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  • what a winner it's such a looser

    I hate this show Sabrina the teenage beeep
  • One of my favorite Shows of all Time!

    Sabrina the Teenage Witch was and still is one of my favorite all time shows. I still remember when I first watched it when I was little and how I loved it's quirkiness. The show was full of likable characters (at least in the first few seasons), even the ones you were supposed to not like *cough Libby & Mr. Kraft*. Everyone played their roles well. I especially give extra kudos to Beth Broderick (Aunt Zelda) and Caroline Rhea (Aunt Hilda) as those two had such great chemistry. It was a shame that they got removed in season 7 and frankly, it made the show kinda boring. Sorry but the aunts were a big of the show's humor and as much as I like Sabrina, she wasn't strong enough to hold a show like this on her own in my opinion.

    I have to admit that the show did kinda drop a little with season 4 with the removal of Valerie and Libby. Dreama was a VERY big sleeper character who lacked the charm Jenny (season 1) and Valeria had. And Brad... Eh, I don't know, I just didn't care for him much either. And then we had the debut of Sabrina's new love interest, Josh. I honestly never liked him as I found him somewhat obnoxious and later on, abrasive. However, season 4 managed to have a few classic episodes and even though I personally don't care for the two new characters, I still mildly enjoyed season 4.

    Anyway, I love the fashion on this show. I mean, it's so 90s it hurts (in a good way lol). And I have to admit that when I first saw the college seasons (season 5 & 6), I thought they were boring as heck but re-watching them as an adult, they actually weren't that bad, save for a few episodes. I still think season 3 is my most favorite season of all but I can watch all of them and not get bored.

    I make it a point to re-watch the show at least once every year as I can never get bored of it. I get hit with nostalgia each time I re-watch it but hey, why does that have to be a bad thing? There hasn't been a show quite like this one which only emphasis the star factor this show had. Truly one of a kind and an instant classic.
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  • I love this show!

    I can still recall that Sabrina: The Teenage Witch was a citation from Archie's comic books so when it was aired on TV it really gave me a goosebumps coz I really love the story from the comics. I love the LOVE STORY and SWEETNESS of Sabrina and Harvey! Gosh I can still remember his adorable tantalizing eyes! Teeheee! I used to remember that I have so much hate for Libby, like I wanna crash the TV screen whenever I saw her coz she's evil haha! Salem is so cute and clever, such an adorable cat!! All the episodes are so funny, I miss this show that's why I purchased a copy at DVDBOOTH .com . This company really did a great effort in producing this DVD because the entire episodes are all there with great quality. This sitcom is really entertaining for all ages.
  • Bewitched Evolved?

    I feel like the spirit of Bewitched took a part in the construction of this series. Melissa Joan Hart is an amazing actress and I loved her since I first saw her in Clarissa Explains It All. The rest of the cast is a hoot except I don't really like Harvey or most of the other people at school. Basically it's just funny enough to not be taken seriously but still serious enough to follow.
  • Series finale was forced...

    After the aunts were axed at the end of season 6, Beth Broderick, who played Zelda, the oldest aunt, did not return in the series finale of this show. The aunts are very important to this show and both of them should appear in the series finale to make this show strong enough to be watchable.
  • I Love How this Show doesn't get boring or old on you as a viewer...

    Sabrina was my most watched show growing up. I really tried not to miss an episode. I learned so much from her. Her love story with Harvey was a headache for me though... but a good headache to watch! They were both opposite characters, I loved how Sabrina had multiple personalities as a teenage witch and as a teenage female. Salem made me laugh so much with his sarcasm. My favorite was always watching her learn about witchery and the struggles she surpassed to get to the next level of being a better witch. A great show for teenagers to watch and for the family. Highly, highly recommend!
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch

    I loved this show growing up and I still watch the reruns even now. Doesn't get old.
  • I always enjoy watching Sabrina.

