Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

ABC (ended 2003)


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  • Season 7
    • Soul Mates (2)
      Episode 22
      In the show's series finale, Sabrina tries to conceal her wedding-day jitters after waking up with a case of cold feet - literally. The bride-to-be receives a measure of comfort from her mother and Aunt Hilda, who arrive unexpectedly with an unrecognizable Zelda in tow. Ultimately, Sabrina must decide if she wants to be with her true "soul mate."moreless
    • 4/24/03
      Sabrina, Roxie, and Morgan go on a Bachelorette cruise to Bermuda. Unknowingly, Sabrina books a cruise through The Bermuda Triangle, where witches lose their powers but have every wish they want granted. Sabrina worries that her friendship with Roxie and Morgan won't survive when she moves to LA, but she gets her answer in a typical witch-ly fashion. Meanwhile, Salem stays home with Aaron, who neglects him.moreless
    • A Fish Tale
      Episode 20
      When Aunt Irma pays a surprise visit to Sabrina, she must attempt to convince Irma that her husband-to-be is a witch. When things go awry, Aaron is turned into a fish and Sabrina threatens to give up her magic so she can marry him as a mortal. Meanwhile, Roxie and Morgan search for a replacement roommate.moreless
    • You Slay Me
      Episode 19
      After attending a bridal fair, Sabrina decides she wants a "princess wedding" and contacts Cinderella for advice on planning the affair. Unfortunately, the witch goes overboard and begins behaving like a monster instead. Elsewhere, Roxie and Morgan reluctantly unite to plan Sabrina's bridal shower.
    • Spellmanian Slip
      Episode 18
      Sabrina invites Aaron's parents to dinner and discovers that her fiancé has been keeping a big secret. As tensions mount among her bickering guests, she casts a harmony spell that yields unexpected results...Sabrina and the gang break out into song! Also unexpected is a revealing slip of the tongue made by Sabrina, a "spellmanian slip." Later, Sabrina searches inside her heart to see if she has any room at all for Aaron.moreless
    • Romance Looming
      Episode 17
      When Sabrina saves Morgan from a deadly fall, she faces the wrath of the Fates, three goddesses who control people's lives. Also, Aaron shows his true feelings for Sabrina, but she suspects that the Fates are manipulating her future.
    • 2/21/03
      Sabrina gets tongue-tied every time she tries to tell Aaron (Dylan Neal) her feelings, so she uses her magic to become a smooth talker. But "smooth talking Sabrina" ends up being a whole other person--Sabrina's personal Cyrano (with quite a nose)! Things get interesting when Cyrano seemingly tries to steal Aaron. Meanwhile, Harvey tells Roxie and Morgan that he still carries a torch for Sabrina, who soon finds out and tries to help Harvey's feelings evolve.moreless
    • Cirque du Sabrina
      Episode 15
      After trying unsuccessfully to balance the things in her life, Sabrina's room turns into a circus tent. Upon talking to the ringmaster, Sabrina learns that in order for things to return to normal, she has to walk a tightrope above her bed until finding the balance between spending time with Aaron, her friends, and Harvey.moreless
    • Present Perfect
      Episode 14
      Sabrina tires of her clumsy ways so she uses her magic to make herself mistake-free, but the spell also turns her into a know-it-all and ends up jeopardizing her friendships and new relationship with Aaron. When Sabrina becomes too perfect she must attend a correctional session to prove that everyone must make mistakes in order to learn from them. Meanwhile, Roxie and Morgan run into debt troubles after they use credit cards to pay their bills.moreless
    • 1/31/03
      When Sabrina meets a cute guy named Aaron at the office, she begins to wonder why she continually runs from him every chance she gets. Curious to find out why she is hesitant to get close him, Sabrina turns to her magic book for help. However, when she arrives home, Sabrina gets a little surprise at seeing Salem with a white rabbit that he would like to keep as a pet. After she finds a spell that can help her find out what makes Aaron tick, Sabrina gets taken on a wild ride through Wonderland, where she learns a few truths about why she has been acting so strangely around guys she’s interested in.moreless
    • 1/24/03
      One morning, Sabrina learns from Louisa, the talking picture, that the Other Realm plans to put her house under a magical-systems check, because so little magic has been used in the Spellman home. She tries to keep Roxie and Morgan from finding out, but when Roxie gets suspicious Sabrina must use her powers to gain Roxie's trust.moreless
    • Sabrina finds out that Scorch magazine is doing a spread on pop singer Daniel Bedingfield and suggests Morgan to be the designer for his photo shoot. However, when everybody at the magazine sees how bad Morgan's work is, they designate Sabrina to be the one to fire her. When Sabrina attempts to do so, Morgan gets mad at her for lying to her when she first told her clothes were great. Sabrina also tangles herself in a lie with Roxie and must find a way to patch things up.moreless
    • Ping, Ping a Song
      Episode 10
      Sabrina, Roxie and Morgan decide to audition for a television talent show, where singers compete for a record deal. But the magic Sabrina uses to help the group hit their notes might have some serious side effects that could ruin the girls' friendship.
