Sabrina: The Animated Series

ABC (ended 2000)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Witchery Science Teacher
    • The Bat Pack
      Episode 65
      Three vampires come to town and try to show Sabrina a good time.
    • La Femme Sabrina
      Episode 64
      Harvey is ecstatic when a spy movie is supposed to come out today. He and Sabrina go to the movies but they find out that it has been postponed until next week. Harvey says he can't wait that long so Sabrina casts a spell saying that she wants the spy movie to be released all over the world today but there's a problem when everybody starts acting out the movie and becoming spies and secret agents.moreless
    • Key To My Heart
      Episode 63
      Sabrina falls in love with a music teacher.
    • Wiccan Of The Sea
      Episode 62
      Fed up with Winter, Sabrina and Chloe use the Spooky Jar to travel to a tropical island. When the girls and salem get there, however, the spell turns Sabrina and Chloe into mermaids and Salem into a catfish. Under the ocean, the three have to protect a school of fish from an evil jellyfish who threatens to eat everything and everyone.moreless
    • Working Witches
      Episode 61
      Hilda and Zelda have a hard time carrying home groceries so they get a job to earn a car, but Zelda does all the work and Hilda gets all the promotions. So Zelda quits and Hilda has a hard time managing the job by herself. She eventually needs Zelda's help but it becomes too late and they both get demotions. Meanwhile, Salem needs Sabrina to be at a prize giving ceremony in Salem's place.moreless
    • Generation Hex
      Episode 60
      Sabrina sees what the world would be like if she doesn't help out the library.
    • Truth Or Scare
      Episode 59
      Sabrina learns the downside of daring people when she goes into a 'haunted' mine.
    • Witchmas Carole
      Witchmas Carole
      Episode 58
      After being fed up with Gem's selfish acts towards Christmas, she decides to do a parody of A Christmas Carol, to get Gem's act together, but she ends up discovering that kindness towards one another can work better than scaring.
    • Fish Schtick
      Episode 57
      It is 'cliche week' and every cliche that a witch says becomes reality. So when Sabrina gets jealous of the new girl and wishes to 'swim like a fish' she becomes one! Now Salem must take her to the mall and get help from Hilda and Zelda before she stays a fish forever!moreless
    • Witchwrecked
      Episode 56
      The class' field trip goes sour when they are alone on a desert island with alot of magic present.
    • Brina Baby
      Episode 55
      Sabrina gives up witchcraft and starts becoming serious. Then Sabrinas 'inner witchlet' comes out and causes trouble.
    • Hexcalibur
      Episode 54
      Sabrina and Salem destroy Zelda's old magic book that was written and signed by Merlin himself. They travel back in time to the middle ages to when Merlin first wrote the book but a problem occurs and they go to far up to when Merlin was 12 yrs old. Back then he was an amatuer at magic and his friend (King) Dude Arthur was terrible at magic so Sabrina and Salem teach them and soon they find the mighty sword of Excalibur which they need to use to defeat the evil forces that threaten Arthur from becoming King. In the end they win and Merlin gives Sabrina a new replaceable magic book for Zelda. She and Salem go back and put it back on the shelf but when they accidently destroy all of Zelda's other books too the adventure starts all over again.moreless
    • 11/26/99
      Sabrina makes Harvey's old imaginary friend come to life.
    • 11/24/99
      Sabrina gets a bad haircut and to hide it from Harvey she decides to go to the movies. The movie they originally wanted was sold out so she casts a spell and she, Chloe, and Harvey get transported in an old 50's movie. There Sabrina learns that it doesn't matter what you look like on the outside, it's what counts on the inside.moreless
    • Strange New World
      Episode 51
      Thomas Edison is brought into the present but ends up altering history.
    • 11/22/99
      Hilda and Zelda take Sabrina to Paris and she has a boring time. She wants a souvenir so she tells Salem to conjure up a Paris purse but instead he conjures up a Paris person and the Eiffel tower becomes a boy. At first it's bad but Eiffel really livens up Sabrina's life and just when their having a good time Zelda bursts their bubble and tells them she has to turn Eiffel back into a tower but Eiffel refuses.moreless
    • 11/21/99
      Harvey is the best at video games but when he gets this new ancient Greece video game he becomes so hooked that he won't put it down. Sabrina and Chloe become suspicious so when they enter the game they become Xabrina, Warrior Witch and Scabriella, The Battling Bard to save the day.moreless
    • Moldy Oldie
      Episode 48
      Sabrina's great grandad Gandalf comes to Greendale to renew his witchery license and causes trouble in the Spellman household.
    • Enchanted Vacation
      Episode 47
      Tim the Witch Smeller returns when Sabrina goes on a Netherworld vacation!
    • Board & Sorcery
      Episode 46
      The Spellmans go on a skiing trip and they invite Harvey along. He is soon challenged by Slugloafe and to make him into a better snowboarder Sabrina casts a spell that turns him into a snowman!
    • Generation Zap
      Generation Zap
      Episode 45
      Sabrina and Enchantra accidentally swap bodies. They realize that each other's lives are stressful but Stabbenback, Enchantras griffin servant, is trying to take over the netherworld!
    • Feats of Clay
      Episode 44

      Sabrina tries to prove that Harveys Jackie Chan-esque hero is nothing more than an actor.

