Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Season 6 Episode 16

Sabrina and the Kiss

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 22, 2002 on ABC
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Sabrina finds herself in trouble when she kisses an old boyfriend, Derek, when he returns and shows Sabrina his art work. When she tells Josh, he seems okay. Troubled Sabrina turns to the advice of her roommates, and they assume he's jealous. When Sabrina decides to find out what's wrong with him, a magical whip sends Sabrina and Josh into romantic sagas, and humility ensues. Meanwhile Zelda and Hilda throw a garage sale.moreless

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    Caroline Rhea

    Caroline Rhea

    Hilda Antoinette Spellman

    Beth Broderick

    Beth Broderick

    Zelda Spellman

    Soleil Moon Frye

    Soleil Moon Frye

    Roxie King

    Elisa Donovan

    Elisa Donovan

    Morgan Cavanaugh

    Nick Bakay

    Nick Bakay

    Salem Saberhagen, the Cat (voice)

    David Lascher

    David Lascher


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    • TRIVIA (1)

    • QUOTES (14)

      • Josh: You should write romance novels.
        Sabrina: No. I think I'll just stick with the romance.

      • Sabrina: Take your shirt off, we've got writing to do!

      • Josh: Oh Sabrina, please don't go! I can't bear the thought of my life without you in it!
        Morgan: Gross! He's even more pathetic now than when he was dull and passionless.

      • Morgan: Oh Sabrina, thank God you're here. I'm ready to lose my mind.
        Sabrina: Oh what happened, a customer asked you for a refill?

      • Hilda: Harvey, people are fighting like crazy over your hockey sticks, but no one has bid on Zelda!
        Harvey: That's because my hockey sticks didn't brag about how brilliant and beautiful they are.

      • Sabrina: This is ridiculous. I can't spend the rest of my life with a boyfriend who puts his fist through walls. For one thing, I'll lose my security deposit.

      • Sabrina: Where's Francesca?
        Fabrizio: Off on another Julia Roberts' romantic crises.
        Sabrina: Boy, for a pretty woman she sure goes through them.

      • Morgan: The guy who is supposed to be in love with you is treating you like you're his sister, or a roommate, or a sofa, or a dog, or a...
        Sabrina: OK! I get the picture.
        Roxie: I thing the fact that Josh didn't get all emotional and crazy is a good thing.
        Morgan: No, Josh putting his fist through a wall is a good thing. I trust you honey, a peck on the cheek? Kiss of death.
        Sabrina: OK, now I'm unsatisfied and confused.

      • Sabrina: I told him about the kiss, he said he trusted me, kissed me on the cheek and said he'd call me later.
        Roxie: Sabrina, that's great!
        Miles: Yeah. Even I would have been compelled to mumble a mild profanity.

      • Hilda: Should I auction off my hula hoop separately or package it with this cauldron?
        Zelda: Hilda, you're supposed to come up with stuff that people actually want to buy.

      • Sabrina: I could never feel comfortable with Josh if I had to carry around this big, dark secret. I mean how many secrets can one girl handle?
        Roxie: What other secrets are you carrying around?
        Sabrina: Long story.

      • Morgan: A kiss is a kiss, no matter who initiated it. If you tell Josh, he'll be furious, get insanely jealous, break up with you, end of story.
        Roxie: Don't you think Josh is deeper and more enlightened than that?
        Miles: The guy dated Morgan!
        Sabrina: Good point.

      • Morgan: Men see the world in black and white.
        Miles: I beg to differ, my day is often a pale pallet of grey.

      • (Derek kisses Sabrina.)
        Sabrina: What are you doing?!
        Derek: I thought I felt some little electricity between us. You know me, I'm passionate, I like to grab the moment.
        Sabrina: Yeah, I'm passionate, I like to grab my boyfriend Josh!

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    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Zelda: Hilda, I am so proud of you! Who would have thought that my sister would head the charity event to benefit the Westbridge Library?
        Salem: Not me considering the last book she read was Yertle The Turtle.

        This is a reference to the children's book Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories by Dr. Seuss.