Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Season 3 Episode 16

Sabrina, the Matchmaker

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 12, 1999 on ABC
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Cupid threatens to banish Sabrina to the Other Realm unless she manages to bring a couple together for Valentine's Day.

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  • My favourite episode of Sabrina!

    This is my all time favourite episode of sabrina the teenage witch.

    the episode started out on a high - sabrina being punished by interfering with aunt zelda's lovelife. sabrina being forced to hook up and couple and using snooty cousin marigold was ingenious. her set up with the hunky plumber was ideal and showed us some depth to marigold's character.

    allie and amanda were mischevious as ever and used effective spells to rid themselves of Emile (turning harvey into a puppy was a high point).

    excellent lines as well "I hate it when people drop things out of aeroplanes!" "Lets get him out and hope he didn't notice anything..."

    "Emile i can explain - im a witch.."moreless
  • Happy Valentine's Day!

    As a result of have trying to break up her aunt Zelda and Mr. Kraft, Cupid tells Sabrina that she has to help a couple fall in love until Valentine's day, or she'll be picking up trash in the Other Realm freeway. When her cousin Marigold and her two daughters Amanda and Ally visit to help with the family secret, troubles start, as the girls clog the toilet and they have to call a handyman, Emil. Marigold and Emil fall in love, but Amanda and Ally do anything to break them up, to the point of having Marigold show that she is a witch. Emil runs but afterwards he comes back to profess his love...moreless
Martin Mull

Martin Mull

Willard Kraft

Caroline Rhea

Caroline Rhea

Hilda Antoinette Spellman

Beth Broderick

Beth Broderick

Zelda Spellman

Nate Richert

Nate Richert

Harvey Dwight Kinkle (recurring in season 5-7)

Nick Bakay

Nick Bakay

Salem Saberhagen, the Cat (voice)

Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa Joan Hart

Sabrina J. Spellman

Martin Mull

Martin Mull


Guest Star

Hallie Todd

Hallie Todd


Guest Star

Steve Sax

Steve Sax

Baseball Player

Guest Star

Emily Hart

Emily Hart


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • This is the first of three things that Frankie Muniz and Hallie Todd were opposite each other in, the second being his few episodes on the Disney show Lizzie McGuire, and the third being her recent appearance as a teacher of his character Malcolm's in the show Malcolm in the Middle.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Emil: He thinks I'm crazy. I am, about you.
      Marigold: Wow! And he's met my children.

    • Marigold: Where's Emil?
      Amanda: Hair clog emergency somewhere?

    • Salem: I'm too young to be a chew toy!

    • Emil: I can't believe I didn't bring any pictures of my boys. Oh they're great. I mean they are a handful but I wouldn't trade them... I'd sell them!

    • Marigold: Oh don't worry, they'll be little angels if I ask them to be.
      Sabrina: How come you never asked them before?

    • Mr. Kraft: I'll have the fourteen ounce sirloin.
      Carlton: And I'll have the sixteen ounce sirloin.
      Mr. Kraft: You didn't let me finish. To start... Now tell me about your hams.

    • Hilda: Carlton, this is my sister Zelda and this is her geezer, I mean boyfriend, Willard.
      Carlton: Well, nice to meet you Zellie, and I had no idea that this old sack belonged to you. Hey, no hard feelings, eh Wilbur?
      Mr. Kraft: It's Willard.
      Carlton: Course it is.

    • Sabrina: There's nothing I like to do more on Valentine's day than spend it cooking a gourmet meal for distant relatives and the people who fix our house!

    • Robby: Dad!
      Emil: Right! He's so small, I'm always losing him.

    • Marigold: You girls are not gonna believe this, but your mother actually did manual labour.
      Amanda: No!

    • Emil: Well, the bathroom is all fixed, just don't use the toilet. Ever.

    • Emil: You know, this would go a lot easier if you gave me a hand.
      Marigold (Laughs): Oh! You weren't kidding. No. No, I don't do tools.
      Emil: Come on, it'll be something you can tell your grandchildren.

    • Amanda: Last one to zap him into a snowman is a rotten egg!
      Sabrina: New game, all the kids are playing it. Gotta go.

    • Sabrina: You guys can't leave me alone with cousin Marigold! She's like a repressed memory waiting to happen!

    • Sabrina: Oh no! Cousin Marigold and her kids are coming by to discuss the family secret!
      Hilda: Better hurry before... Paris closes!
      Zelda: I'd stay but... I don't like them.

    • Zelda: Salem, this hair growth tonic you ordered is actually corn bread batter.
      Salem: They wouldn't sell it if it didn't work. Keep stirring.

    • Sabrina: Those two would make a cute couple.
      Harvey: Isn't there a rule about lunch ladies dating students?

    • Zelda: Cupid may wear a diaper but he's no fool.

    • Zelda: It looks like somebody has made Cupid angry.
      Sabrina: Well, he is a lonely, bitter man. (Reading) "Sabrina, because you meddled in the laws of love and tried to break up your aunt Zelda and Mr. Kraft..." How does he know that?
      Zelda: It's Cupid's job to know those things... and I might have mentioned it to him at a cocktail party.
      Sabrina (Reading): "You must help two people fall in love by Valentine's day or spend weekends picking up trash along the Other Realm Interstate." Eww! I don't want to spend my time chained to a bunch of drunks in orange jump suits!
      Zelda: Well they're not all drunks... Some are murderers.

    • Sabrina: Do you think Harvey and I might be soulmates?
      Salem: Depends, would you still love him if he was bald?
      Sabrina: Of course, unless he did that weird comb-over thing.

    • Sabrina (reading): "Roses are red, violets are blue. You remind me of primordial goo." And they said I couldn't find a card for Libby!

    • Amanda: Plunger boy is going down!
      Ally: Way down!

    • Ally (about Robby): Please, let me turn him into a salamander.
      Sabrina: No, not until you're old enough to use vindictive magic responsibly.

    • (Looking in a mirror on the table)
      Salem: Look, I really am losing my hair! Oh wait, that's my butt.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Salem: No-one is ever going to mistake me for Pierre Salinger again.

      Pierre Salinger was a former Whitehouse Press Secretary and ABC News Correspondent.