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  • A great action packed series.

    The show is set in the furture where Japan ahs been devestated by huge earthquakes. Following these events a number of people have emerged with psychic powers and to combat the threat that these people pose a top secret unit has been formed called HOLY. The main character is a man named Kazuma. Kazuma is a mercenary who lives outside the law and cares little for the problems of others that is until he encounters HOLY first hand.

    The show effectively focuses on a friendship/rivalry between Kazuma and a member of HOLY called Ryuho. This gives the show both the unique ability to view situations from two opposing viewpoints but alos allows for huge character development. Pus the final fight between the two of them is unbelievably good!
  • Scryed does a lot of things great, where it goes wrong is that it tried being a shounen and failed as one.

    Before I watched Scryed I always assumed it would be something like Wolfs Rain and GunGrave; a heavily character driven drama with some mystery added in the mix. I wouldn't say I was wrong but there is a lot less drama and a lot more action shounen. Scryed does the same things that the above mentioned excel in, which are character development, drama, and story, but where it eventually collapses is the fact that it aimed for a shounen approach and just failing as a shounen.

    Like most shounens we have a power system of some sort that allows people to battle each other in supernatural ways. Here a select special of individuals are gifted with the ability of "alter" which allows them to take any surrounding materials, the most common rocks, and reform them to a weapon of their desire. In Kazuma's case he creates a mechanical arm that supercharges his punches which allows him to destroy buildings. Kazuma lives a carefree life in the ghettos of an isolated island, but one day a man named Ryuho appeared before him who was an alter user too and defeated Kazuma in a battle. No one has ever defeated Kazuma before. Kazuma wasn't going to let up so soon and the two are fated as rivals, though little did they know they are part of an ongoing plot from the government that will forever scar the land that Kazuma calls home.

    The story is pretty good when read in a summary, the problem is execution. Scryed touches upon a lot of things, develops each of them for a while, and couldn't find the time to go deep into any of them. Animes most of the time tend to be too long, Scryed is just too short. The story like said before is interesting and looked like it was going somewhere, but by the animes end most of the questions remained unanswered. There is this new dimension that was mentioned late into the anime that they refer to as "the other side" as well as a character named "The Crystal", but both these things are still mostly a mystery even after the anime ends.

    It seemed that the anime wanted to concentrate mostly on the rivalry between Ryuho and Kazuma instead of the story, though even the rivalry was hardly touched upon. Scryed placed a lot of emphasis on these two absolutely hating each other, kind of let it settle for most of the series, and by the last episode decided to make it the whole point of the show. The pieces just don't really add up. Even worse is that there isn't a threatening antagonist to compensate for the lack of a convincing conflict. Main antagonists are supposed to be feared and threatening, Mujo was pathetic and uninspiring.

    The characters in sense are also what's bringing Scryed down. Well the characters themselves are great, one of the more likable shounen casts out there, the problem actually lies in the action. Alter is a pretty intriguing system sort of similar to alchemy in Fullmetal Alchemist; reforming material objects to mold it into a shape you desire. With such an interesting system with so much potential for some strategic and smart fights, it is hardly touched upon. Also, there are like only ten alter users that are introduced whom their alters are nothing out of the extraordinary. Most of them are the same powers that you've seen in other shounens. You can't help but feel there was so much more potential with alter instead of just generic concepts used in the past. What makes it worse is that the action itself is pretty lacking. Well, except for the last episode, that final battle was pretty sweet.

    Scryed just combined way too many things and never placed a heavy emphasis on any of them. Its story was starting to get interesting, it remains a mystery. The rivalry between Ryuho and Kazuma looked like the next Goku and Vegeta bout, it was super under developed. The alter system looked like it was going to be one of the more interesting shounen power systems cooking up some really cool battles, it is hardly touched upon. Scryed does all of these things well but doesn't delve into any of them enough making it feel pretty shallow. Though not to say that it is not a recommended watch at all; it does a lot of things great, you wish it would have been longer though.
  • S-CRY-ED is one of my top anime.

