb idiot! Ayase's an alter user herself. And she happens to have a necessary power for this kind of operation.
      Kazuma:Necessary power? But...
      Ayase:I'll show it to you. It's easier to understand if you see it.
      Kazuma:The power to change objects into water!
      Kimishima:And with no noise. Pretty good for a secret mission, huh? And she's gorgeous! That's the most important thing, so you gotta do it! See?
      Kazuma:Oh, your bike. Bummer!
      Kimishima:Ahhh! My motorcycle!
      Ayase:Oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't see it there.
      Kimishima:No, no! It's alright. It's no problem. Don't worry about it!

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