Season 1 Episode 5

Mimori Kiryu

Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Jun 26, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Kazuma sits on the back of a motorcycle with Kimishima, all dressed up and ready to go, waving farewell to Kanami. Kimishima tells her kindly that he just wants to borrow Kazuma. Kanami smiles and tells him it's okay. "Feel free to use him as much as you want." Kazuma looks comically offended. "Hey, what's that supposed to—" But before he can even finish his sentence, Kimishima roars off on his motorcycle. Once the motorcyle is no longer audible, Kanami walks inside, meaning to do some cleaning and head off to work. As she wanders in, though, she suddenly stumbles against the counter beside her. She immediately tries to get back up, but her vision blurs, and she remains there, supported against the counter and unable to stand. At HOLD, Ryuho stands in a darkened room. Two others, who seem to be scientists, are talking steadily. Ahead of Ryuho, George Tatsunami and two other Alter Users are encased in what seem to be liquid-filled tanks. The scientists are saying that the injured Alter Users may never be able to utilize their combative abilities again. Ryuho is caught up in thought. Even though all three of the defeated HOLY operatives were rated as C class, Kazuma beat them as if they were nothing. Is Kazuma on some kind of mission, Ryuho wonders, or is he just showing off his powers? Either way, he has to be stopped. Scheris is waiting for him outside, and he explains the situation to her. Almost wistfully, she says that the men might consider themselves lucky not to have their Alter powers anymore. "Did you come here just to say that?" Scheris tells him that a HOLD medical detachment is heading out of the city, but Ryuho can't think how it has anything to do with him. "Oh, really? Even if Miss Kiryu is going?" Ryuho flinches, but coldly says, "So what." He heads back to HOLY Headquarters, and Scheris follows. At the base of the HOLY tower, Mimori is loading and unloading boxes, and checking the contents of shipments. As she lays down a box and stops for a moment to rest, Cougar steps from behind one of the trucks. Is it just coincidence that she always runs into him, she asks, or must she assume that she's being followed? He grins, and she tells him that HOLY probably won't appreciate him wasting its precious time. Without wasting a second, Cougar gets to the reason he came, and starts rambling about his philosphies on love and relationships. "Well, it's like this. The first move is crucial when you meet someone. No matter how attractive she is, if you don't meet her soon enough, she's more than likely to be involved with some other guy. So what I say is that it's always better to let her know that you're interested the moment you meet her. Speed is power, so if you're interested, you gotta get close to her, and if you like her, you gotta tell her so! A relationship begins with letting the other person know about you. Hey, sometimes the result is a bad outcome, but you never know when the next opportunity is gonna present itself." He finally stops and waits for Mimori's reaction. Finally, she says, "Actually, you might have a good point there." Cougar grins. "But of course! I thought it all out." "Oh, absolutely! But of course the most important thing of all is to get her name right." Nervously rubbing the back of his neck, Cougar chuckles, "You got me there." Mimori starts to get back to work, but after a few steps, she stops in her tracks. Ryuho has entered the docks. As Cougar watches, dumbfounded, Ryuho asks if it would be okay if he and Mimori were to see each other that evening. Mimori enthusiastically agrees. As she gets back to work, Cougar wanders off, frantically wondering what he did wrong. Meanwhile, at the farm where Kanami usually works, two of the older women are questioning her absence. It's not a rare occurrence for Kazuma not to come, but for Kanami to skip work is highly unusual. At the house, Kanami is still struggling. She has gathered her things together to go to work, but she cannot even walk now. She tries to take a step, but she stumbles and falls to the ground. Her things fall from the backpack and roll out around her. Kanami does not move. Meanwhile, A HOLY vehicle is rumbling across the dusty landscape. A HOLY operative named Ikawa sits atop it, complaining to no one in particular about how he always