    Melissa Joan Hart,Lindsay Sloane and Michelle Beaudoin were all my Favorites. I enjoyed watching Salem. I have 6 books from Sabrina The Teenage Witch. I have added each of them as my favorites. My favorite episode was when Salem's daughter was married my Mom enjoyed that one too. Another episode that was funny was when Salem and Sarrina flew up Libby's nose. Everytime time Sabrina would cast a spell on Libby that was funny. I always wonder what Melissa, Lindsay and Michelle are up to now. I met this one girl that played in one episode of Sabrina as her friend.
  • Sabrina The Teenage Witch was a really fun show to watch! It was always light hearted and never tried to solve any serious issues or promote political causes. It had great guest stars too. It aired from 1996-2003.

    Sabrina The Teenage Witch was a really fun show to watch! It was always light hearted and never tried to solve any serious issues or promote political causes. It had great guest stars too. It aired from 1996-2003. Melissa Joan Hart always played her character perfectly. She was the perfect Sabrina. My wife and I use to watch it on Friday nights. We run a lot of running races on Saturdays, especially back when this show aired and it was a nice, funny show to keep us in a light mood the night before the races. There were always funny story lines and interesting guest stars. A very fun show!
  • This WAS a good show - until the final season...

    Melissa Joan Hart has always been a favourite actress of mine. Not only is she beautiful, but she is a good actress as well (perhaps not in my top 5 - but she IS there somewhere).

    I have been watching "Sabrina" since the day it first started airing on TV. Any show which tries to replicate the formula of screen gems like "Bewitched" and "I Dream Of Jeannie" is alright in my book. She has gone through many transitions during the series run, and has been involved with a plethora of different characters as well. Whilst some of the episodes and storylines haven't really appealed to me - such as the way the show can sometimes focus too heavily on her relationships with boyfriends - the storylines are very imaginative. It was great that other very attractive females (such as Soleil Moon Frye [once known as "Punky Brewster"]) were also involved with the show during its run.

    Some of the only problems I had with the show were with its last season. Mainly the fact that the show seemed to have matured too much. There were far less "wacky and weird" episodes in the last season, then in previous years. This was the whole reason why I had begun watching the show in the first place. Without this, it seemed to lose its connection to being a show about a "witch" and just be a show about a "young woman trying to find her place in the world".
    Also, as most other people have already pointed out - the axing of the aunts (played by Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick) was not a good idea. They were always so central to the show. Without them (and all their wacky mis-adventure) the show just didn't seem the same anymore. I know Sabrina (herself) had finally grown up and learnt to manage her life - but there should have still been a place for the aunts in her life.

    Anyway, "Sabrina" is now still thought of as a very successful and popular show - and will probably be in syndication for many years to come.
  • What an amazing show!

    There are good shows, bad shows and amazing shows!!!
    This goes beyond anything else! I just love it, I am watching it right now for the 6th time on reruns and my trusty Tivo is keeping them save for raining days. I just enjoy them so much. I know I was not the intended target, but this is a fantastic show, it reminds me so much to Bewitching (my other all time favorite)
    I love the acting, the scenes, the story lines... (I am right now at the 4 faces of Sabrina), and I can wait for tomorows new rerun episode on ABCFamily!
    Melissa, Caroline, Beth, Nate and of course Nick are so good together! I will never say thank them enough for all the good times they have provided me throughout the years. They are my companions on rainy days and on sunny ones. In many ways, good clean fun is not something you get to have on TV now-a-days, but they did it, I am will always thank them for their work. Thanks for bringing and keeping good clean magic to my life!
  • ew, this is horrible.....

    Sabrina, the teenage witch is horrible. It's amazing that they call this a comedy. There is absolutely no funny jokes and the acting is abysmal. It's amazing that it lasted so long. Why on Earth would you want to watch this dissapointment of a show? One time, I watched this show for five minutes, and I thought I was gonna drop dead. Everything was wrong. The Plot, the acting, the set, the dialoge....everything that could possibly go wrong - did. And that talking cat needs to get run over by a car. I will never watch this show ever- ever again. It literally makes me sick.
  • "One of My Favorite Shows"

