Season 1 Episode 24


Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Nov 27, 2005 on Cartoon Network



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    • Mujo: Who the hell is this guy, anyway?
      Cougar: That's Kazuya. His name's Kazuya, the Shell Bullet.
      Mujo: Cougar, H—how did you...
      Cougar: Stupid question. Don't you remember that I can run faster than anyone on this planet? Kazuya, why don't I get these kids out of here? Then you can handle the rest.
      Kazuma: You can't just appear out of nowhere and tell me what to do!
      Cougar: Come on, brother, do me this one last favor. Later, Kazuya!
      Mujo: Amazing. He saved one last squeeze of his alter power.
      Kazuma: But even with that, he still wasn't able to get my name right. See ya later... big brother.

    • Mujyo: You are so stupid!
      Kazuma: Now tell me something I don't already know!

    • Kazuma:That's right, just another native alter, I don't even have a last name. I don't have a nice social position like you do either. But you listen to this, I've still got something that you'll never have,that's right, and I'll share it with ya. This is it! The only one there is! My own Proud Fist!!!!!

    • Kazuma: Hey! Who do you think you're talking to?
      Ryuhou: Kazuma the Shell Bullet.
      Kazuma: That's right, so get to work Ryuhou Master of Zetsei.

    • (to Ryuho, about Sherrice)
      Kazuma: One thing you could do is cry for her. She deserves that much.

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