    • When Sabrina, Roxie, and Morgan go to Miami with Leonard to celebrate Christmas, they have a run in with Roxie's mother at their time share. However, when their place gets robbed, Candy gets accused, ultimately leaving Sabrina and Morgan to help Roxie clear her mother of the charges. Meanwhile, when Leonard finds out that Sabrina brought Salem along to the condo, he tells her to put him the condo’s kennel, where Salem complains about being treated like an “animal,” and Morgan is crowned “Miss Wet Christmas.”moreless
    • Bada-Ping!
      Episode 8
      Sabrina catches a special performance by pop star Avril Lavigne and meets a talented musician whom she believes is being blackmailed by a gangster. After Sabrina is threatened by the gangster, she and her cousin Amanda take a trip into the future where she sees that her premature death is really caused by Amanda's second-hand smoke.moreless
    • Witch Way Out
      Episode 7
      Sabrina decides that she is too old and mature to use her magic so she places it a tupperware container (under Harvey's watch) and goes on a date as a "mortal." Sabrina's date is with the handsome owner (Austin Peck) of an art gallery. But Sabrina questions her judgment when she realizes he may want to add her to his collection of exotic creatures.moreless
    • 11/1/02
      When Sabrina is caught by the office webcam using her powers, she magically enters Leonard's computer to destroy the evidence. While in the computer, Leonard alters what he believes is a photo of Sabrina and she reemerges looking like a voluptuous cartoon siren. Unfortunately, Sabrina becomes stuck in her siren-like clothing and must do some soul searching about body image before becoming free.moreless
    • Free Sabrina
      Episode 5
      Sabrina sets out to expose a famous actress as a kleptomaniac after she sees the star shoplifting in a boutique. She devises a plan to catch the sticky-fingered diva in the act, but when it backfires Sabrina ends up in the hands of the police.
    • Shift Happens
      Episode 4
      Sabrina is scared stiff to interview a hip-hop diva with a nasty reputation, but her spell to make the superstar more harmonious backfires and the girls end up swapping personalities.
    • Call Me Crazy
      Episode 3
      Sabrina's desperate attempts to impress her colleagues and prove to them she's not a kid backfire when she accidentally blurts out too much information about her magical antics and they end up thinking she's bonkers. But a chance meeting with Ashanti lands Sabrina an interview and an opportunity for her co-workers to see her in a new light.moreless
    • The Big Head
      Episode 2
      Sabrina's first assignment at Scorch is to write a profile about an overconfident rock star (Howard Dorough), but when her senior editor Annie publishes the truth about the arrogant superstar, he threatens to sue the magazine unless Sabrina gives a public apology at his concert. But Sabrina feels that this threatens the truth of journalism and casts a spell on him to make him realize his ego. Back at the house, Morgan and Roxie decide to train Salem. They begin with the purchase of a collar, which proves a shock for the magical cat.moreless
    • 9/20/02
      This episode concludes I Fall To Pieces! before the credits. Sabrina joins Morgan and Roxie on a trip to visit MTV to meet "Total Request Live" host Carson Daly and interview the rock band Course of Nature after Morgan wins a writing contest with the ultra-hip Scorch music magazine. But after Morgan admits she submitted Sabrina's writing, Sabrina turns it around and captures a job at the magazine. Meanwhile, with her aunts moving back to the Other Realm, Sabrina begins a new chapter of her life when she, Roxie and Morgan move into the house.moreless
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