    S-CRY-ED is one of my favorite anime and will always be.Ok this anime is mainly about alter users and humans,alter users harness a power called alter hence the name which is an ability to break down the environment around the alter users such as rocks,buildings,cars,and stuff like that.Anyway 22 before the story a massive earthquake destroyed part of Japan,causing the country to spilt in halfone half of that part is the lost ground and the other is the city.This is where the rich people live, aside from humans is H.O.L.D. a police like group to deal with alter users (i.e. fight fire with fire).Anyway the story starts with Kazuma an alter user who can form a metal arm saving a political figure,because Kazuma does anthing for money.after that he goes gang its leader being an alter user Kazuma goes and fights he wins but is interuppted by hold Ryuho an user who can form robot like partner which he controls. He comes out of the vehicle Kazuma tries to fight but,is overwhelmed by Ryuho he gets captured he then breaks out of the city and wants revenge.Kazuma and Ryuho have many fights in the last episode they have their last fight the best figth in the whole series there are some other stuff I left out but,watch and see.This anime has good animation,music,and sometimes funny because Kazuma is crazy anyway that's it.
  • awsome show

    this show will revonlutionize the way we think of anime the way some select few have supernatural powers which they call alters is eviting because everyone has their own fitting their personality the show has some things to be desired some ends to be tied and whatnot like the love intrests and what happens after that groundshaking last episode who knows but i would guess many people have wonderd about this so the show should be brought back for a season 2 and that is why this show gets a 9.2 in its rating for its creativity but lack in the ending
  • super powered action

    the story is a bit confusing in the beginning considering the conection to all the different aspects and situations. however the action is definitly well played out along with the animation. the storyline is also unique in many ways but the charcters lack a bit of depth with little history and reason behind their actions and character. the main charcter seems just slighly likeable and this causes the apossing character to be less contrasting and effective rivalry did not work to full affect. the powers were impressive but the lack reluctancy to use them and the minimal variety made it less effective and applealing to the eye.
  • Kazuma the Shellbullet is one of teh craziest characters that I have ever seen. He takes on Holy, the top dogs of the Social Chain, and doesn't know when to give up. I LOVE S-CRY-ED!!!!!!!

    I was interested in S-cry-ed when I saw the commercial about it in early September. After I saw Kazuma kick some major butt, I loved the show. I didn't like Ryuho or anyone else from Holy. I only loved the Native Alters. They kicked butt. Especially Kazuma. He is my favorite character in the whole series. He doesn't give up, he doesn't care what happens to him, and he is really funny. When Kazuma fights another alter user, he changes into this great and powerful man that I can't help but think that I wish I was like him. Anyway, S-cry-ed is really awesome. It is and will forever be one of my favorite animes of all time. S-CRY-ED FOREVER!
  • kazuma the shellbullet rages a war against the mainland and holy but where will the war end, just download, buy it go to youtube, do whatever you have to to watch this series.

    It is a great anime starring one of my favorite anime voice actors, steven jay blum, with a very different stroyline than other animes. Every anime has their own thing and this show has alters. I give it a perfect 0 for being one of the greatest animes ever made in the world, not just japan.
  • By far, this is my favorite anime show.

    I stumbled into this show by accident one day, thinking it was just stupid I changed the channel. Nothing good was on.. so I changed it back to take a look. I watched for a while and started to like it, I couldn't really tell what was going on cause it was way far into the series, but even though I had no clue what was going on, I still loved the show! Later on it started the series over. And I then began to see what was happening in the previous episodes I had seen, and just loved it even more! This may be my favorite anime show of those I've seen, I do however think they went a little wrong with the storyline in some ways.. but the show itself had a great idea, plot and everything else!
  • the idea is totally original and the characters powers keep you entertained. Its confusing in the begging but after the first few minutes things really come together. i loved this shows ending and im sure you would to.

    my summary pretty much says it all. bow before this sows awesomeness. okay that was lame. but still watch the show.now im posting just to reach the one-hundred word minimum (thats why i actually wrote one-hundred in letter form) so dont mind me. hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello kjg gkjng hbkhgb ghbrgb ghbe hrg ghbr ghbrg hgb gbjr gebg brg beg ebg begn jebgb ejbg n egbjbeg ejngm rejgbm ejng ng engn ejngb jebgm ngnjrb jgnrn rjngn jrng jrng nnbe jnge gjen rkjgnj jg mrjg njrg jrgngn gj gj gjg jg rjjgrjngj g g jrnjnrg. FINALY. Damn word minimum.
  • Good show

    I think this show should have another season. I personally hate the fact it only lasted one season. That little girl is cute and i think Ryuho is cool. The other guy is cool too but seeing as i havent seen the show in a long time i've forgotten many people's names anyway. The girl who sacrificed her life for Ryuho was perfect for him. I think they should have gotten together before she gave up her life to save him. I hate the fact that he was dense enough not to figure out she liked him. All in all i like this show and it was pretty good.
  • A wonderful show about the most interesting people you may ever meet.

