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  • This show has aged terribly.

    In this incarnation of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Sabrina is not a teenager, but is instead a 12 year old girl who's still learning magic. This show doesn't just have bad writing, most of the characters are bland and unlikable (with the exception of Uncle Quigley). If Sabrina is supposed to be learning how to use magic properly, why does she still use magic to cheat every so often? That's not learning, that's just bad writing; also, in this universe, witches and humans coexist so where are the other witches still in training? This is the same problem I have with That's So Raven (which was actually a very good show): it establishes its own universe but it doesn't expand upon it. I'm not saying it should be like Harry Potter, I'm saying Sabrina, Zelda, Hilda, and Salem shouldn't be the only magical beings in town; it makes the concept feel small when it was meant to be bigger (like if Who Framed Roger Rabbit only had Roger, Jessica, and Baby Herman as toons). The characters are mostly just archetypes we've seen before; Harvey is into boys stuff, Chloe is Sabrina's friend, and Gem is the snobby skank who does what she wants and doesn't get punished for it and when Sabrina does get back at her, it doesn't feel good. Skanks don't deserve sympathy or pity; they're a bad example to girls everywhere and deserve to be punished when the do something that's clearly wrong. Angelica from Rugrats was a skank at times, but she almost always got in trouble for her misdeeds. I will give the show some credit thought; the animation is very colorful, the voice acting is good and despite being badly executed, the lessons were at least well thought out. I'd recommend you watch an episode for nostalgic reasons, otherwise stick with the sitcom.
  • I remembered this show. Boy oh boy, this show made my childhood! :-)

    When I was little, I remembered that this show was rerunned on Disney Channel. This show was scheduled right next to: The Weekenders, Lloyd in Space and The Proud Family. Such great memories!
  • I liked the other animated show better

    True, this is a good show and all, but the 2003-2004 reboot of the show felt like it did much better than this version as some of the characters designs were unlikable to me and that I really think it did`nt show all the potential it originally had.
  • I love this magical show! Sabrina and Harvey 4ever!

    Sabrina, The Teenage Witch is based from Archie comics, and who would have not remember that? When it was aired on the television, I was thrilled and full of excitement! Of course, as a teenager back then, I got hooked by the Sabrina-Harvey love team and get pissed by that evil Libby all the time! Sabrina also have a black magical cat which is Salem, he is so cute and adorable. My favorite episode is when Sabrina got hypnotized or something but I'm sure she's not in herself and then she keeps pissing everyone, hahaha! All the episodes are so hilarious, gah, I really miss this show that's why I purchased a DVD copy at dvdbooth. com I'm glad to own a copy of it because I'm dying to see this show all over again. Aside from that, the entire episodes are all there with supreme quality! Sabrina, The Teenage Witch is a great show which gives you a good for a laugh every now and then.
  • For super magic, call Sabrina!

    I remember watching this on One Saturday Morning as a kid. I like the live-action series better, but this one's really cute.

    The show is somewhat of an alternate continuity to the live-action show. Sabrina is 12 years old and just developing her powers (unlike the live-action series where she finds out about her powers on her 16th birthday). Salem is exactly like he is in the live-action show, but has more movement (due to him being an animatron in the live-action series). Her aunts, Hilda and Zelda, have been punished and turned into teenagers for 100 years for abusing magic (I can see this from Hilda, but Zelda?). They live with Sabrina's great uncle Quigly (who's a newcomer to the franchise). She still has a crush on Harvey, who in my opinion has more personality than his live-action counterpart (and he's wicked adorable in this series). There are some new characters, too. Chloe, who's Sabrina's best friend (taking the place of Jenny/Valerie), Gem, Sabrina's rival for Harvey's affections, and the meanest girl in school (taking the place of Libby), and Pi, Harvey's friend. The characters taking the place of the live-action characters was due to Viacom not wanting DiC to use them.

