Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Season 1 Episode 8

Magic Joel

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 15, 1996 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The fourth outfit for this episode's credits is swimwear and goggles. A shark fin appears and Sabrina says, "Aughh!"

  • Quotes

    • Joel: Behold, the linking rings are unlinked. (The rings don't unlink) Unlinked. (The rings still don't unlink) Still linked.
      Sabrina: Isn't he amazing?
      Libby: Amazingly lame!!

    • Hilda: Zelda, you have a date...
      Zelda: It's not a date, it's dinner with a colleague. And you're welcome to join us...
      Hilda: I'd rather die... But thanks!

    • (Joel is in the girl's locker room)
      Libby: Joel! What are you doing in here?
      Joel:(bummed) Aww, you can see me?
      Libby:(sarcastically) No, you're invisible.
      Joel: I am?
      Libby: No. Get out or I'm telling Coach Safford.
      Joel: Man! I thought for sure I'd done it right! I was Magic Joel once! And I will be again! (Leaves)
      Libby: Get out! I hate magic!

    • (To Sabrina)
      Joel: Now about wardrobe, I'm thinking a velour pantsuit with a plunging neckline. What will you wear?

    • Hilda: Who are you?
      Joel: I'm Joel. You can see me?
      Hilda: Yes and you're not wearing any pants.

    • Hilda: (On the phone with Sabrina) Let's see. A sixteen year old invisible boy loose in a high school. Where would he go?
      Sabrina: Oh-no!
      (Sabrina drops the receiver and runs to the girls locker room.)

    • Justin: I'm here for the lovely magicians assistant job.
      Joel: Well you're really not qualified.
      Justin: Aren't I lovely?
      Joel: Well yes, Justin, you are, but you're not a girl.
      Justin: Well the sign didn't say anything about being a girl.
      Joel: Would you be willing to wear sequins?
      Justin: Sure!
      Joel: Slit up to here?
      (He touches the top of his hip.)
      Justin: No problem!
      Joel: Yeah well... You're too tall. Next!
      Justin: I'll wear flats!
      Joel: Next!

    • Salem: (On the phone pretending to be Harvey) I like squid! I like it a lot! Squid rocks!
      Sabrina: Who is this?
      Salem: It's Harvey-he-he-he-he!
      Sabrina: Salem!
      Salem: O-oh!
      Sabrina: You are so neutered!

    • Zelda: Thank goodness that she left. Now we can talk about the first millisecond after the big bang. See I think...
      Ethan: (Interrupting her) Love me!
      Zelda: What!
      Ethan: I'm sorry. It's just that we finally get rid of your weird sister and all you can talk about is the big bang? I came here tonight hoping for more than science. I wanted you to look into my eyes and see something other than rods and cones. I love you Zelda. Don't you realize that?
      Zelda: You never said anything.
      Ethan: I've been playing footsie with you all night!
      Zelda: That was you! I thought it was the cat.

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