Favorite episodes (per season) of Sabrina

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    I thought this would be fun!

    Pick your favorite episodes (or multiple episodes) per season of Sabrina! I am EXCLUDING Halloween episodes, because we can probably all agree that the Halloween episodes were some of the best of the series.

    Here are my favorites:

    Season 1

    First Kiss, Meeting Dad's Girlfriend, Dream Date, Mars Attracts, Hilda and Zelda: The Teenage Years, The Great Mistake

    Season 2

    Dummy for Love, Witch Trash (it really grew on me!), Oh What a Tangled Spell She Weaves, Finger Lickin' Flu, Disney World, Rumor Mill

    Season 3

    It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Season Opener, Suspicious Minds, You Bet Your Family, What Price Harvey?, Sabrina and the Pirates, Sabrina the Matchmaker, The Big Sleep, Sabrina's Pen Pal, The Good the bad and the Luau, Sabrina the Sandman

    Season 4

    Jealously, Prelude to a Kiss, Aging, Not so Gracefully, Ice Station Sabrina, Love in Bloom, Dreama the Mouse, The Four Faces of Sabrina, The End of an Era

    Season 5

    Every Witch Way But Loose, Double Time, Heart of the Matter, Some of my Best Friends are Half Mortals, Sabrina's Perfect Christmas, Love is a Many Complicated Thing, Beach Blanket Bizarro,

    Season 6

    Thin Ice, A Birthday Witch, Deliver Us From Email, I Think I Love You, Guilty!, I Fall To Pieces

    Season 7

    Witch Way Out, Sabrina in Wonderland, Present Perfect (even though this eppy had some inaccurate moments), Cirque de Sabrina, Getting to Nose You, Spellmanian Slip, A Fish Tale, Soul Mates

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    I love all of the episodes but my favortie are

    Season one

    Terrible things, a halloween story, third aunt from the sun, a girl and her cat, the great mistake, and the crucibe

    Season two

    dummy for love, a river of candycorn runs through it, witch trash, to tell a mortal, quiz show, and disneyworld

    Season three

    pancake madness, good will haunting, sabrina and the pirates, a big sleep, sandman, and the good the bad and the luau.

    Season four

    no place like home, spoiled rotten, ice station sabrina, super hero, love in bloom, and the end of an era.

    Season five

    every witch way but loose, double time, you cant twin, the halloween scene, making the grade, and beach blanket bizarro

    Season six

    birthday witch, deliver us from e-mail, cloud ten, time after time, guilty!,the whole ball of wax, and i fall to pieces

    Season seven

    total sabrina live, the spellmanian slip, what a which wants, and soul mates

    I dont really have alot from season seven in my opinion that was the worst season.

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    Season 1: don't have a favorite

    Season 2: Witch Trash

    Season 3: Mrs. Kaft, Nobody Nose Libby Like Sabrina Nose Libby

    Season 4:Super Hero

    Season5:don't have a favorite

    Season 6: Driving Mr. Goodman and Gif of Gab

    Season 7:Spellmanian Slip(frist one I saw on WB), Soul Mates

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