Season 1 Episode 25


Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Dec 04, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

After the defeat of Mujyo, his castle begins to crumble around Kazuma and Ryuhou. Tachibana arrives and helps them escape. Both Ryuhou and Kazuma walk off saying that they have things to do.

Tachibana is now sitting in his house with Mimori. He tells her that the infrastructure of the city is ruined. Mimori comments that in the end run, that might be better for the Lost Ground. Outside, Kanami is worried about Kazuma.

Meanwhile, Kazuma and Ryuhou talk about their next threat – the manufactured alters from the Mainland and the Mainland itself. Ryuhou says that the Inners will decide their future for their homeland, not the mainland.

Elsewhere, Urizane tells Eelian that Kazuma and Ryuhou have just started something big. Urizane wonders if they should help them with their fight against the mainland. Eelian says that they should just leave it to them.

All throughout the mainland, some Inners begin rebuilding their home. A group bands together saying that they can't rely on the mainland.

At Tachibana's house, Kanami decides to leave and head to a small farm where she can do work and wait for Kazuma. Once she leaves, Tachibana asks Mimori to get some documents in his car. Mimori goes and meets up with Ryuhou there. Ryuhou explains to Mimori that the Mainland's policy remains the same, and because of this he will fight back. He tells Mimori that this is her last chance to return to the Mainland and see her parents. Mimori tells him that she won't leave without Ryuhou and that she'll stay here. She adds that that's how she chooses to live her life. Ryuhou says that he must follow his own path. Mimori hugs Ryuhou and ask if there's a chance of their paths crossing again in the future. She adds that she loves him. Ryuhou explains to her that Sherrice gave her life for him and that he must do something with it. With that he transformers and disappears. Mimori says to herself that she'll stay, not as Mimori, but as an Inner.

Elsewhere, Kanami is working on the farm. She tires herself out and falls asleep. She dreams of a man, Kazuma, watching her. She keeps saying to herself that it's not a dream. She finally opens her eyes and sees Kazuma standing there. Kazuma says that it's been a while and apologizes. Kanami says that it's not "goodbye" because that's what Kazuma is thinking. Kazuma walks away. Kanami begins to cry but can't say anything. She can only say to herself that she loves him.

Kazuma and Ryuhou meet up on a cliff. They begin to argue, but its cut short when the Mainland army appears on the water. They transform and lung at the army. They rip them apart.

Elsewhere, on the Mainland, a board sits and discusses the events occurring, watching it on a television. One member says that they have more than enough manufactured alters. Another member says that Mimori's parents have given up looking for her, which means they can take their time.

Kanami and Mimori lie in bed at night. Mimori shows Kanami her necklace Ryuhou gave her. Kanami says that she can feel Kazuma's existence and, now while holding the necklace, she can feel Ryuhou's too. Kanami says that they have to be strong to survive.

Time passes and the Inners continue rebuilding the Lost Ground. Urizane and Eelian also pith in and do some farming. Tachibana is working in his office, when his fiancé walks in. Mimori takes up a job teaching children. Kanami narrates that three moths have passed.

Kazuma and Ryuhou are standing by a cliff next to a car. Kazuma begins to leave. Ryuhou says that he should see Kanami. Kazuma says that it's none of his business. Kazuma stops and says that there's something personal they haven't gotten around to finishing. Ryuhou says that he wants to find out how it will end. The two then get ready to finish their long awaited fight!