    When I was younger I never liked this show as much as I do now. It's really fun, entertaining , and fresh. Favorite episodes are The Crucible, Inna Gadda Sabrina, Oh What a Tangled Spell She Weaves, When Teens Collide, Suspicious Minds, The Pom Pom Incident, Pancake Madness, Good Will Haunting, And the Sabrina Goes To..., Nobody Nose Libby Like Sabrina Nose Libby, Salem, the Boy, The Big Sleep, Lost @ C, Tick-Tock, Hilda's Clock, Sabrina, the Activist, Really Big Season Opener, Driving Mr. Goodman, Call Me Crazy and Shift Happens to name a bunch. Favorite characters are Salem, Sabrina, Libby, Ouizmaster Albert, Zelda and Mr.Craft.
  • Sabrina the teenage witch is one of the best shows ever! The idea of having magical powers has been around since the 60s and its kind of based around Bewitched and I dream of Jeannie.

    This tv show is one of the best shows that I have seen! Salem is my favourite character and Nick Bakay voices the part really well and makes it come alive!
    I have only up to season four because I am waiting for them to come out on dvd. Also lots of people think that it lost its "magic" after this season. Mainly beacuse they kind of left out the magic side of it and Sabrina stopped using her magic and to top it all off the aunts left in the final of seasoh 6 leaving Salem as the only comic relief. They could of course added a laugh track in season 7 which would have made it better by that much.
    Run out of inspiration, end of review! But watch it, its a good show!
  • Sabrina learns on her 16th birthday that she is half witch and has magical powers. With the help of her two aunts and talking cat she has to learn how to master her new-found magic while also trying to survive high school.

    Sabrina the Teenage Witch was a kid-friendly sitcom with humor smart enough to keep adults interested. Melissa Joan Hart played the title character of Sabrina, a half-mortal, half-witch teenager who discovered her new magical powers on her 16th birthday. She lived in a big house with her two aunts and a talking cat. Sabrina went through the normal trials of high school life (boyfriends, best friends, worst enemies, an evil principal who just happened to date both of her aunts) while secretly learning all that what being a witch encompassed. Although the series suffered some growing pains once Sabrina moved on to college (and jumping networks, from ABC to the now-defunct WB), it kept its light-hearted, witty storylines until its end.

    One of my favorite things about the show is that both Melissa Joan Hart and Jenna Leigh Green (who played Sabrina's nemesis, cheerleader Libby) looked like healthy, normal young girls. They wore cute clothes that looked like outfits the viewers may have had in their own closets. Their spats were G-rated. These are things that are visibly missing from today's shows that are targeted towards young girls.
  • Good stuff.

    I used to think that this show was great. Now I just think that it is just good. The reason is because it went downhill the last couple of seasons. The way the show was in the first couple of years was classic stuff. I liked the original cast members and the original storylines and plots. The things that bugged me was when the show moved away from making sense to a show where it was just about style rather than quality. Many of the original characters left and were replaced by less interesting characters that were boring and cheesy. Overall, it was decent. Thank you.
  • This is one of my favourite shows ! It's just so awesome!

    I remember when I was seven or something and they aired it on TV and I loved it then when the first season came out I rented it and I got to enjoy all again I liked it so much I ended up buying it.
    This show is good because every episode something happens to do with Sabrina's magic and there is always comedy.To be honest if the show didn't have Salem and the Aunts(1-6 seasons I think).I think it was stupid they got rid of the Aunts.Seasons 1-4 are the better ones I think because Sabrina lives with her Aunts.
    Also the effects for the time were really good.
    The fact they also kinda (I think) made fun of themself in the ep where Salem decides to make Sabrina's life into a tv show and the rating were down so he said they should add a laugh track.
    But you should at least watch one episode because I think you will enjoy.
  • Sabrina decides to audition for an "American Idol" type show to get the "inside" story for a magazine article. She convinces Morgan and Roxie to go with her and sneaks them talent mints so they don't embarrass themselves.

    Been there, done that. As other reviewers said, this was EXACTLY the same as "The Band Episode" from earlier in the series. As I was watching this, I kept thinking, "Didn't she already learn this lesson in high school? How many times does she need to make the same mistake?"

