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Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Season 5 Episode 20

Do You See What I See?

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 04, 2001 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Paranormal-studies major Miles spots a flying car and gives a class presentation on it, but the students are less than thrilled with his UFO sighting.

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    Caroline Rhea

    Caroline Rhea

    Hilda Antoinette Spellman

    Beth Broderick

    Beth Broderick

    Zelda Spellman

    Soleil Moon Frye

    Soleil Moon Frye

    Roxie King

    Nick Bakay

    Nick Bakay

    Salem Saberhagen, the Cat (voice)

    David Lascher

    David Lascher


    Trevor Lissauer

    Trevor Lissauer

    Miles Goodman

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    • TRIVIA (1)

    • QUOTES (8)

      • Zelda: This mazzoball is a chemical clone to Mrs. Goodman's! What is going wrong?
        Salem: I believe you're missing a key ingredient, Zellie. Something I learned about in my little village of Anatevka; love.

      • Miles: Profressor Hutchins called me an embarrassment to the paranormal studies program.
        Roxie: What's embarrassing is that there is a paranormal studies program.

      • Sabrina: These hang-up calls are really starting to freak me out. Next thing I know, some psycho's gonna charge in here with a knife. (The door opens, Sabrina and Roxie scream)
        Miles: That's the best reaction I've had all day.

      • (about Sabrina having a crush on him)
        Miles: I'll do whatever it takes to make myself a little less desirable.
        Sabrina: It's working already!

      • Sabrina: (picking up the phone) Hello? (No one answers) Oh good, it's you. I just want you to know that I'm contacting the FBI, they're gonna track you down. You're gonna be sorry you ever dialled this number!
        Harvey: Sabrina?
        Sabrina: ...Harvey? You're the one who's been calling here and hanging up?
        Harvey: Sorry about that. Every time I heard your voice I froze up.
        Sabrina: Well, I'm glad you finally thawed out.
        Harvey: Look, ever since I saw you in Florida you've been on my mind. I really feel bad about the way I acted after I found out you were a...
        Sabrina: A witch?
        Harvey: Yeah, that, but in my defence, you did turn me into a frog and a beast and a Canadian Mountie.
        Sabrina: Don't forget about the time I made you pregnant.
        Harvey: How can I? I still have stretch marks. Y'know, but even considering all that you've always been a really good friend to me and the reason I'm calling is that I want to apologize.
        Sabrina: Thanks, that really means a lot to me.
        Harvey: Yeah well, that's pretty much what I called to say and... now I've pretty much said it so... (looking out his window) Is that a Cadillac flying through the sky?!
        Sabrina: (to herself) I'm gonna kill aunt Hilda!

      • Miles: Oh my God! Do you see that?!
        Sabrina: Absolutely. Now that is the big dipper right?
        Miles: Not the constellation, the-the spaceship! Please tell me you see that?
        Sabrina: Wow! It is a spaceship! Unbelievable!
        Miles: It's beautiful! Er a technological miracle! Although the driver appears to be slightly inebriated.
        Sabrina: Oh that's probably just a problem with the big block... That's an engine.
        Miles: I know that.

      • Sabrina: Sorry to barge in but I can't let you ruin your life!
        Miles: Sabrina, my life is just beginning. A new life enriched with the joy of long form deductions.
        Sabrina: No-no-no! You're gonna hate deductions, they're gonna make you miserable. I know this for a fact.
        Miles: How do you know? What d'ya do? Look into a crystal ball and see my future?
        Sabrina: Something like that. Look, part of being Miles Goodman is... y'know, collecting stuff like this! (picking up a an oddly-shaped rock)
        Miles: Radio-active isotope from a Russian war-head?
        Sabrina: Urgh! Are you insane?! Yes you are, and that is my point. See, anyone who collects stuff like this is not meant to be an accountant.

      • Miles: If the Feds ask Mr G. Raffe and Mr L. E. Phant are sales reps.

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • The title alludes to the first line of the song "Do You Heart What I Hear?"

      • Salem: Zelda, you're missing one key ingredient. A little thing I learned about in my little village of Anatevka. Loovve.
        Sabrina: Before he breaks into a round of Sunrise, Sunset, I have a problem.

        Anatevka is the town where the musical Fiddler on the Roof takes place, and Sunrise, Sunset is the song the main characters, Tevye and Golde, sing at their daughter's wedding.