Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Season 6 Episode 12

Sabrina and the Candidate

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 01, 2002 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Hilda decides she's going to run for office, Zelda points out that Hilda would have to conceal her real age, stating she's 600. But in "Tick Tock Hilda's Clock," they celebrated Hilda's 650th birthday. Zelda just knocked off 50 years!

  • Quotes

    • Sabrina: Aunt Hilda, you don't stand a chance. Robert Russell has eighty-four percent of the vote, and I'm guessing no one's going to go for your campaign slogan. He dissed me, now let's diss him back.
      Salem: (Entering the room) Here's something that'll sway voters. Robert Russell is an underhanded slime ball!
      Hilda: I knew it!
      Zelda: Salem, you do not go around making accusations unless you have something to back them up?
      Salem: Which is why I've got something to back it up. Per Hildie's prodding, I went out looking for dirt, and once I finished rolling around in it, I observed Russell with some very shady characters.
      Hilda: Oh! Shady characters. Sabrina, you wanted to write a story, it's been handed to you on a silver platter.
      Sabrina: I can see the headline now: Talking cat sees shady characters. Aunt Hilda, there is no story.

    • Josh: Well according to this pole, Russell has eighty-four percent of the vote. It's no wonder the other candidates dropped out of the race.
      Sabrina: I'm not surprised. I mean, after you see him in person you realize why everyone thinks he's so hot. (On Josh's look) I mean, politically astute... Objectively speaking, of course.
      Josh: Of course. So do you really think Mike'll let you right a story about the campaign?
      Sabrina: (As Mike walks up behind her) He should! Nobody knows more about Russell than I do. I mean, I know where he stands on tax rebates, domestic partner benefits... even breakfast, just juice and coffee. I guess that's how he stays so...
      Josh: (Interrupting) Politically astute?
      Mike: Y'know before you start smearing his bagel, you might wanna check out this latest candidate to join the race. I think you might know even more about this one. (Holds up a pamphlet saying 'Vote Hilda Spellman')
      Sabrina: Nope! Don't know her.
      Mike: Isn't your last name Spellman?
      Sabrina: Only until I go to the courthouse and get it changed.
      Josh: Sabrina, why is your aunt running for political office?
      Sabrina: It's got to be a joke, she doesn't know anything about politics!
      Josh: She didn't know anything about coffee, it didn't stop her buying a coffee house.
      Mike: And this woman's running for city council?
      Sabrina: Not as long as there's breath in my body. The city must be saved! (On their looks) Gotta go.

    • Mr. Russell: I thank you. I thank you for coming out, everybody. Err, It's especially gratifying to have a rally in a neighborhood where I grew up. Of course, that was before it started to become gentrified with exorbitantly high rents, but we haven't lost the battle yet. If I'm elected, I promise to fight for this district and protect our citizens from senseless price gouging.
      Hilda: (to Sabrina) I love this guy.
      Mr. Russell: Why should you have to pay four-fifty for a cup of coffee?
      Hilda: (to Sabrina) I hate this guy. (Uses her magic to make Robert Russell spill his coffee) Sabrina, there's your story. Robert Russell has a drinking problem.
      Sabrina: (Seeing how many women are helping clean up his shirt) Well, it doesn't seem to be hurting his popularity.

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