Season 1 Episode 24


Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Nov 27, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Kazuma and Ryuho fights Mujyo and the crystallized form.

    I totally love this episode. This is by far, in my opinion, the best episode I've seen. This episode is better than any Naruto episode, better than most of the Full Metal Alchemist episode, and better than any Ghost in the Shell episodes. I just totally love this episode.

    The episode is just shows the fight between Kazuma and Mujyo and the fight between Ryuho and the crystallized form. At first Kazuma and Ryuho were losing but in the end they were able to summon their most powerful form. Ryuho and Kazuma both transformed into their armor mode. Kazuma totally kicked Mujyo ass which is good because I hate Mujyo, and Ryuho was finally able to take revenge on the thing that killed his mom. We also see Cougar save Kanami.

    This episode is amazing and everybody should watch it.
  • Cougar saved energy to send his car to save miss mimouri and the other two holy members and cougar himself saves the two unconscious guys. Ryuhou fights and defeats the Crystallized Form and Kazuma fights and defeats Mujyo. Ryuhou goes and meets up with k

    Great episode. the best part was when kazuma was first to figure out how to unleash his full alter power potential and bring his alter into that armor form. you knew it was coming when you see kazuma with the alter on both his arms. ryuhou wouldnt have figured it out without kazuma because when he figured out how to unleash his full alter potential he had to first think back to kazuma repeatedly saying how he doesnt need anyone. Aside from valuble assists and sacrifices from their friends kazuma and ryuhou wouldnt have made it beat the crystallized from and mujyo without each other. I doubt they'll be best friends now.
  • Kazuma & Ryuho finally are able to confront the enemy in a grand fight.

    With only a few episodes left, one wonders how the others can match the excitement that this one generated. Kazuma & Ryuho finally seem to become comrades-in-arms and more focused on what is needed to be done. Kazuma's crys of "I don't care" show a determination that nothing is going to stop him now. Then there is Ryuho who comes to the realization that he must forget himself and fight for others. Mujo is a true villain showing no redeeming qualities while things are not so clear on the Crystallized Form. Which is the true monster?

    Surprises are in store for those who watched the previous episode as well as a major revelation is made. This series is great!