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Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Season 3 Episode 21

Sabrina's Real World

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 09, 1999 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Thanks to Salem, The Witch Channel broadcasts Sabrina's life on national television and because of a magic belt, Hilda turns into a compulsive standup comedienne.

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  • Reality shows...

    Salem signs a contract with a television producer from the Other Realm, giving them the rights to Sabrina's life. The producer decides to make a show called "Sabrina's World", in which Sabrina is obviously the star. Sabrina has had enough of the show, but the producer refuses to cancel it, so Sabrina decides to make it as dull as possible, in order for the ratings to become as low as possible. The producer doesn't accept this and to make it interesting, he brings a tornado, earthquakes and even a dinosaur to Sabrina's high school. Meanwhile, Hilda puts a belt that makes her say jokes all the time.moreless
  • Wonderful funny episode.

    Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,

    In this episode we find Salem signing up Sabrina for a tv show about her life.Which is mostley like the movie the Truman Show.Anway first off Salem gets a bucket full of nucler waste put into sabrinas school and the craziest continues. When an earhtquake hits a french talking dinosaor attacks and more. I fond this episode hilioars i kept laughing till the last scene
Martin Mull

Martin Mull

Willard Kraft

Caroline Rhea

Caroline Rhea

Hilda Antoinette Spellman

Beth Broderick

Beth Broderick

Zelda Spellman

Nate Richert

Nate Richert

Harvey Dwight Kinkle (recurring in season 5-7)

Jenna Leigh Green

Jenna Leigh Green

Libby Chessler

Nick Bakay

Nick Bakay

Salem Saberhagen, the Cat (voice)

Alex Rocco

Alex Rocco

Sid Wolff

Guest Star

Stu Nathan

Stu Nathan

TV Announcer

Guest Star

Steven M. Porter

Steven M. Porter


Guest Star

Mary Gross

Mary Gross

Mrs. Quick

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Steven M. Porter will later appear in season 7 as Clive Ryder in "Sabrina Unplugged".

    • When Salem and the TV producer were watching Sabrina's show when Harvey came over, you can hear Sabrina reading her story she read to Mrs.Quick from the episode "Sabrina, the Teenage Writer."

    • In the last scene, Hilda is wearing a different outfit. How was Hilda able to change without removing the belt?

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Salem: Picture this: a crusty, but lovable dictator who inherits an orphanage. We'll call it "Il Duce and the kids".
      TV Producer: Oh come on! People hate stuff about the mindless swaying of the masses! Our focus groups prove this!
      Salem: A workplace comedy set in a petting zoo? Bible stories dramatized by a troop of sock puppets?!

    • (Everyone panics because of a tornado in the school hallway)
      Harvey: Come on! Aren't you gonna help?
      Sabrina: A tornado is just like a cold, you just have to let it ride its course!

    • Sabrina (reading a fan letter): "I love your show. Is it hard to drool that much while you're sleeping?" Gross!

    • Sabrina: I'm on TV? People are probably watching this right now! And I'm wearing a shrubbery!

    • Hilda: My husband says marriage isn't a word, it's a sentence!
      Sabrina: Husband?
      Zelda: It's a long story.

    • Sabrina: Well, I'm against teen pregnancy, but for you juggling steak knives.
      Salem: At least she exited with a joke.

    • (After hearing Sabrina speak in Japanese)
      Harvey: I didn't know Sabrina can speak Japanese!
      Mr. Kraft: Yes, it's part of every safety monitor's training.

    • Sabrina: Please let it be the sophomore with the glandular problem.
      Salem: Is it the fat kid?

    • Sabrina: See, except for a few cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, we're all going to be okay!

    • Sid Wolff: I haven't has this much conflict with a star since Gentle Ben!

    • Zelda: I paid a little visit to your TV producer. My outfit made him kinda nervous, so he made me a deal. If I didn't kill him he'd cancel Sabrina's World.
      Sabrina: But I thought you didn't actually kill people?
      Zelda: Well I don't, but I sort of mumbled his bad news and he thought I said he was going to die.
      Sabrina: What was the news?
      Zelda: He was going to get a bad piece of pie.

    • Bryce: Hilda, I know something's wrong. I don't think you even have laryngitis. I think it was all a bald-faced lie. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be short.
      Hilda: Short?! You're so short, when it rains you're the last to know! You can milk a cow standing up. And bald?! You're so bald an eagle tried to hatch your head! You know what? There's a cure for baldness, it's called hair!

    • Sabrina: A French dinosaur. I only wish this was the strangest thing I've ever encountered.

    • Mr. Kraft: If I don't make it out of here, give this to my lawyer. (hands Harvey a letter)
      Harvey (reading): It's a declaration of love!
      Mr. Kraft (snatching it back): Oh that's for Sandra Bullock.

    • Sid: I haven't had a hit since "Make Room for Nostradamus".
      Salem: I found that show very predictable.

    • Hilda: Zelda, there's something that I haven't told you about Bryce. He's short. Really short. Why he's so short he has to reach up to tie his shoes!

    • Harvey: Guess what, after school the mayor's gonna give me a medal. You wanna ride in the limo with me?
      Sabrina: Harvey, do you mind? We were having a conversation about jello. (to Mrs. Quick) I'm a lime girl myself.

    • Libby: Mrs. Quick, I can't see because of the glare from Sabrina's sash.
      (everyone laughs)
      Mrs. Quick: Class please, I don't want to hear anyone making fun of how stupid Sabrina looks.

    • Hilda: I got it at the Other Realm outlet mall. It really brings out my eyes huh?
      (She puts on the belt)
      Zelda: If your eyes were a frightening shade of purple.
      Hilda: Speaking of frightening, you should see my mother-in-law. They said she's as ugly as sin. Sin sued!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Sabrina: I thought the V-chip was supposed to prevent this kind of thing.

      The V-chip is a part of television receivers that allows people to block shows with certain ratings.

    • The episode title obviously alludes to the famous MTV reality show, The Real World.

    • Salem (pitching show ideas): A crusty old dictator who inherits an orphanage. We'll call it "Il Duce and The Kids."

      "Il Duce" means "the leader" in Italian. It was Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini's title. Mussolini was Hitler's ally during World War II. He was overthrown and killed in 1943.