Saban's Diabolik

FOX (ended 2001)



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Saban's Diabolik

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Diabolik is a thief, the best thief in the world who is bent on bringing down his brothers crime syndicate the brotherhood (previously owned by his now deceased father 'King). With the help of his partner Eva Kant, Diabolik will do what whatever it takes to make sure the brotherhood is completely destroyed. But hot on his tail is Detective Ginko, who will do anything to catch the Notorious thief.
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  • This show makes me interested at the first I watching this show.. Especially when it came to the thief way of Diabolik the hero in the show who posses his ideal mind of robbery.moreless

    He is the cat slips through the night..Diabolik main fascinating show how it captures the curiousity especial when it comes for his bright mind of robbery for rich person.He did this for a particular reason.Anyhow, what matter is that reason it cannot be said proven worth for his own sake. There is also difference in the way it is show in comics rather than in the show.The background makes me interested.I like most is the opening song like just am dancing how splendid.I want to watching more for this episode.Now this is the main reason i like it most greatly.moreless
  • He is the cat ,that slips through the night...

    Diabolik is one of my favourite comic book characters. So you can understand my thrill when I saw this show. Altough the show was censored and changed ,for understandable reasons - to be suitable for children (in comics ,Diabolik is ordinary criminal who robs rich people ;there is no Dane ,no Brotherhood). And despite the fact that the show\'s got many things that the comic doesn\'t ,the cartoon plotlines and stories are exciting enough ,like those in comics. The animation is great ,altough Diabolik himself here look much younger with the lack of facelines (which are his trademark signature in the comic). On the other hand ,Eva Kant is designed very good and very similar to comic ,and so is Inspector Ginko - Diabolik\'s arch nemesis. Too bad there wasn\'t more episodes ;I really enjoy watching this show.moreless
  • Diabolik a theif or a Hero?

    I have only watched this show a couple of times, while i wouldn't call it the best cartoon. I found it interesting to watch and to learn how can a Thief be classed as a Good guy.

    I never saw the movie, i didn't even heard of this show untill it aired on Fox kids early in the moring.

    While watching the show, I didn't think much of the plot for the show. But I enjoyed it enough to stick watching the whole series.

    To sum the show up with one sentence: "It takes a thief, to catch a thief".

    But for Diabolik's case, it was to stop his brother and the syndicate all together at any cost.moreless
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