Season 1 Episode 25


Aired Sunday 1:00 AM Dec 04, 2005 on Cartoon Network



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    • Kanami: You are so kind.
      Kazuma: No, damnit! What I am is a hotheaded idiot. I'm Kazuma the Alter User, who will do anything...for money. That's all. That's all there is to me. I'll see ya...Kanami.
      Kanami: Kazu-kun. Kazu-kun!
      (Kazuma waves fondly back at her as he walks away.)
      Kanami: (thinking) I can't say, "Please don't go," because there's a whisper that comes from deep in his heart: Kanami, if anything ever happens to you—
      Kazuma: I'll rush back.
      Kanami: (thinking) No matter where I am in the world—
      Kazuma: I'll come help you.
      Kanami: (thinking) I love you, Kazu-kun!
      Kazuma: I know, but I've got to go.

    • Kazuma: Oh yeah! There's this thing we never got around to.
      Ryuho: Something...we didn't do?
      Kazuma: Yeah. It's kind of a small personal thing.
      Ryuho: You're right. You know, it had almost slipped my mind. But it was also the beginning of all this.
      Kazuma: Actually, I don't care what the reason is. I just wanna clear everything and finally see what's what.

    • Kanami: So, Ryuho created this with his alter power?
      Mimori: Yes. As long as this exists, I know Ryuho is still alive. It's always there whenever I need to be comforted. Oh...I'm sorry. I forgot.
      Kanami: It's okay. I'm able to feel Kazu-kun's existence.
      Mimori: You can feel it?
      Kanami: Mmhmm. And now while I am holding this, I can feel Ryuho, too. Both Kazu-kun and Ryuho are fighting, even though it's difficult and painful. They keep fighting.
      Mimori: They're strong men.... We're lucky to know such strong men.
      Kanami: Mmhmmm. I'm gonna have to be strong too. I want to surprise Kazu-kun by growing even stronger. And I know I will survive. We'll survive. And no one will ever laugh at us. And we won't be left behind, so we can move on, stronger. And stronger and stronger!

  • Notes

    • Kyouji Mujo, Martin Jigmar, Ayase Teradai, and Biff are now all in black and white in the opening song.

    • Kazuma and Ryuhou's physical appearances have changed since the first episode.

      Kazuma now has streaks in his hair where his alter spikes are on his head. His eye still doesn't open and his arm has turned into a paler color with more lines in it. Kazuma, just like Ryuhou now also has lines under their eyes.

      This explains the long term evolutions of fully developed alters, like Kazuma and Ryuhou, who can both access their third alter form easily.

    • Original Japanese Airdate: December 19, 2001

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