    • Send In The Clones
      Episode 43
      Sabrina is on many clubs at school and she can't handle all of the pressure so she creates 2 clones of herself to help her out but after a few orders these clones start to develop a mind of their own!
    • Sabrina becomes upset about not being chosen to go on a boating trip with her favorite teacher, so Salem suggests she goes to see the Wise Warlock. He then tells her that everyone has had a broken heart. So she sets out to prove him wrong.

    • Driver Ed
      Episode 41
      Hilda is the worst driver around and Sabrina wants her to drive her to a concert, so she uses the Spooky Jar to conjure up a spell to get a handsome driving teacher to make Hilda learn. Soon Zelda learns about him and the two start competing for Ed's affections. In the end Hilda gets her license and they both win his heart until Ed conjures back into his original form: a dog!moreless
    • Field Of Screams
      Episode 40
      Sabrina and Chloe are on the baseball team and except for them the entire team stinks and loses every game, so Sabrina gets a spell from the Spooky Jar to conjure up a couple of players who really can play. After that they start winning games but they score up so many points they start to boot out the other players and take over the team themselves.moreless
    • When in Rome
      Episode 39

      A history teacher assigns Gem and Sabrina together as partners on a project on Rome. Gem becomes snotty though and hides the book on Rome in the Spooky Jar causing them to actually go to Rome. They are at first pitted against each other by Julius Caeser to fight. But when it comes to going back home, that's something they both agree on. They go back, finish the report, and Gem gets brainwashed. But in the end Sabrina discovered they made a great team.

    • Harvzilla
      Episode 38
      Harvey wants to go on the wrestling team but he doesen't have the type of strength that the other team members do. Sabrina cast a spell on him and soon Harvey starts to sprout muscles, but the spell goes out of hand until he turns into a giant dinosaur.
    • Molar Molar
      Episode 37
      Sabrina has rotten wisdom teeth and when she goes to the dentist, he says that she has to get them pulled out. Sabrina is too afraid because she thinks it will hurt. Instead, Sabrina lets the Spooky Jar get rid of them for her. But when she loses her wisdom teeth, she also loses her wisdom!moreless
    • Salem's Plot
      Episode 36
      Salem's friend is coming over to visit so Salem tries to hide the fact he's a cat.
    • Stone Broke
      Episode 35
      Gem and the rest of the Stone's become broke and now she has to live with Sabrina. At first they have a rocky start but later Gem gets used to living life as a middle class person. Unfortunately her dog Ruby finds oil on her property and she becomes rich again.moreless
    • The Hex Files
      Episode 34
      Sabrina's class goes to a science observatory. There she and Harvey visit Uncle Quigley who is doing very poorly at his science career. Sabrina and Salem try to boost his confidence by creating aliens for Uncle Quigley to discover. Only one problem she takes these aliens away from Harvey's video game and when the Science observatory finds out they kick Quigley out until some real aliens come that they all see and Quigley, Harvey, Sabrina, and Salem all send them back to their planet. Because of all of this Quigley is finally recognized as a great scientist.moreless
    • Scare Apparent
      Episode 33
      Sabrina tries to help out a boogieman that is scared of everything.
    • 10/29/99
      Sabrina tries to help Quigley's love life.
    • 10/25/99
      Gem is expecting some Canadian exchange students and instead two fairies come named Dawson and Felicity who are always looking to cause trouble for mortals. Later on they run into Sabrina and they all remember being friends at camp Netherworld. To remain friends they start to cause trouble with Harvey and Chloe.moreless
    • Planet Of The Dogs
      Episode 30
      Sabrina finds a stray dog in the park one day, and convinces Uncle Quigley to let her keep it. But she soon neglects it. Once it finds the Spooky Jar, it becomes intellegent and learns how to stand up for his rights. He then turns all of the neighbor's dogs into intellegent dogs like him. And they try to take over the world. Can Sabrina save the day?moreless
    • 10/17/99
      It's Salem's birthday so Sabrina tries to get him a present by visiting Salem's 'friends' from the past.
    • Absence Of Malissa
      Episode 28

      Sabrina goes to Witch Boot Camp to upgrade from the apprentice level and is abused by the captain, Malissa, because she's a half-witch.

