Season 1 Episode 26


Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Dec 11, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • It's the final battle between Kazuma and Ryuho, and they can finally fight without distractions. Who will come out on top? Also Kanami Yuta's alter power is finally fully revealed, as well as the fates of several main characters and the minor characters.

    This was the best episode of the series!!! I was sad that it ended however, I wish there would be a sequel series coming out soon, but I bet that is never going to happen. I liked the episode because it tied all of the loose ends. Such as Who was stronger? Kazuma, or Ryuho? And it finally revealed <<<SPOILERS>>>

    That Kanami's alter power was scrying, probably why they called the show that, scrying means to be able to read into one's thoughts, or emotions, if i remember correctly. Also the last episode had a very good fight, and the ending, suggested that they would keep on fighting... While Kanami's last words were, "I'll see them... I'll see them again... But that was the last dream, the last dream I had about them." That doesn't mean she won't see them, because i realized, she doesn't have to dream to use her alter powers anymore. They are fully developed that she can use them awake, and that gives me hope, that someday, there in fact, may be a sequel. But for this part, I give it 10/10...