    i didnt get to see many episodes of this show, but i do no that i loved it and i wish it was still on cartoon network. this show made me laugh, and it most definantly made me cry, it also made me think, which i dont try to make a habit of doing ;) lol :) jk. :D but, if you like anime, this is most definantly a show to consider watching some time, excpecially if you like fighting anime, but this could also fall under girlie/romance, i think this because, there is so much romance in this show, i lost count, but, anyways, hope you try it out sometime!:D bye!
  • this show is absolutly awsome i just wich it was more the 26 episode it should be more than 100 ep

    i love it so much it is absolutly worth writing 100 word is full of action and advanture with some druma on the side i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it soooooo much to bad it is only 26!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! episode plese!!!!!! someone come with a nother seson it is unduscribable if it was more than 100 episode it would be 20 out of 10 if only it was longer to bad theres only 2 more eps it end next week so who ever is in charge of the show pleseeeeeeeee come out with another seson with at lest 100 episode. thank you for your time and i hope they come out with a second seson
  • Not that bad of a show at all, actually, it's pretty good

    It's a good show, personally, I enjoyed what I saw of it. The voice acting, action scenes, the opening, and the relationships that developed between people, it was all quite good. For an anime, nice, very nice. I'd watch all the episodes I missed if I had the chance to.
  • this show is pritty good.

    i like this show mostly cause of the characters and the fights but i guess it hase really good drawing and fightes i forgot the main characters name but hes really cool to hes prabably my favorite character exept the speed guy hes pritty cool to i think that its kinda short to but i guess most anime hase 26 episodes but action ones are suppost to have more episodes so that is why i think that this and trigun are to short they should have like 50 or something like that but other then that this is a really good anime if you havent seen it then you should try watching it youll probably love it thats all.
  • It's impossible to sum this series up with simple words. Some would say it's just an anime version of X-men, but that would not do it justice. With a colorful cast of characters whose interactions drive the plot, S-CRY-Ed is much more than words can say.

    Judging from appearances alone, it would be impossible not to conclude that S-CRY-Ed is a fighting anime. After an earthquake that caused a huge uprising of land, its inhabitants are isolated almost completely from society. Furthermore, approximately one percent of the population born afterward had the ability to manipulate and alter matter into unique forms.

    Enter the Alter Users.

    ...And the conflict.

    In the main city on the Lost Ground, order and peace thrive, but outside of the city walls is raw chaos. Normal people and mercenary alter users live together in a mess of collapsed and abandoned buildings. Kazuma lives in this undeveloped region, housed in an abandoned clinic with a young fellow orphan named Kanami. All he wants is to live freely and protect his friends. He doesn't want to be controlled by anyone else.

    Unfortunately, that is exactly what the police organization, HOLD, seeks to do. A subdivision of that force, HOLY, consists of Alter users loyal to the city. Ryuho, their strongest member, has the job of capturing and reforming Native Alters—Alter users who live in chaos outside of the city...Native Alters like Kazuma.

    Both believe wholeheartedly in what they're doing. Typically, two ideals clash and that rivalry drives the series.

    The thing that I like about it, though, is the lack of black and white, good and bad. Almost none of the major characters in the series are truly "good" or "bad". They're just people with differing ideals and viewpoints, and some of them are willing to fight and even risk their lives to insure the safety of the things they care about.

    The cast of characters is amazingly vibrant. From the eccentric speed demon Cougar to the cold and collected Ryuho, there's a character for everyone, and as much depth as viewers are willing to see.

    The animation is easy on the eyes, not as complicated as some, but definitely not lacking. Character designs are as varied and interesting as the characters themselves, and perfectly suited to the characters' personalities. The actual Alters range from slick and savvy to stealthy, beautiful or brutal. Some are even pretty crazy.

    All the characters in this series go through a lot of development as they finally find the path they must take.

    S-CRY-Ed has some comedy, some tragedy, some drama and a heck of a lot of fighting interspersed with subtle but real messages about strength, discrimination, and destiny. It moves so fast that viewers will find it hard not to watch episode after episode.

    It does have some minor flaws, though. The fight dialogue sometimes seems a bit corny or cliche, and I can't help but sigh when Kazuma and Ryuho get ticked off and scream each other's names. Men...

    Overall, it's easy to be entranced by this series and its interesting characters.
  • The main character is Kazuma and lives in the Lost Ground outside of the city with his friend Kanime.Kazuma goes on missions with his other friend to make money to support Kanime.But Kazuma is not normal he an altar user He is born with incredible power.

