Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Season 7 Episode 6

Sabrina Unplugged

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 01, 2002 on ABC

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  • Harvey and his reaction LOL

    This was probably the most adult themed episode from this show. It wasn't terrible but not excellent. Although I have to admit that I still LOL at Harvey's reaction when he sees Bimbo Sabrina and succumbing to her charms (watch out to that up and down glance, Harvey!)

    He's a guy after all, isn't he?
  • Hey, They Stole My Sabrina Script!

    I'm not a big fan of the later Sabrina episodes because they eliminated the best characters and much of the show's original charm was elimated after Sabrina went to college, but this episode I find interesting because it's loosely based on a script/storyline I had written where Sabrina feeling a bit sensitive about her appearance decides to amp her looks with her magic and later learns just to feel good with how she really is. This episode actually takes a bit of misdirection by showing how guys play with the looks of girls rather than how girls sometimes feel self-conscious with their looks. There seem to be a few websites with actresses photo-shopped into superheroes and over-sexed beauties. When Sabrina zaps herself into Cyberspace to deal with photo evidence of her magic, she gets trapped there, and when her male friends mistake her for a screen icon, they "give her a pair of shoshannas." Unfortunately, Sabrina can't seem to break the reality from Cyberspace when she's in the real world and she has to deal with looking like Jessica Rabbit until Harvey can help her. By now, she knows she's a witch. It's a surreal concept that I think would have been funnier earlier in the series when Sabrina would be more apt to testing her powers and breaking herself of her self-conscious feelings of her looks. I just wonder how Melissa Joan Hart could breath much less stand in that top-heavy costume!
  • Since no one was willing to reveiw this episode I thought I would have a go...contains spoilers and sad oggling

    Let's begin. In terms of plot/character development/morel dilemma's...nothing happened, in fact, the episode can be summed up in one paragraph

    Sabrina tries to erase evidence of her using magic on her collegue's computer, but gets an unremovable 'cartoon siren' makeover in the process. She is embrassed by this, then enjoys it for about a minuite and a half, then gets insulted and starts feeling embarrased by it again, before asking Harvey to retrun her to normal with his computer.

    Seriously that's it...apart from a speech about 'you can be beutiful and have brains' speech with doesn't really work.

    So why did I give it such a high score you ask? Well I have to say that Melisa Joan Hart with that dress + hair + walk is unbelievably sexy and is pretty good to watch (Yes I know it sounds perverted, and I know you are giving me funny looks now, but it's the truth). Not only that, but the episode does have some good lines (Salem: "If you\'re here...who's hosting the country music awards?") and a meeting with Scooby Doo (which is a bit pointless, but the fans like it)

    All in all, a good not great episode, although it's score is probably 5.5 if you don't find the makeover appealing.