gets the boring jobs. Lucky for him, at that precise moment, Kazuma attacks. Ikawa, who wasn't ready, is thrown from his vehicle as it is blown to the side into a rollover from the shockwave of Kazuma's attack. Kimishima sees the destruction. They'll be able to go home early today. He gets ready to go. At that very moment, he sees a heap of metal flying through the air. He scrambles away just in time, but the motorcycle is crushed. As a dusty and disappointed Kimishima lays flat out on the ground, a stray bolt hits him on the helmet. At HOLY HQ, Scheris wanders out the front door, giving three rapt women advice on dating. The three women notice what's going on beyond her view, and begin talking about it. Scheris turns around. Ryuho, dressed in a suit, is getting in a car, and he's not alone. Mimori is with him. Scheris stutters a bit, trying to form a complete sentence. She finally manages, "What's going on?" Outside of the clinic, Kazuma and Kimishima talk about the most recent ruined vehicle. Kimshima mutters that Kazuma must have a grudge against him, but Kazuma says it was obviously an accident. They both stop when they open the door. Kanami is still on the floor. Kazuma runs to her and Kimishima does, too. Kazuma is frightened, unsure of what to do. He looks to Kimishima. "Get a doctor!" his friend orders. Kazuma runs outside to look for help. Meanwhile, Ryuho and Mimori are together by the edge of a lake. Ryuho stands stiffly by the railing, and Mimori, relaxed, sits behind him. "You want me to cancel the trip with the medical unit," she says softly, "I thought so." Ryuho doesn't turn around. "You don't have any idea what it's like out there. The word dangerous doesn't even begin to describe the lifestyle of the outside world." Mimori says that she knows there must be people out there who are sick or injured. She asks if Ryuho believes there's any difference between the Inners and people in the city. He can't reply. Mimori takes the advantage to continue. "Well, there isn't! There's no difference whatsoever.You said HOLY was established to create order in society, so how is it that they've achieved the exact opposite? I can't just close my eyes and ignore what's happening! I want to do something to help those people!" Ryuho laughs bitterly. "Help them?" Mimori asks him what's so funny, and he explains that people from the mainland always think that at first, but after spending time here, they inevitably realize that things don't work that way. "Well, it's convenient for you to think that, but I don't think that their ideals are any different from mine!" Ryuho grabs her hand and holds it very tightly. "That idealism, we all want it!" Mimori struggles, but he continues rigidly. "But in order to get it, we have to look the other way sometimes! We do this job because it has to be done, even though we know we'll be hated for it." Mimori continues to struggle. "You're hurting me..." "You will never be able to understand!" Mimori finally pulls her hand from his grasp, and he looks down, as if surprised at himself. "I...I'm sorry," he whispers. "I've already said what I needed to say. I want you to cancel your trip to the medical unit." Mimori says softly that the only reason he's being this way is because of what happened to his mother, but he cuts her off. In anger, he formed Zetsuei, and his Alter stands between them. The people resting on the dock all get up, frightened, and run away, leaving Mimori and Ryuho alone. Ryuho tries once more to tell Mimori to get out of danger and go back to the mainland. She respects his ideals, but still intends to follow her own. The medical detachment will leave in the morning, and Martin Jigmar contacts HOLY member Asuka Tachibana, telling him to guard and protect the detachment and Mimori Kiryu. Tachibana asks if it's a really necessary job, and Jigmar assures him that it is. Mimori is the daughter of one of HOLD's sponsors. At the clinic, Kazuma slams the doctor against the wall in frustration. Kanami is only getting sicker, and the doctor can do nothing to help. As he says, his medical knowledge is over 20 years old, and what Kanami is suffering from must be a modern virus. Kazuma runs outside, fully intending to go to the city again to get the medicine Kanami needs. Kimishima stops him, sitting inside a new car. He explains that there's a medical unit coming their way. Kazuma runs inside and scoops an unconscious Kanami into his