Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Season 1 Episode 13

Jenny's Non-Dream

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 10, 1997 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Before Jenny arrives to sleep over at Sabrina's house, Sabrina asks Salem to work on his 'meow'. However, in the Pilot episode, before Salem reveals he can talk, he meows perfectly.

  • Quotes

    • Sabrina: Guard the door so Jenny doesn't go anywhere, okay?
      Salem: Hey, dogs guard. Cats watch. And judge.

    • Sabrina: You should know, I have these two weird aunts.
      Jenny: I like weird. I love weird. I bask in the glow of weird . . .
      Harvey: You know, I think Jenny will fit right in.

    • (Opening the bedroom door)
      Jenny: Sabrina? (Walks over to Salem and pats his head when she notices him) Hey kitty, do you know where the linen closet is?
      Salem: Meow.
      Jenny: I know it's snooping but all that talk about towels made me wanna check theirs out. (Walks over to the nearest door)
      Salem: Meow!
      Jenny: I found it. (Opens the closet and goes inside)
      Salem: Meow! (Sabrina comes up the stairs) MEOW!
      Sabrina: What's up Salem? (As the linen closet sends Jenny to the Other Realm)
      Salem: Jenny just got sent to the Other Realm.
      Sabrina: You're kidding! (Opens the door to see if Jenny is still there)
      Salem: No, and I'm glad. Now everything can go back to normal.

    • Zelda: Is that why you've never invited Jenny for sleepover, because you think we're weird?
      Sabrina: That's a complicated question, but the short answer is yes.

    • (After going through limbo)
      Sabrina: I don't see Jenny.
      Hilda: Good, 'cause I see Drell.
      Drell: Oh hi ladies. Glad you didn't catch me doing anything silly.
      Hilda: Er, actually we were just looking for someone.
      Zelda: But she doesn't seem to be here so we're sorry to disturb you.
      Drell: Wait! Maybe I er have seen her. Is her name Jenny?
      Sabrina Yes.
      Drell: Does she have green eyes?
      Sabrina: Yeah.
      Drell: Is she a vegetarian?
      Sabrina: Yeah.
      Drell: Does she have a segmented body and ears on her thorax?
      Sabrina: No.
      Drell: Wanna bet? (Pulls out a jar with Jenny as a grasshopper in it)

    • Sabrina: He can't stay. He has a tail.
      Salem: What's wrong with having a tail?
      Zelda: Sabrina you aren't a rumpist are you?
      Sabrina: A rumpist? What's a rumpist?
      Zelda: Someone who judges others by their rear ends.

    • Hilda: It fluffs, it folds and it never loses a sock but it's been on the fritz lately. We're still waiting for the repair man.
      Sabrina: When was he supposed to show up?
      Hilda: Er sometime in the afternoon between 1968 and 1998.

    • Salem: What are you making?
      Zelda: Sugar cookies.
      Salem: With bits of liver?
      Zelda: No, sprinkles.
      Salem: Ugh.

    • Sabrina: I think everything is going very well.
      Hilda: Yes. Except for the lint gremlin that escaped from the dryer and is now running around the house.

    • Rule Keeper: All rules must have a begining, a middle and an end, except... is that it? I don't get that one. (After looking in the next paragraph but finds nothing there)

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