Season 1 Episode 12

Kunihiko Kimishima

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Aug 14, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Kunihiko Kimishima
Hold is still deciding what to do with the town they captured earlier. Elsewhere, Kimishima goes home and finds Kanami, who wasn't taken after all! He tells her to make a run for it, but before they even get out of the house, Hold intercepts them and drags them off to the camp with the rest of the townspeople. Can they escape? And if they do, at what cost?moreless

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  • **few spoilers**wow this episode was very busy and very emotional

    this episode brought me to tears because of kimishima's death at the end. i can't believe that happens. the death of a main character is always tragic. at least he went out with honor. i could see straight through the plan of holly trying to make kazuma into the bad guy. but wut i dont get is the short conversation between martin zigmarl and elian when he zigmarl said he some one else had dispersed this information and then there was a flash of an older man. who is this and wut is his relation to this show. i believe how obbsessive ryuho is over this one person. its not quite right. i dont think it was brought into the series right. or maybe thats just me. well i can't wait to see the new episode this saturday.

    all together i'd give this show a 9 1/2moreless
  • bla bla bla etc too lazy to write summary read review

    to awnser that guys question below i think he got shot in the back when hold/holy (dont know which) were shooting at him think he was just straining himself til he couldnt take it anymore and died on kazuma\'s back. this is a very sad episode Kimishima was a great character and the series wont be the same without him. betting kazuma will go bezerk in the next episode Kimishima was his best friend and his moral link to sanenessmoreless
  • This episode brought me to tears by the end. But one thing I didn't quite get...

    This episode brought me to tears. But one thing I didn't quite get, how did Kimishima die? The only injuries I saw on him were his right leg and the newer ones that he got frm HOLD while in the town. And while he was shooting at HOLY when he was with Kazuma, it seemed like he was all right and that he had just overexerted himself. Please, if anyone knows the answer to my question, send me a message. Thank you.moreless
  • this epsodie will push kazuma over the edge

    This is the saddest epsode so far all i can say is Kimishima is my favorite charter. he had a good shot and was really passiante about his job. now ayse will come back to see someone she loved is dead.

    NOW who will protect kanime and what will happen this brings up serval question including what really killed him was it that shot because he was okay before. but now kazumas biggest ally is gone and (spioler) kanime dosn't no about her own power. mamori asuka will evuntaly be his help and stright who side is he in his own this and other pass epsides bring up many question the biggest one being what will hapen

  • In sum, Kimishima and Kazuma were left surrised and confused after seeing the damage on the farm where Kanami works. Fighters from HOLD show up, and Kimishima looks for Kanami while Kazuma fights.Eventually, they get Kanami and Kazuma carries Kimishima homoreless

    I thought the episode was very sad. Throughout all this, Kimishima has helped Kazuma all through the way. The two were buddies in the resistance against HOLD and HOLY, and now Kimishima has died in the attempt.It is very sad because I personally like Kimishima alot. He brought out a better person in Kazuma, and he understood Kazuma and what he wanted to accomplish and protect. He even referred to Kazuma as being a \"hero\" of his.I think the fact that Kazuma didn\'t know Kimishima was dying on their way to get back to Kanami was the saddest moment of all.Kanami seemed to notice right off the bat.It can be concluded that Kazuma will probably seek some revenge in the next episode. Rest in peace Kimishima.moreless
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