arms, assuring her that everything will be all right. At HOLY, Ryuho awakes and runs outside. The medical unit has already left, and Mimori is nowhere to be found. He stands in the middle of the road, staring out, when a car backs up beside him. The window rolls down and Cougar is revealed inside. He offers Ryuho a ride. "It's fast and cheap," he says. Ryuho begins to say something, but Cougar smiles and cuts in. "I know what you thought, but our goals are the same." Ryuho nods and gets into the back seat. Just as Cougar is about to drive off, the passenger seat opens, and Scheris slips in, informing them that she'd like to come, too. Cougar shrugs, "Whatever," and speeds off to find Mimori. Sitting in the HOLY vehicle, Mimori's attention is drawn to a small green sphere on the floor. She reaches out to touch it. As Kazuma and Kimishima drive, they see the HOLY unit beyond them. Kimishima notes that they seem to be sightseeing, and Kazuma tells his friend that he'll show them a detour. He vaults out of the vehicle toward the HOLY unit. Just before he attacks, a security camera catches Kazuma's image, but they have no time to do anything. Kazuma attacks them straight on. When Mimori awakes, everyone is tied up. Kazuma tells her that they need her help, and to nod if she understands. She nods, and he removes her gag and binds. In the car, Scheris and Cougar are animatedly talking about Ryuho and Mimori's history together, and both assure themselves that they were just friends. In the back, Ryuho is silent. Meanwhile, Mimori is telling Kazuma and Kimishima that Kanami has what they call the Law Virus. It looks a lot more serious than it really is, she assures Kazuma. She gives him some medication for Kanami. Kazuma and Kimishima thank her. She tells them that she was always taught to help others. Kazuma asks her name and she gives it, but he's not sure he'll remember it. Just then, a man runs in, grabbing Kazuma and throwing him to the floor. An emerald orb surrounded by deep lines is etched in between his eyes. Kazuma gets ready to retaliate, but Kimishima warns him that Kanami is in here. Kazuma kicks the door open and heads outside, telling Kimishima to take care of Kanami. As soon as he exits the mobile unit, several other people with identical orbs in their foreheads attack them. To escape, Kazuma uses his partially formed Alter to propel himself to the top of the cliff. The green spheres leave the men and follow him there. At the bottom, Kimishima is getting ready to go with Kanami. Mimori offers to take care of Kanami, but Kimishima refuses her offer. He knows that it would just be a big hassle. As he sets Kanami down, he thanks Mimori for all of her help. He extends his hand. Almost cautiously, Mimori takes it into her grip. Then she smiles. Kimishima heads off, and Mimori thinks about Ryuho. she knows his beliefs are strong, but can't he understand that hers are just as strong? They are, she thinks. On the cliff, Tachibana reveals himself to Kazuma. His spheres are trying to take control of Kazuma's mind, but Kazuma is resisting. Kanami dreams of his struggle. Kazuma finally falls down, and Tachibana comes out. Too late, he realizes that his sphere did not win over Kazuma's mind. Kazuma absorbs it into himself and completes his Alter. Tachibana tries again, but his Alter power is unable to control Kazuma. Kazuma attacks. Tachibana uses the spheres—his alter, Eternity Eight—to form a shield, but everything he tries fails. He refuses defeat, insisting that as a HOLY member, he must win, but in the end, Kazuma attacks, and Tachibana falls. Kimishima sees the explosion from that attack, and hurries to Kazuma's location in the car. When he arrives, Kazuma is leaning casually against a rock. "Yo!" Kanami begins to wake up, and Kazuma runs to her, relieved. The only thing she says to him, though, as she sluggishly opens her eyes, is to be ready for work tomorrow. She smiles and falls to sleep again. Kimishima starts laughing. Kazuma insists sullenly that there's nothing funny about it, but Kimishima still thinks it's hilarious. Ryuho arrives at the mobile HOLY unit where Mimori is, and he asks her what happened. She silently continues to bandage the wounds of the injured medical officers who had been aboard. Tachibana arrives, clutching a badly broken right arm. He tells Ryuho that it was Kazuma. At HOLY HQ, Kazuma's status goes from second to first degree criminal. Top priority.