    • 10/10/99
      Sabrina is ecstatic that her father is coming to town. She wants to spend all her time with him but when she finds out that he has a new lover she drowns herself in sadness all over her new stepmother. Salem luckily gives her a spell to make her stepmother be more like her, but it backfires and her real father doesn't like her anymore so she shows him the spell she used and then he catches it too!moreless
    • Witchitis
      Episode 26
      Harvey has to get his measles shot and Pi starts to tell scary stories about getting shots from doctors. Sabrina boost his and her own confidence about getting shots, but when Hilda and Zelda take her to get a witchitis shot Pi's scary stories start to get to her and she eventually catches it from a magic cactus. Witchitis causes her magic to act wacky and makes her feel awful. Salem discovers that if she doesn't get the shot it can result to Hypogermia and when she catches it she finally gets her shot but has to pay a huge doctor's bill for the delay.moreless
    • Stage Fright
      Episode 25
      Romeo is brought into reality so Zelda can have a prom date and so Sabrina can get a little help from him about love. But when Enchantra makes a surprise visit, hell breaks loose.
    • 10/2/99
      Sabrina wants to be part of the cheerleading squad next year. Everything is perfect until her old-time friend from first grade comes and ruins everything. The cheerleading squad says she has to ditch Norma to have a better chance of being in the squad. So Sabrina gives Norma a makeover but it fails. And so she uses the Spooky Jar and makes everyone like Norma . But the spell gets out of hand and Sabrina breaks the spell and doesn't want to be in the squad. And stays friends with Norma.moreless
    • Upside Down Town
      Episode 23
      Sabrina makes a magic cake that makes everyone change their ways.
    • Boy Meets Bike
      Episode 22
      Sabrina gives Harvey a bike which, using magic, takes on a mind of its own during a bike race.
    • I Got Glue Babe
      Episode 21
      After Harvey asks Sabrina and Gem both to go to the new amusement park, Sabrina realises that she has to learn how to get along with Gem. So she tries to use a Togetherness Spell, but it goes horribly wrong and they are stuck together. What's worse, is that if they don't find a cure within a few hours, they'll be stuck together permanently.moreless
    • 9/27/99
      Sabrina gets a message from her Grandparents saying they have to make an important announcement. Because they've been seperated for months she thinks that they are getting a divorce so Hilda, Zelda, Quigley, and Sabrina try to help keep them together and save their marriage, but not Salem because he thinks Sabrina has jumped to conclusions. The fights between the couple worsens and when Sabrina thinks that all hope is lost her Grandparents finally make their announcement stating that they want to renew their wedding vows.moreless
    • Documagicary
      Episode 19
      A tarantula-like person (and his ghostly cameraman) put Sabrina in a documentary called 'That Witch'. Sabrina is glad that she can 'control her own life' but she finds out being a star's not all it's cracked up to be and then she quits. Then, Tim the Witch Smeller is released from prison!moreless
    • Once Upon a Whine
      Episode 18
      Not listening to Uncle Quigley, Sabrina touches the Spooky Jar, then touches her favorite childhood book, Cinderella, who suddenly pops out of the book. Sabrina tries to send Cinderella back, but accidentally sends Harvey to Fairy-Tale Land, and must bring him back home, and send Cinderella back to her's.
    • When Sabrina hears Gem bragging about a Halloween party that she invited everyone in school, except Sabrina, to, Chloe talks Sabrina into hosting a party of her own, providing she can trick Uncle Quigley into leaving the house for the evening. When conventional plans tax her budget, Sabrina turns to magic to liven up the event, and everything goes wrong.moreless
    • Anywhere But Here
      Episode 16
      After an unpleasant visit to the mall filled with rejections from all her plans simply because her age, she views an adult's life as care-free. That is, until she experiences it first hand, courtesy of Salem. She finds that an adult's life has its pros and cons too, the hard way.moreless
    • Paranormal Pi
      Episode 15
      Pi wanted a machine that is attracted to magical forces. He couldn't buy one since it was too expensive, so he made a replicant instead and gets a reading from the Spellman house, and also from Sabrina. Meanwhile, Uncle Zamboni comes to visit and they must wait on him hand and foot. Also, Salem tries to convince Uncle Zamboni to change him back into a person.moreless
    • Witchy Grrrls
      Episode 14
      Greendale throws a talent show and everyone enters it. Sabrina, Aunt Zelda, Aunt Hilda, and Chloe decide to form a rock group called the Flavor Babes, but they are bad and they lose the competition to Gem. After failure they all decide to use a spell to make them better and famous like pop stars. It works but they end up being snobs and seperating the group!moreless