    The concept is OK, but if they were going to rip off the original, then it should have at least been a better episode. Somehow the whole episode fell flat for me. Harvey's role in this episode seemed incredibly contrived to me. If they wanted to capitalize on "American Idol", then I think they should have gone in a different direction with what she had to learn. Overall, this episode was a huge disappointment.
  • A show that lost the magic...,

    "Sabrina, the teenage witch" was a show full of life and...well, charm. Sadly, over the last 2 seasons, the magic started to fade away.

    The show was filled with fun, light-hearted adventures and situations that the characters had to manage, with the aid of magic, but never lacking of 'mortal' emotions. Along with Sabrina, who was portrayed perfectly by the beautiful and talented Melissa Joan Hart, we got to experience her new-found powers, achieve her magic license and discover the secret of her family.

    The cast was amazing. Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick were fantastic in each and every episode and shone a light of their own even in the dusk of the show itself. No one could have predicted what happened next.

    She traveled the globe and other realms with these constant and unwaivering ideas in mind... to learn, to live, to laugh, and to love. She was always learning how to improve her skills to the benefit of all around her; she made mistakes as she was living life, going through different journey's of growth, as she, her aunts, and Salem (the underrated, yet imperfect hero) did well to demonstrate that even through mistakes, you can still be noble, gifted, and wonderful. well thats my review and the only thing i can say is the only thing that stayed it's appealing self through the seven years was Salem the cat
  • a girl called sabrina who finds out she is a witch on her sixteenth birthday, and has a cute talking cat called Salem.

    I love Sabrina, i am 16 and if i flick through the channels and its on, its kept on, its not as funny as i guess its meant to be, but some of the cheesy jokes make me laugh. The main reason i watch it is for Sabrina and Salem.

    People say it went down hill after she left high school and started at college, which it didnt, they just started looking at it from a different angle. Shwoing the more serious side as she began to grow up and get a job. i still love the show :D x
  • Sabrina Spellman is told on her sixteenth birthday she a witch. Wwith the guidance of her aunts Hilda & Zelda and cat Salem, Sabrina must master her powers while trying to live a normal life in the "mortal realm".

    Sabrina the Teenage Witch was my favorite show as a kid, in fact it was my first favorite show. Whenever it was played on Nick (and lets face it the show was way over played here in UK) I watched. Now with the DVDs I have got to relive the series as an adult and I can say it has enough charm to keep me engaged. It is hardly the cleverest show about but this show has a special something dare I say?... A little Magic. Despite her limitations as an actress Melissa makes a highly enjoyable lead while Caroline & Beth make the constantly arguing aunts delightful. The show has it faults the revolving door of cast members can get frustrating and the quality takes a dip in season 4 before it finds it feet again in the "college" era. The show does completely loses it in the finale season. But despite of what it became Sabrina the Teenage Witch is a wonderful comedy gem full of fun stories and hilarious characters.
  • This will always be my favorite show and Melissa Joanhart is awesome!!

    I miss this show being on Nick, Nick should bring this show back and air awesome reruns on their station again. But at least I think this show is on another channel right now which is good because I love this show! Sabrina: The Teenage Witch is a great show and a lot of episodes I saw for this I thought were amazing, and had good plots where Sabrina gets in some sort of sticky situation, and has other problems and/or great achievements happening in her teenage life! That is so awesome that when you are 16 years old that, since she was raised form witches and magical ancestors, you gain super great magical witch powers! Hilda and Zelda were cool too and one of my favorite characters is the talking cat known as Salem! I thought he was prety cool too and funny! This show will always be one of my favorites, as I like magical themed stuff and good looking girls! There was some good actors here but what I like most of all is that sometimes other mythical creatures show up in the real world and that this show is big on one of my most favorite holidays: Halloween! Is this show possibly on ABC? I think it is, I'll have to tune in to that channel more often since it has Full House, another favorite live-action show of mine. And also the fact that Nick almost doesn't have it at all on Nick at Nite anymore or they don't have it completely, but at least I think Fresh Prince is still on Nick at Nite. Well back to Sabrina, this is a live-action show but I hear that there's an animated version of this and I saw a few episodes for it at certain times in the past. They both have some differences and similarities but its a tough say over which one I think is better, so I'll just have to say I like both of them very much at a point. Well I wish Sabrina could make more new episodes in a new future show, so I can't wait until that cool event happens!
  • Not one of my favorites, but I do watch it every morning.