    S-CRY-ED is one of the best anime shows I have ever seen. My personal favorite character is Kazuma. Its not a very long series, but u totally get into it. Its amazing how Kazuma never gives up even when things seem down. Plus I love how theres a little love triangle with Rui-uh-oh, Sherice and Miss Mimori.
  • Its a show unlike any other. The powers are brand new, The fights are brutal, and this show is original. There are NO similarities to other show, so if you tired of seeing the same old plots and powers, then this show is a Must see. Its a must see period.

    This show has got to be one of my all time favorites. It ranks up there with Dbz, Yu Yu hakusho, Naruto, and Rorouni Kenshin. Besides the fact that the story is by far, the most original I have ever seen, but the powers are so completely different from all other Animes. Alter power is one of the coolest alternate reality powers ever. I like how the story revolved around Alter users and their will to make a difference in a world that rejected them. Even the members of Hold realized that they were outcasts.I wont spoil the story by revealing too much information, But I will say that Kazuma and Ryuhou\'s rivalry is classic, and it is on a Goku and Vegeta level. There are plot twists in almost every episode, and this show really will challenge your intellect to understand it. It really focuses on human emotion and the need to make a difference and impact in the cruel world that they live in. This anime has it all. Great fights, characters changing for better and for worse, betrayals, morals, and to top it off: a message.
    I quote my favorite character Kazuma "Shine Even Brighter!" and thats what this show really does.
  • no words to describe

    its original, its interesting, its intriguing, and action packed to the max. no other show like it. original powers, characters. theme is awesome. and there is NEVER a dull moment, best show on tv for years. and hopefully years to come ;) adult swim really hit it big when it picked this show up, the advancement in plot it ever thickening, all the way til the very end, and even then the suspense never drops. wonders never cease when it comes to scryed.
  • When i was done watching the first episode i was just like-oh my god! that was awsome!- my all time fav. show! totally worth watching!

    it's a shame there is only 26 episodes but 26 episode of unspeakable greatness! 5-6 episode at the least to really get into it(only took me one) one of the best iv ever seen! and still watching! if ur not the kind to like a show with bulky gold and ornge arms that can blow up stuff then stop reading the reviews! joking. it has colorful animation and some romance what are you waiting for!?
  • I really like this show

    I couldn't beleive how they kill off a main character. this show is strangly addictive. I watch it every day its on. They have some weird episodes. I also love the whole ruhou verses kazuma thing. at first they were way to obsessed with each other. I am upset about how theres only 26 episodes, i so wish there were more. I also kinda wish it came on more than 4 times a week ... also I wish whats his face didn't die because that was so sad. he was a really funny character. I liked how he kept pulling guns out of his jacket.
  • Kick Ass show

    S-Cry-Ed is a totally stupid title for a show but the story and action behind it is really sweet. When I first saw it I thought a show with names like holy and hold must suck but to my surprise this is a totally kick ass show. The plot of the show is great but my only problem is that they only have 26 episodes. So whoever created this show needs to get off their butts and make more. But the greatest aspect of the show is the action and the powers that the creators thought off. This is a great show that people should watch
  • I love this show. It totally owns!!!!

    When I saw the first episode, and I was all 'WTF THIS IS AWESOME!!' I think this show is what really got me into anime, and this show is the best anime... ever. To me at least hehe..
    The complete story is so great, but they need to put out more episodes! 26 is not enough!!! So they better start working on more episodes, cause they are really good. I can't wait to see if they'll make another season or not, but, again, this is the best anime I've ever watched. And all of you people who say this show sucks... GETFO!!!
  • Actually, what happened was, fma had just gone off...hehe

    so admittedly, i had just got finished watching fma and only stopped to watch this show when i couldnt find the remote, but i was just sucked in. I came in in the middle, so i was completley lost. They were talking about alters and Holy and so my first thought was that it was some kind of religious show, but no! i was pleasanlty surprised when butt kicking time came. I think its a good show with a great plot. they whole concept is brilliant and it can only get better. The only thingim having a little trouble grasping is that there seems to be like...a 7 year age difference between Kazuma and Kanami...she looks 14 and he looks 19 or 20, someone please explain that one to me...
  • Tokyo has fallen victim to a natural disaster again and now society is torn between inners and outers and this new breed of people called Alter users! Society has created HOLD to stamp out alter users & convert them, but some of them refuse, violently!

