Season 1 Episode 22

Martin Jigmar

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Nov 13, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

A television newscast reports that two dangerous men have entered the city. One is a renegade native alter (Kazuma) and the other is an ex-Holy member (Ryuhou). In his fortress, Kyouji Mujyo begins to get excited. Elsewhere in the fortress is the Holy commander Martin Jigmar. He decides that its time for him to choose. Meanwhile, Tachibana decides that he wants to stay and protect the villagers. Sherrice and Mimori decide that they will head to the city and help Ryuhou and Kazuma. After at first being against the idea, Cougar eventually agrees to take them to the city in style via his speedy car. In the city, Kazuma and Ryuhou head toward Mujyo's fortress. They both think that they are still not allies, but that they can trust each other. They also agree that they will not lose. They head into the fortress and go their separate ways for the time being. Ryuhou comes across his former commander, Martin Jigmar. After some talking, the two begin to fight. Jigmar brings out his alter for the first time, Alter Alias. His alter easily beats Zetsui and splits it in half. Meanwhile, Biff attacks Kazuma. Not wanting to fight his former ally, Kazuma tries to talk some sense into Biff. He tries to remind him that they first met as enemies, than became allies and are now enemies again. However, now Biff took Kanami. Kazuma attacks Biff. Elsewhere, Mujyo increase Biff's power via a head bad on his head. Ryuhou and Jigmar continue to talk. Jigmar explains to Ryuhou about the Crystallized Form, the alter that looks like a skeleton with a white left hand and a black right hand. He tells Ryuhou that six years ago the alter came through the gate from the other side. He came through seeking a powerful alter, Ryuhou. This is why Ryuhou's mom died. Jigmar told Ryuhou that his mom died from a native alter, not from the Crystallized Form. Jigmar admits that he used Ryuhou and his anger. With that, Zetsui is revived and transforms into a new form. Ryuhou merges with Zetsui and becomes extremely powerful. Jigmar comments that Ryuhou has "found the power". Elsewhere, Kazuma reluctantly continues to fight with Biff. Mujyo keeps increasing Biff's power. Eventually, Biff's head band breaks from an overload. Biff sheds some tears for what he has done and than purposely breaks the floor beneath him, falling to his death. Kazuma tries to help him, but it's too late. After Biff falls, Kazuma grasps his arm in pain. Eelian and Urizane eventually stumble across Ryuhou and Jigmar. Jigmar is on the ground, old and dying. He apologizes to Eelian, calling him his son. Jigmar than explains that he was the first alter captures and sent to the mainland. He than tells them that Eelian is his clone. Jigmar turns to Ryuhou and tells him that he fought him so that he could find the power. With the last of his strength he turns to Eelian and tells him that he wanted to protect him. With that he dies. Outside the fortress, Sherrice and Mimori decide to go in. Cougar tells them to be careful, but Sherrice runs in after Ryuhou. In his room, Mujyo comments to himself that this whole place is under his control. He also says that play time is over…