    The artwork was great and the animation was pretty good. There were some cheap scenes in a few episodes, but hey, DiC. The theme song was also done by B*Witched, one of my favorite bands! The series was produced by DiC, Hartbreak Films, inc., (Melissa Joan Hart's production company, she produced this show), Savage Studios, inc. (Eeek the Cat), Buena Vista Television (DiC was with Disney at the time), and some minor production help from Jumbo Pictures. Most of the artists and writers came from the Jumbo Pictures shows 101 Dalmatians: The Series, and Doug (Only the writers from Doug, and only the Disney ones).

    There are a few flaws, though. The morals could get annoying depending on the writer, Gem was really annoying, and I wish it was more like the live-action series. The last one is the spin-off, Sabrina's Secret Life, which I already reviewed. It mainly sucked because only DiC produced it, along with Les Studios Tex, a cheap animation studio.

  • A good spinoff of the original series but it wasnt great.

    Sabrina, the Animated Series takes a twist from the show Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Here, Sabrina is a 12-year old girl who knows she is a half-mortal half-witch. She has the comic relief of her cat Salem and her two aunts and her uncle. She also has her best friend Chloe and the boy she likes, Harvey Kinkle and the girl she hates, Gem Stone.

    The series is midly interesting but the art and some of way the characters were drawn were quite mediocre. And sometimes, the series cpuld be irritating for you like for instance, some of the voices in this show.
    This isnt a bad show, but this show will be liked by kids and fans of the original Sabrina series.
  • Better Watch Bobobo-Bobo-Bobobo insted

    Sabrina [animated series] instant working out with disney here are some resons

    Gem-Rich girl

    Bernard-Short Nerd

    Witchlet-Young Sabrina

    Elfs-Smurf rip-offs

    Toon Disney is not going to well [after cancelling Bonkers & Garfield & Friends] but better watch Anime like Kappa Mikey, Shin-Chan, & Bobobo-Bobo-Bobobo 'til they come back it the only way you can feel free
  • hmm....

    I would say that Sabrina:the animated series is not that nice coz i don't really find it interesting. But what i like most abt it is the magic in the shows. Since i was a little girl, i have always loved magic and would wonder if witches really do exists. Now i noe they don't
  • The most repetitive cartoon ever...with only one interesting episode I can recall. A few points below its live action origin.

    I fail to understand why there was even a need for an animated adaptation of this show. It's one of the worst of it's kind. I can tell you what the basic plot of each episode is right now in simple terms: Sabrina has a social teen problem...wants to perform magic to solve the problem...Quigley says no even though he's only a mortal...Sabrina goes to the Spooky Jar...the Spooky Jar warns Sabrina about using a spell from the Spooky Jar...Sabrina goes for it any way and uses the spell...the spell goes wrong or makes Sabrina's problem worst...the problem is solved by either her aunts or something else...Sabrina learns her lesson and is punished for using the Spooky Jar. NEXT EPISODE: the whole process repeats again.

    You see the problem here? You would think after using the Spooky Jar many times and not having anything go right for Sabrina you would think she would learn to stop using it!!! Seriously why do they even own a spooky jar if it's only purpose is to make everything bad?!!!!!

    I hope you see where I am getting at. The episodes get so repetitive they're annoying. And I HATE QUIGLEY!!! his only purpose is to be the mortal who wags the finger at Sabrina for using magic even though she cant help having magical blood. The whole strict parent figure Quigley is so overused that we see him more than we do Hilda and Zelda who are more interesting characters but seem to be less involved in Sabrina's life than they are in the live action series.

    Now the only good episode in the entire series that gave this show points was the holiday one where the witches pull a Christmas Carol on Gem Stone hoping it would change her. I loved how funny and unpredictable it was...and oh yeah very little of the Quigley and the Spooky Jar concept was used thank goodness.
  • goooooooood

    i like shows that involve danger, some suspense, and talking sarcastic cats. i am somebody who really likes when characters have to identities. i mean, Sabrina really doesn't have two identities, but she does have to hid the fact that she's part witch from her crush, Harvey. my only problem with it is that Harvey has to be so dumb. come on, he is kind of dumb. he doesn't ever realize that Sabrina is a witch after all the weird things happen when he is around her. i think that they really should have an episode that has Harvey knowing what Sabrina is really like. or do they have it already. you see, i'm still watching it, soo.
  • Good show, but not awesome.

