Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Season 5 Episode 19

Sabrina, the Activist

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 27, 2001 on ABC
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Bottling up her feelings of stress about school, relationship problems, and her social life, Sabrina gets involved in a protest to save a historical building but Salem, who is suffering from a crisis, makes Sabrina's protest yesterday's news. Meanwhile, Josh thinks twice about his relationship with Morgan when he strikes up a close friendship with Sabrina.moreless

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      • Sabrina: Salem, you're ruining my protest!
        Salem: Yeah! Like I planned on waving my butt on national television!
        Sabrina: Can't you just suck it in a little?
        Salem: I am! I've gotta cut back on the Nachos. On the plus side, I am now a celebrity.
        Sabrina: No, your butt's a celebrity.
        Salem: Not the first time.

      • Zelda: What are you doing?
        Salem: Can't you see, he's ripping you off!
        Zelda: He seems like a perfectly honest man.
        Salem: Yeah, and I don't use your toothbrush to clean my ears.
        Zelda: Oh that's disgusting!

      • Zelda: Salem, I did it! I found the perfect car at the first dealer. It's blue, the leather is practically new and it has the most darling cup holders.
        Salem: Cup holders? What about the mileage? The tread on the tires? Has the car ever been in a accident?
        Zelda: Oh I didn't think to ask but there's a lighted make-up mirror on both visors.
        Salem: (Sighs) Never send a woman to do a cats job.
        Salem: (answering the ringing phone) Yello?
        Car Salesman: Hello Mrs. Spellman?
        Salem: Yes this is Mr. Spellman. My wife hasn't made up her mind yet.
        Zelda: What are you doing?
        Salem: (On phone) I know she said she liked the car but I can't let her take it at that price.
        Zelda: Salem, give me that phone.
        Salem: (On phone) Let's just say she's a lot more competent in the boudoir than she is under the hood.
        Zelda: (On phone) Hello, this is Mrs. Spellman. I'm afraid I'll have to call you back, I'm about to become a widow.
        Salem: Ghe?!
        Zelda: I told you I can handle this.
        Salem: N'yeah-yeah? Then why did Mr. Let's-make-a-deal immediately give me five hundred dollars off?
        Zelda: What?! He said that price was firm. What makes him think that he can take advantage of me?
        Salem: You're a rube?

      • Sabrina: Morgan, the protest is to save the building and stop the parking structure.
        Morgan: Oh... Have a nice time. Josh and I are just gonna stay here and snuggle on the couch.
        Josh: Actually, I'd like to go to the rally. The Mayflower's architecture's pretty amazing, I'd love to get some photographs before they level the place.
        Morgan: Crumbling bricks over taut flesh? Good choice.
        Sabrina: Miles, how about you?
        Miles: Challenging authority? Public insurrection? General mayhem? I'm all over it.
        Sabrina: Hey, this is our first group act of civil disobedience. Whoo-hoo!
        Roxie: Whoo-hoo? That'll go over great at the protest. All we are saying is give whoo-hoo a chance.

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