Season 1 Episode 22

Martin Jigmar

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Nov 13, 2005 on Cartoon Network



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    • Cougar: Yahooooo! This is the way I look at it; if I'm gonna drive, there should be a female companion right next to me. A nice drive always shortens the distance, physically and mentally. I want to get to the destination quickly, but I also want to be driving forever! What a wonderful dichotomy. Life is a contradiction, and I want to live that contradiction forever!

    • Mimori: Take care of yourself.
      Cougar: Oh, now I always do that, Miss Mimori.
      Mimori: It's Mimori!
      Cougar: (Turns to her with a sly grin.) I know. That's what I said.

    • Kanami (Reading the minds of Kazuma and Ryuho, she addresses Mujo in a monotone.) Mujo. Stay right where you are. I am coming for you. When I get there, I will destroy you... completely.

    • Mujo: Kazuma...Ryuho. Why don't they accept their fate and just die?

    • Ryuho: I never wanted any power. All I wanted was a place where everyone could live together in peace. That's all. I still want that. I still believe in it. And if I have to defeat this man in order to achieve that goal, then I'm willing to give up everything. Nothing else matters!
      Kanami: (A tear falls down her cheek as she reads Ryuho's thoughts and speaks them aloud.) Nothing...not even...my own life.

    • Kazuma: Maybe you shouldn't go.
      Ryuho: It's gone too far. There's no turning back.

    • Elian: Father! Father, what happened to you?
      Urizane: Hey. Why's he calling him his father?
      Ryuho: I guess Elian is the son of Commander Jigmar.

    • Martin: Urizane, as the commander of Holy, I have one last order for you, and you must swear to carry it out. You and Elian, protect this ground.
      Urizane: No! Commander!

    • Martin: It came looking for you, Ryuho. So you are partially to blame for the death of your mother. However, because of that, you realized your own power. The power of Zetsuei.

    • Martin: I'll have to give you a better reason to fight with me. Yes. And it has to do with that tragedy that happened 6 years ago. I'll tell you the truth about the alter who caused that incident. It was not a native alter that you saw but the crystalized form of the other worlds domain which you have seen aswell.

    • Kazuma: We've gotta stop meeting like this. How many times is it that we've crossed paths now? First as an enemy, then an ally, then an enemy again. And, of course, the last time you kidnapped Kanami! I remember you had some kind of funny name...like Barf.

    • Ryuho: Your alter has the power to control air pressure and build virtual walls around your body.
      Martin: That's right.

    • Ryuho: Whoa! What is that?
      Martin: This is the first time I've ever brought it out. The combination of my unified body and independent style. This is my alter power.

    • Urizane: Elian, do you have any idea where we are now?
      Elian: (tries to use alter power) I'm not really sure. The sensory block is still in effect.
      Urizane: Huh? Oh. Now that's just great. Because I have no sense of direction.
      Elian: Well, what do you expect me to do?

    • Kazuma: I hate to admit it, but whenever I'm with him I have this feeling of strength and composure.
      Ryuho: Strange, I feel more powerful when I'm with him.

    • Tachibana: I'm sorry...but I've decided that I want to stay here. I want to help these people. I've thought it over, and the more I think the more certain I feel. I know now how to use my power.

    • Mujyo: I can feel it...the tremedous hatred those two have for me is burning like a fire and it's fueled by their desire to rescue this little girl.

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