    Okay, I'd say this show is okay, although it could be better. First, the quality, I feel the show can be boring and I even fell asleep once watching it. But other times, and I mean rarely, it can be exciting. Second, the comedy, most of the show's comedy isn't too good, but other times, and rare times again, it can be funny, but not hilarious. In conclusion, I'd say this show may suck at most points, but it can be good at other times. The main reason I watch it every morning is because nothing better is on. In conclusion, I'd say this show is okay.

  • I love this show. It's one of my personal faves. I ALWAYS watch the reruns of this show when they come on.

    I absolutely L*O*V*E* this show. It's one of my personal favorites. Melissa Joan Hart is one of my favorite actresses. Salem is hilarious. Some of the stuff he says totally craks me up for like twenty minutes at a time. I love it. Harvey is very hot. I'm so glad that him and Sabrina ended up together in the series fanale. They belong together. I never liked Aaron. My favorite episodes are Cirque De Sabrina, Soul Mates, A Fish Tale, and the one where Roxy, Morgan, and Sabrina go to Bermuda. I love that one. I do wish however that they whould've told you what heppened to Sabrina and Harvey after they got back together. All in all, I love this show and ALWAYS watch the reruns of it.
  • Great!

    'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' is about a regular teenage girl, who finds out that she's a witch. Naturally, her life has become much more complicated now. Once she thinks that she's finally figured out her powers, she basically finds out that there's more to it. In the first few seasons, she lives with her aunts(also witches), Hilda and Zelda. They also have a talking cat, Salem, who used to be a witch but was turned into a cat when he tried to take over the world. Sabrina's parents are divorced, but it's harder for Sabrina since she's not able to ever see her mortal mom. She's half-mortal, if she ever lays her eyes on her mom, her mom will turn into a ball of wax. This show is great, ecspeccialy with Salem, the witty, wise-cracking cat.
  • What a classic show...

    I absolutley loved this, it's by far one of the best kids show's ever! It was so funny and it never gets old. I'm able to watch the reruns all the time and although it did get worse when Sabrina went to college it was still really funny and interesting. The different characters were really good and the series finale was brilliant too. It's one of those shows that future generations will be able to watch for years to come becuse it's so funny and unusual. It's orignial and it's definitley one of my most favourite TV shows of all time!
  • Still Perfect

    Some people say the show went down hill as the show went on, but I don't see it. I watch the re-runs continuously, and am entranced by every episode. it doesn't matter how many times I've seen the episode, I still love it, and I think I always will. how many shows can you truly say that for? Melissa was ALWAYS amazing and played her emotions to a tee, and while the effects weren't always fantastic they were good for the show and the comedy, and Salem was always a bonus. I loved watching the characters actually evolve instead of staying frozen in time (ie, Amanda from evil EVVVIIIL girl to A pretty nice, decent cousin who looked more and more like Melissa's sister every day). The jokes weren't too overused and there was never a dull moment. It's still top ten in my opinion.
  • I watch the re-runs all of the time!

    This has got to be one of my favorite shows when I was younger. Like I said, I watch the re-runs all of the time. I watched Sabrina all the way to the very end ... unlike many who stopped watching it when she went to college. I must admit that when she started college and then the Aunts left, it was a different, kind of boring vibe but if you watch the first few seasons, I know you will love it! Magic, comedy, lessons to learn, watching Sabrina grow up as a witch and teenager turned's such a great show!
  • Went downhill more each season.

    When Valerie left and was repalced by Dreama in season four, it started going downhill a lot. Then, when Sabrina started living somewhere else and Harvey left, it got a lot worst. Then when the aunts left, I felt it was kind of suicide for the show. People weren't going to probably like the aunts leaving because they were such a huge part of it and kind of comic relief. However, season three and before were great. I love season one the most. I also liked the last episode. I think that Sabrina and Harvey should've ended up together. "Sabrina" was a decent show over it's run.
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