    For me, this is a good show. A bit average in places. Not awesome but not terrible either. Good to watch if you're bored out of your mind. I mainly watch it because of Salem's antics and the fact that Aunt Zelda is kinda cute (I like Quistis-type chicks with glasses and long hair) and has a cool personality. Pi, the kid with the hat and emo hair is kinda cool as well. The only episode that gets a perfect score from me is Planet Of The Dogs. If Alvin were in more than one episode, I'd give this show a higher rating cause he's my favorite character. Sabrina herself is a likable character but not the main reason I watch the show.
  • I like this show a lot!!!

    Somehow i tink this is maybe a little better than the live action series maybe its just me but. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . its awesome ! ! !! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! !! ! ok maybe its not that great i have to go crazy over but you got to admit its pretty good ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Bring it back !! !! ! !! ! ! ! ! !PLEASE i have to say this show is really nice! go sabrina , salem , zelda ,hilda,quigley , Harvey , Chloe, Gem , Spookie jar !! ! ! ! They all rock !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • It is such a great show!

    Sabrina the animated series should be brought back! It was a great show why did it get cancled?I don't know it was great sure the characters were a little diffrent but it was good Zelda and Helda were younger looking but it was ok to me and Gem is like Libby only with a diffrent name you can see they wanted you to be able to tell Its still Sabrina like the live action show but they did want it to be just like it witch I thought was great a thing to do Sabrina the Animated Series gets rated a 7.5!
  • Sabrina is based on the live-action show featuring Melissa Joan Hart\'s young sister, Emily Hart as Sabrina. (Talk about your irony).

    I don\'t know why so many people look down on this show, it\'s really very good and much more fun then the live-action series. Sure, the live version is aimed for a more mature audience, but this one follows the magical girl lore. This is one of those programs that you can\'t help but watch over and over again. The animation is pleasing and the writing is well done. LOVE it.
  • I actually loved this show better then the live one !

    I loved this show better then the live one really .What is not to like Hilda and Zelda are still hot teenagers expectually Hilda. Harvey is mainly her love in all this show. There still is Gem the bad girl.Also more magic then the last one,Not to mention the have great merchandise compared to the live,and they picked great voice actors Melissa Joan Hart who played the real Sabrina as the 2 aunts and Emily Hart as SABRINA even more cool is these 2 people are actually realted so the do have the closeness in voice which matches because Sabrina and her aunts are realted. I love this show and made it one of My Best Friends with my other 4 shows
  • Why's everyone so down on this show?

    I liked it as a kid and if it ever gets back on the air i'd watch it with my little sister anyday. Come on! it had some mildly interesting adventures, It showed Melissa's true talent in voice acting (that she can act and voice act really well.) and the characters had some good meaning in them. I can understand though that Sabrina can get annoying with her yelling and pre-teen agony and Harvey whenever he did something disgusting like kept worm in his shoes. But it was a funny and one of the best cartoons in my childhood, the animation was good too and the character designs. My brother had a crush on Sabrina ;-) roar!
  • Great cartoon.

    When I got Super RTL (a german kids channel) I watched this show every day. It was one of my favorites. Now, when I changed my cable television, I lost Super RTL, and I miss a few couple of cartoons, such as sabrina, or \"Typisch Andy\" - What\'s With Andy.

    I want to have some series of the show in my computer, but in my country there\'s nowhere to buy, and in p2p there\'s only adult results (Which fool can make an adult movie out of cartoon characters? >:-().

    So, I Miss Simsalabim Sabrina or Sabrina the animated series very much.
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