    I have to admit when the show first aired, I lost interest really quickly. Sure, the animation was great ... it usually is in Anime, but that is not the point. I couldn't get into it. Maybe I just did not have the time. Now I view S-cry-ed as a changed, and much more patient girl. If you're new to anime, I strongly encourage you to seek another starter anime, like Fruits Basket or something funny like it, however S-cry-ed is a good show. Its a little unappreciated. I guarentee you, if you give it a little time, it'll reward you greatly. After I took the time to watch it, undisturbed I found it to be very good. It's full of unique interesting, characters and good humor every now and then, AND ... was that a touch of romance in there?. Not to mention they have SUPER POWERS! I'm sure nobody you know has SUPER POWERS! It's an awesome show, if you just give it a chance to impress you. If you like anime and can get into a GOOD Gundam series then you can definitely get into S-cry-ed!!
    I give it 3 weebles out of five!
    (Re-runs mon-thur on [AdultSwim] on Cartoon Network!)
  • this is one of the best episodic anime series up there with BIG O, and ()utlaw§tar amazing

    this is one of the best episodic anime series I just hope they bring it back but if not the final episode was amazing...and the toys they are going to be able to sell on these chracters...the secretive storyarcs were amazing ... if nothing else a cult following it will have
  • It\'s like DBZ, but with a story that actually matters...

    I\'m a big DBZ fan, and the first thing that usually draws me to an Anime is cool fighting and badass characters.

    Much to my surprise, sCRYed gave me all that PLUS a story that fleshed out it\'s universe far more than anything DBZ could\'ve done.

    The first few episodes drew me in, with characters such as Kazuma and Ryuho reminding me so much of the rivalry between Goku and Vegeta. In that sense the show was somewhat predictable...the biggest rivals end up becoming the world\'s only hope.

    But due to a late-evening work schedule, I found myself unable to watch the show on Cartoon Network. So I took a chance and bought the Complete Collection.

    Needless to say, I was not disappointed. The dialouge is well-written, with each character\'s traits and attitudes put out for the viewer to see. Ryuho and Kazuma\'s rivalry is always present, and serves as the motivator for much of the actions they take.

    The villian is despicable, and the twists that come usually do a good job of surprising you. To anybody thinking of watching it...the story may seem wild and outrageous at first, but about half way in (13 episodes or so) the show\'s mood starts to change, and the story begins to really take off.

    That said, sCRYed isn\'t for everybody. There are those out there that didn\'t like DBZ because of the excessive fighting...something this show weaves into it\'s story quite well.

    But give it a shot if you see it on TV. The characters themselves are well worth watching.
  • its an awesome show i just wish they made more episodes.

    this show is better than an other shows on adult swim.its WAY better than inuyasha or fullmetal alchemist.its a great show.they should bring it back and make more episodes for adult swim.this show its awesome among other animes.shows like this always end shortly. they should make shows like this more often.
  • S-Cry-Ed seems to have an avid fanbase in Japan, so I figured it would be decent but I was completely wrong.

    Wow, interesting concept, but as dry as a bone. The so-called story revolves around Kazuma, a person with special abilities (AKA: Alter), who is being tracked down by a military group called HOLY for his powers. In between all of this, Kazuma is stalking this one guy Ryuho and is basically straying away from the whole storyline and his "girlfriend" has dreams about him defeating Ryuho straying away MORE from the storyline. The complexity of S-Cry-Ed is about as complex as Pokemon or DBZ (not flaming the two series, just saying they have low complexity)--"I'm levelling up so I can beat my adversary in the next battle, ARGHHH! I\'m so strong!", please this is boring. It's basically a crappy Japanese version of the Xmen, very disappointing, so CHANGE THE CHANNEL!
  • Kazuma a native alter who uses his powerful alter in his search for money and thrills. But when Kazuma runs into HOLY he is forced into fighting for the freedom and safety of those he cares about.

    This show is off the hook. You just got to love it. Im just mad that they dont have more episodes.

    My favorite characters are:

    Kazuma: Age:16
    Status: Lost Ground Mercenary
    Alter: Shell Bullet
    Mimori: Age: 18
    Status: HOLY scientist
    Profile: Mimori is the daughter of a wealthy investor from the mainland.

    Cougar: Age: 21
    Status: HOLY member
    Alter: Cougar has the ability to turn any vehicle into a high-speed machine.

    Asuka: Age: 16
    Status: HOLY member
    Alter: Eternity Eight
  • This is awful

    This and all anime sucks I can\\\\\\\'t believe people actually sit down every night to watch this crap! If I actully watched this show I would want to change it immedietally unless there are people out there who actully want to waste their time to watch this senseless, putrid, unnessicary crap!
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