Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs

(ended 1988)





Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs Fan Reviews (4)

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  • SR&tSS is a Space Western. Its about the Star Sheriffs defending the new frontier in a time in the distant future where the threat is from the outer planets. Saber Rider leads the brave Star Sheriffs in their mission against the evil outriders.

    A great series. Action, adventure, confident characters, truely awesome music! The plotlines are great. An interesting show that is still much loved by those who have seen it. Despite being underrated it still has a strong fanbase. It should be brought back for the kids today deserve to see the best. The adventure shouldn't end!
  • Every day I live in hope that they will come back some day!

    This show deserves a lot more appreciation then it gets.Beside Robotech ,this is one of the first American import animes.Every moment of the show is guilty pleasure.The intro ,the characters ,stories ,music...everything.The finest example that they don't make anime today ,like they use to.I mean ,just look at Pokemon ,Yu-gi-oh...Saber Rider can wipe the floor with them.Without exaggeration ,this is the best anime I ever watched ,and ,according to animes they make today ,I ever will.Love it ,love it ,love it ,love it ,love it ,love it ,love it ,love it ,love it ,love it ,love it ,love it ,love it!A+
  • One of the greatest anime-like shows I ever loved when I was a child! I just wish I could watch them again in its entirety!

    This is one of those shows that people would want to watch. A great ensemble of characters combined with a very good storyline = Saber Rider. I just wish there would be a DVD collection of all the episodes for purchase. The anime look and the voice talent help to round up the entire package.
  • Best anime series of the 80's

    The eightees were definately full of great anime series but this one was really outstanding. My friends and I never really missed a show. Was it because of the blonde beauty april, the action, or colts cowbody space suit we can't remember. One thing I know now is the we weren't the only fans of that show. All over the world that series made an impact and still is. It still is number one of wishlists all over europe. This series should get some reruns soon.