Season 1 Episode 24


Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Nov 27, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Quotes

    • Mujo: Who the hell is this guy, anyway?
      Cougar: That's Kazuya. His name's Kazuya, the Shell Bullet.
      Mujo: Cougar, H—how did you...
      Cougar: Stupid question. Don't you remember that I can run faster than anyone on this planet? Kazuya, why don't I get these kids out of here? Then you can handle the rest.
      Kazuma: You can't just appear out of nowhere and tell me what to do!
      Cougar: Come on, brother, do me this one last favor. Later, Kazuya!
      Mujo: Amazing. He saved one last squeeze of his alter power.
      Kazuma: But even with that, he still wasn't able to get my name right. See ya later... big brother.