    • Wag The Witch
      Episode 13
      Sabrina is running for class president but Gem is determined to prove Sabrina's weird.
    • 9/18/99
      After Sabrina, Zelda, and Hilda do their chores improperly, Quigley grounds them. They become frustrated and wish that Quigley wasn't so strict. He takes this as a sign of not being a good enough parent for them. So he hires them a nanny, who is way more strict. Now they realize how important Quigley was to them and how much they miss him.moreless
    • Shrink To Fit
      Episode 11
      Gem has the new Waif Moif jeans and at first Sabrina and Chloe don't like it but when Harvey does they decide to get in with it. At first they can't fit the jeans but when they use a shrinking spell they don't lose a couple of pounds they lose a couple of inches!moreless
    • Extreme Harvey
      Episode 10
      Harvey thinks he 's the best at skateboarding but Sabrina thinks he needs a little more practice. Gem uses this to her advantage to get with Harvey and tries to put him on a professional team but when they don't accept him Sabrina puts a spell on him to be a great skateboarder. He soon becomes so good that he is featured on every magazine but there's only one problem. The spell can run out at any time!moreless
    • 9/14/99
      After a "sturdy" bridge collapsed, and Harvey fell through, Sabrina runs to catch up to him, and when she does, he thinks she jumped in the river after him to save him. When the school bus, that usually crosses that bridge, sees them there and Harvey tells them "what happened," Sabrina is named a hero. She doesn't want to tell the truth, but doesn't want to lie, so she tries to go back in time to prevent Harvey from falling in, but each time she does, she does something more spectacular, and becomes an even bigger hero!moreless
    • Field Trippin'
      Episode 8
      Sabrina wants tickets to The Bubblegum Girls concert but she doesn't have any money to buy it. She decides to babysit two little brats along with Harvey to gain the money. They all go to an art museum but when Sabrina casts a spell on the twins they and Harvey all go inside the paintings! She spends her whole day trying to find them but tries to not lose her cool. In the end she gets them all out of the art and have turn the boys into real artists. The mother is so proud that she gives Sabrina the money and as a bonus gives her 4 tickets to The Bubblegum Girls concert.moreless
    • Picture Perfect
      Episode 7
      Sabrina becomes worried that Gem may win Student Of The Year since she is using her money to improve her appearance. She also becomes scared that she will be letting her friends down if she loses because then Gem will take over. Sabrina also takes into consideration that everyone on her mom's side of the family has won the award, and if she doesn't, she'll ruin the tradition. So Sabrina decides to cheat by using magic.moreless
    • Witch Switch
      Episode 6
      Sabrina becomes frustrated with her chores she has to do as a witch, so when she attends Gem's birthday party and sees how 'easy' it is to be Gem Stone, she uses a magic necklace to make them switch lives.
    • Sabrina gets a wishing star to grant Harvey a wish (so he will have enough courage to show a comic at a convention) but Sabrina, Harvey and Salem get sucked into Harvey's comic!
    • Tail Of Two Kitties
      Sabrina enters Salem in a cat contest and Harvey enters his cat in the contest. When Harvey's cat wins, Salem meets up with her and finds out that she's his lost lover. Suddenly they renew their love lives and start dating again, but Sabrina overhears her and says that she plans to marry Salem so she can turn back into a witch again!moreless
    • Boogie Shoes
      Episode 3
      Sabrina wants to improve Harvey's dancing by giving him some magic shoes. But then she comes to find out that Sabrina got the shoes from a dancing wizard. Now the shoes will never let Harvey stop dancing.
    • 9/7/99
      After Salem eats the mouse for Sabrina's science project, Sabrina turns him into a mouse so that he can be their lab rat for the science fair, but NASA thinks that he is a super-intelligent rat so they want to launch him into space!
    • Friends Forever
      Friends Forever
      Episode 1

      In her first animated movie, Sabrina has turn thirteen and is invited to join the Witch Academy. There she keeps her secret about her being a half witch from the other students. She meets Nicole who turns out to be a half witch. The two of them learn a way of how to become full witches and set off to find the spell. The journey will not only find magic, but will also find friendship in Sabrina's first animation movie.

    • Most Dangerous Witch
      Hilda and Zelda have a dream about Tim The Witch-Smeller, which means only one thing, he's coming to their town! Tim has a magic-smelling anteater, which accidentally sniffs out Harvey, while he's wearing an magic amulet he "borrowed" from Sabrina.