Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs - Season 2

(ended 1988)




Episode Guide

  • Happy Trails (9)
    Happy Trails (9)
    Episode 12
    Nemesis, as the Nth Degree, causes the Outrider Planet to swerve out of orbit, putting it on a collision course with Planet Yuma. The Star Sheriffs have to stop it, without the help of Colt who is still in the hospital.
  • Who Is Nemesis? (8)
    Who Is Nemesis? (8)
    Episode 11
    Nemesis' brain controls the Nth Degree and automatically the entire Outrider planet. The Star Sheriffs arrive on the planet and split up to plant explosives all around the planet. Colt accidentally runs into Jesse Blue who challenges him to a duel. Colt doesn't manage to get out in time and is hurt badly in the explosion. Meanwhile, on Planet Yuma, Nemesis reveals more of his powers to the inhabitants of Planet Yuma.moreless
  • Who Is Nemisis
    Who Is Nemisis
    Episode 11
    The Star Sheriffs plant explosives on the Outrider planet. Nemisis, who turns out to be a synthetic Cybog, is trapped on Planet Yuma.
  • The Nth Degree (7)
    The Nth Degree (7)
    Episode 10
    Cavalry Command has 24 hours to surrender, before Jesse Blue uses his Cobalt Blue Blaster again. Eagle's Cavalry fleet attacks and surrounds Nemesis' base on Planet Yuma while he is still inside. Nemesis orders Jesse to send a rescue mission on Planet Yuma to save him, but Jesse refuses. Soon, Jesse discovers that even though still on Planet Yuma, Nemesis still has full control over the Nth Degree.moreless
  • Alamo Moon (6)
    Alamo Moon (6)
    Episode 9
    Now that the Ramrod unit has been destroyed, the Outriders break their part of the peace treaty and use their latest weapon, the Cobalt Blue Blaster to blast Planet Alamo's moon. The Star Sheriffs retaliate with their latest weapon, Ramrod II.
  • Cease Fire (5)
    Cease Fire (5)
    Episode 8
    Jesse Blue's conditions for a peace treaty are for the Star Sheriffs to break-up, and for the Ramrod unit to be destroyed. The Star Sheriffs reluctantly accept, but soon discover they just can't forget their adventures as Star Sheriffs.
  • Cease Fire
    Cease Fire
    Episode 8
    A peace treaty is signed between the Outriders and Cavalry Command.
  • Eagle Has Landed (4)
    Now rescued, Commander Eagle tries to keep the promise he made to the old monk that helped him, and wants to make peace with the Outriders. Nemesis sends Jesse Blue as an ambassador to Planet Yuma to discuss the conditions on which a peace treaty will be signed.
  • The Rescue (3)
    The Rescue (3)
    Episode 6
    The Star Sheriffs manage to rescue Commander Eagle from the Outrider's ship. Little do they know Jesse Blue's plans have just begun.
  • Rescue
    Episode 6
    The Star Sheriffs arrive to rescue Eagle.
  • Legend of the Lost World (2)
    As Cavalry Command prepares to send a rescue mission for Commander Eagle, an Outrider agent infiltrates their base and takes the place of a Cavalry Commander named Ghoul. He tries to distract the Star Sheriffs' attention, and has his own plans. Meanwhile, Commander Eagle learns from the old monk that our race and the Outriders' aren't that different after all.moreless
  • Born to Run (1)
    Born to Run (1)
    Episode 4
    The Star Sheriffs are helped by Mandarin, a female pilot who has a crush on Fireball, in approaching the Outrider's ship where Commander Eagle is being held captive. Aboard the ship, however, Commander Eagle escapes and runs around the ship until he meets an old monk who takes care of him.moreless
  • Lend Me Your Ears
    Lend Me Your Ears
    Episode 3
    The Outriders have developed a new technology, which they use to take over the Rainbow Planet by secretly planting devices in the ears of its citizens and controlling them.
  • I Forgot!
    I Forgot!
    Episode 2
    Nemesis orders two of his best Outrider agents to join Fogarty, a human expert in explosives, to plant a bomb at the setting of the upcoming peace summit conference. The Outriders betray Fogarty, and try to kill him, but he is saved by the Star Sheriffs. Fogarty wakes up in the hospital, with total amnesia, and unable to help the Star Sheriffs find or stop the bomb.moreless
  • The Amazing Lazardo
    The Amazing Lazardo, a traveling magician, has made slaves from the people of a big western city, making them believe he can magically create earthquakes whenever he wants. The Star Sheriffs come to help the populace.
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