Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Season 1 Episode 21

As Westbridge Turns

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 25, 1997 on ABC



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    • Sabrina: Jenny! Are you okay?
      Jenny: Yes, my hair broke my fall.

    • Janitor Stone: You're looking at him. People call me Stone, Stone Burton. I came to Westbridge looking for a second chance.
      Mr. Pool: Then don't eat the meat-loaf.

    • Harvey: I can't believe I forgot you.
      Sabrina: I don't blame you, I blame the ladder.

    • Zelda: Sir, have you seen a bracelet?
      Janitor Stone: I've seen a lot of things, but no bracelet.

    • The Janitor: Rogue ladder! Look out!
      (The ladder falls onto Harvey, causing him to pass out)
      The Janitor: Good Lord! Now I have to move again.

    • Nurse Nancy: Come on, I'll give you your flu shot.
      Sabrina: So, are you and Mr. Pool dating?
      Nurse Nancy: No, of course not! And if the school board knew anything about this, we'd both be out of jobs.

    • Salem: Hey I got a sure fire way to make time fly, lint spotting!
      Sabrina: Lint spotting?
      Salem: Yeah, you pick out a piece of lint and track it through the air. Try it.
      Sabrina: All right, but only because I'm desperate.
      Salem: Oh, there's a good one, follow it. Up, up, down, down, now to the right, le- oh, it's a feisty one!
      Sabrina: I'm going to find aunt Hilda.
      Salem: Up again, twirling, twirling. Hey there's two in play!

    • Sabrina: Look, here's Harvey! I wonder if he has anything exciting to say.

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    • Harvey: And Roger Clemens signed for the Blue Jays.

      Roger Clemens is a major-league pitcher, and the Blue Jays are a baseball team in the American League based in Toronto.

      Roger Clemens signed with the Toronto Blue Jays following the 1996 season, after 13 seasons with the Boston Red Sox.

    • The title refers to soap opera As the World Turns.