Season 1 Episode 26


Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Dec 11, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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With the Lost Ground and Inners rebuilding, Kazuma and Ryuhou can finally fight, free of distractions. But, how far will they go? Can they survive their battle?

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  • Wow this episode was terrifyingly(no it's not a word) great This episode is a must see. You dont even have to see the rest of the series just watch as two people beat the living crap out of each other.moreless

    This is the final battle the long awaited for fight between Kazuma and Ryuho. This episode is a wonderful example for fighting anime series'. The 'Basic' to 'Ultimate' alters is perfect showing how much they've grown and how much they want to kill each other, but I know some of you agree when I say the producers didnt need the alters the point where they were beating the crap out of each other bare-fistedly (not a word either) was marvelous. Though some people think it was painful or sad to watch, I think it was hilariously gruesome. After their alters run dry is when the real fight starts they savagly attack each other to the point where they dont feel pain when finally a victor is declared they both seem to fall but in reality 1 of them stays up, and with his signature pose shows us who is clearly the winner.

    After all is said and done it skips to kanime grown up and saying " She doesnt dream about the two anymore." A very great series to say the least.moreless
  • It's the final battle between Kazuma and Ryuho, and they can finally fight without distractions. Who will come out on top? Also Kanami Yuta's alter power is finally fully revealed, as well as the fates of several main characters and the minor characters.moreless

    This was the best episode of the series!!! I was sad that it ended however, I wish there would be a sequel series coming out soon, but I bet that is never going to happen. I liked the episode because it tied all of the loose ends. Such as Who was stronger? Kazuma, or Ryuho? And it finally revealed <<<SPOILERS>>>

    That Kanami's alter power was scrying, probably why they called the show that, scrying means to be able to read into one's thoughts, or emotions, if i remember correctly. Also the last episode had a very good fight, and the ending, suggested that they would keep on fighting... While Kanami's last words were, "I'll see them... I'll see them again... But that was the last dream, the last dream I had about them." That doesn't mean she won't see them, because i realized, she doesn't have to dream to use her alter powers anymore. They are fully developed that she can use them awake, and that gives me hope, that someday, there in fact, may be a sequel. But for this part, I give it 10/10...moreless
  • THIS is how you end this type of story. With the 2 strongest characters having one last final fight to the finsh to decide who is the strongest out of the two of them. Once and for all.moreless

    Dragonball Z,Shaman King,Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto, One Piece,Yu-Gi-Oh!, and all the other shows like this,PAY ATTENTION!!! THIS is how you end this type of story. With the 2 strongest characters, usually the main character and the guy who joins from the other side (mostly a bad guy)who beats him down in the first fight,or ends up switching sides (from good to bad at least for a while)having one last final fight to the finsh to decide who is the strongest out of the two of them.Once and for all. The fighters get beat up to point past exhaustion, the battle ground gets destroyed,and with everyone who was important in the show looking on. And at the end of the final episode, everyone involved, including the viewers, leave feeling all good inside.moreless
  • I am so sad that it is now over. But I feel

    I am so sad that it is now over. But I feel that something is still out their and you know that something still isnt finished. I just wanted those guys to live happly with their girls and friends. But the writers wouldnt let me have that. Couger died, serise died, comander jigmar died, both kazuma and reoho died, ohhhh I just wanted some closer but they ended it with kanime grown up mostly still dreaming of those two fighting. What a poor way to leave me hanging. (I know that i didnt spell the names correctly sorry)moreless
  • Amazing...the only word that can describe the ending.

    This is all about the fight that Kazuma and Ryuho have been promising each other about doing, and now they finally keep true to their word. It's mostly about them starting from Basic Alter (Shell Bullet/Zetsuei), to Advanced Alter (Shell Bullet Ultimate/Zetsuei True Form), to Ultimate Alter (Shell Armor/Zetsuei Armor). Everyone in the Lost Ground gets to see this fight, while Kanami and Mimori get a front row seat. As much as Mimori doesn't want to see them killing each other, slowly matching each other move for move, and eventually duking it out without Alters, she has to, and decides to accept it.

    The ending was mysterious, with the fist being held up (most likely Kazuma's). The intense violence in the ending part of it was really hard for me to watch, wondering exactly how they could do this. Of course, this is anime, so it's for good reason. The series finale is something I'm glad I didn't miss (like a lot of other crucial episodes). Perfect score, 10/10moreless

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    • Cougar: Kazuma, it looks like you exceeded the limit. Don't stop there. Keep on pushing 'til the end. Ryuho, if you can find a little spare time, go back to her. Go back...to Ms. Mimori.

    • Kanami: (Reading the thoughts of Kazuma and Ryuho) It's not that I hate the person in front of me. If I had met him under different circumstances, this never would have happened. But I did meet him that day, and now there is no turning back. I must distinguish the difference between past and present. Everything must be left behind, and the man in front of me is the wall; the wall that I must break through. There is only one direction for me to go. I have to move forward. That's what I'm thinking.... You too.

    • Ryuhou (in epilogue): You poisonous insects! Pure beliefs do not drive you! And without purity of belief, an act is evil! And I hate anything evil!
      Kazuma (in epilogue): Come on now! Go ahead and gimme your best shot! Maybe then, it'll be a real battle! Now get off your ass and FIGHT MEEE!

    • (grown up, thinking to herself)
      Kanami: I'll see them. I'll see them again. But that was the last dream. The last dream I had of them.

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