Season 1 Episode 21

Holy Eye

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Nov 06, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Holy Eye
After Kyouji Mujyo takes Kanami hostage, both Kazuma and Ryuhou decide to head out alone and rescue her. Cougar stops them, telling them that they must work together and go with everyone else as a group. Meanwhile, Mujyo is still bent on getting Kazuma and Ryuhou to open up the other dimension. Will they unknowingly do it when the satellite Holy Eye threatens to destroy the village? And can the two work together to save Kanami?moreless

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      • Ryuho: Rescue Kanami, then...
        Kazuma: Destroy Mujyo.
        Ryuho: Eliminate him!
        Both: At least we agree on that. Right?

      • Ryuho: Her cooking was excellent, you know?
        Kazuma: I can't believe this. You ate her food?
        Ryuho: Of course.
        Kazuma: You can pay me later...for the food, that is.

      • Kazuma: Man, I'm exhausted.
        Ryuho: So this is what you get when you deplete your power, huh?
        Kazuma: Don't worry. That doesn't matter. Not now.

      • Mimori: (gasps)
        Cougar: Now that's impressive. Who'd have thought the two of them could get all the way up there?
        Mimori: Can't be, those lights are...
        Scheris: That's Ryuho.
        Tachibana: It's hard to believe they're capable of that.

      • Mujyo: (laughs) Magnificent! I can feel the power surging through every cell of my body! I think I'll share a little of it with you, my new-found power!

      • Kazuma: You've gotta be kidding. This stupid thing has been up here all this time watching us?
        Ryuho: Not any more!
        Kazuma: I'm gonna give this thing a close up view of my alter power. Shell Bullet Burst!

      • (Kazuma and Ryuho opens the door)
        Mujyo: Thank you, gentlemen. This is the moment I've been waiting for!

      • Ryuho: All right! Just tell us where you are?
        Mujyo: Now what kind of question is that? I would have thougt you'd have recognized it by now.
        Ryuho: What are you...But that's...
        Mujyo: Yes. It's the house of the most powerful family in the Lost Ground. The Ryu's family compound.

      • Kazuma: This guy's a moron.
        Ryuho: Mujyo? The one form the mainland?
        Mujyo: You're absolutely correct. Kyouji Mujyo to be precise. I'm so glad that I finally got the opportunity to speak with the two of you.

      • (talking about Kanami)
        Mujyo: I'm sure that your presence here will be just the flame I need to bring those moths to me--Kazuma and Ryuho.

      • Mujyo: The evacuation order is still in place. Everything is proceeding according to plan. Everything, that is, except your ability to bring Mimori Kiryu here.

      • Martin: If you overpowered me, do you think it would end there?
        Urizane: Commander, I'm still a memeber of Holy. I will obey your orders. Just give me the ok, and I'll destroy that Mujyo guy.
        Martin: I can't issue that order.

      • Mimori: We don't have enough medicine. Without it...Tachibana.
        Scheris: Tachibana, don't use it too much.
        Tachibana: I'm useing some eternity 8 power to try to heal these villagers from within.

      • Mimori: But there's something that I have to know. I just want you to tell me the truth. Am I important to you?
        Ryuhou: Yes you are. Yes absolutely.

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