Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Season 4 Episode 2

Dream a Little Dreama Me

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 01, 1999 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Halfway into the episode, Sabrina asks about working on the family secret, despite the fact that she actually discovered the family secret during the previous season's finale, though it's possible she may have been commenting that she believed solving the family secret was easier than she thinks it will be to train Dreama.

    • Sabrina discovers that Brad is a witch hunter in this episode.

  • Quotes

    • Sabrina: You know, this editor thing is really important to me, so would you put sock in it, Sergeant Negative?
      Salem: Hi hi, Captain Deluded!

    • Sabrina: I have to be somebody's quizmaster?
      Zelda: No, mentor.
      Sabrina: What's the difference?
      Zelda: Quizmasters get paid.

    • Sabrina: I wish Brad would move back to Texas.
      (Dreama wiggles her ear, Sabrina walks out the door and finds she's walking out of a saloon)
      Sabrina: I'm assuming you meant to send Brad to Texas?
      Dreama: Well, while we're here you wanna rustle up some grub?

    • (Dreama shuts Sabrina's locker on her sleeve)
      Dreama: I've had days like that. (walks away)
      Sabrina: You are a day like that!

    • (Sabrina and Dreama materialize behind Brad at his locker. Brad hears them and turns around)
      Brad: Where did you come from?
      (Sabrina and Dreama quickly walk away)
      Sabrina: I really think you need to have that conversation with your parents...

    • Sabrina: Well, Brad made year-book editor.
      Hilda: We can turn him into a chicken.
      Sabrina: Well that's okay, I'll have plenty to do mentoring Dreama. Did you get your clock fixed?
      Hilda: Of course, I run a clock shop.
      Zelda: Since Hilda has absolutely no experience fixing things we had to improvise a little.
      Salem (Inside the clock): I am not doing this all night! I'm not working weekends, I'm taking holidays off!
      Zelda: Salem...
      Salem: Cu...ckoo...

    • Hilda: I bought a clock shop.
      Zelda: Which clock shop?
      Hilda: The one down by the market.
      Zelda: That shop? It's in a terrible location.
      Hilda: No it's not, it took me five minutes to find.
      Zelda: In the last two years, that same spot has been a karate school, a nail salon, a yogurt shop, another nail salon, a Chinese restaurant and a combination Chinese restaurant and nail salon.
      Hilda: So what you're saying is, if things go well I could sub-let to a psychic.
      Zelda: Hilda, all those shops failed.
      Hilda: Well, mine isn't going to fail. Mine is going to be a gigantic, colossal success. I am going to be the Rolex of the clock world.
      Zelda: You don't know the first thing about clocks.
      Hilda: I know tons about clocks.
      Zelda: What time is it?
      Hilda: Eight-forty.
      Zelda: It's ten after two.
      Hilda: All right! So I put my watch on upside-down, okay and it's eight-forty... somewhere.

    • Mr. Kraft: Not another protest, Miss Spellman? If we were in China, I could run you over with a tank.
      Sabrina: This isn't a protest, it's my audition page for our yearbook editor. See, "Westbridge Through the Years"? I'm going to put pictures of past yearbooks here.
      Mr. Kraft: The theme of the yearbook is the same every year. It is a bound chronicle of the misery that I have been put through during the previous nine months.
      Sabrina: Ok, now I'm protesting.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Mr. Kraft: That's detention for everyone. And that includes Mary and George Bailey.
      Mary and George Bailey are the names of the characters from the 1940's classic movie, It's a Wonderful Life.

    • The title of the episode, Dream a Little Dreama Me, is a play on The Mamas & the Papas song Dream a Little Dream of Me.

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