Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Season 4 Episode 17

Salem's Daughter

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 03, 2000 on ABC
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After Sabrina reads a wedding announcement in the Other Realm newspaper for Annabelle Saberhagen, she asks Salem if he's related to her. After Salem admits to being Annabelle's father, he runs out of the room, heartbroken over the fact he hasn't seen Annabelle in decades. When Sabrina finds Salem, she asks him if he would like her to go to the Other Realm to talk to his daughter. After traveling to Annabelle's house, Sabrina explains to her that Salem would like to mend the rift between them. When Annabelle asks her to be her Maid of Honor to express her gratitude, Sabrina is too surprised to turn her down. Things then get weird when Sabrina finds out the odd customs that she has to perform as Maid of Honor in Annabelle's Other Realm wedding. Meanwhile, Harvey gets the idea Sabrina wants to get married when a wedding magazine falls out of her locker.moreless

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    Caroline Rhea

    Caroline Rhea

    Hilda Antoinette Spellman

    Beth Broderick

    Beth Broderick

    Zelda Spellman

    Nate Richert

    Nate Richert

    Harvey Dwight Kinkle (recurring in season 5-7)

    Nick Bakay

    Nick Bakay

    Salem Saberhagen, the Cat (voice)

    David Lascher

    David Lascher


    Jon Huertas

    Jon Huertas

    Brad Alcerro

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      • Marnie: The breakup is happening now!
        Josh: Fantastic. Hopefully it'll go well and we won't have anything more to talk about!

      • Marnie: My sources say that the breakup is imminent. That is, if I understand my dog analogies.
        Josh: Great. Now why don't you get back to work. (Pause) That's code for "Why don't you get back to work."

      • Salem: I can't believe my little girl has finally forgiven me. From here on in, whatever pumpkin wants, pumpkin gets.
        Sabrina: And she wants you to perform the duties of father of the bride.
        Salem: Are you nuts?! I just wanted to go and watch it from the back like Stella Dallas. I can't do father of the bride stuff, I'm the cat!
        Sabrina: You can write a check and walk her down the aisle.
        Salem: What'll I do on the father, daughter dance? Ride on her shoe? And I can't... (A sudden thought) Hey, would you be my second and perform any duties I'm too furry to do?
        Sabrina: Maid of honor, back-up father of the bride. Fine, but I draw the line at catering.

      • Sabrina: I know it's personal and I don't wanna pry so I won't ask any questions.
        Salem: Thank you... Annabelle blames me for being away so much when she was growing up!
        Sabrina: Is that because you were away so much when she was growing up?
        Salem: Yeah, but collapsing governments isn't something you can do from home.
        Sabrina: Y'know, I'm finding it hard to be impartial here but... there's so little you've done right. Why didn't you ever call?
        Salem: I felt too guilty to call, and then when I was found guilty, I really felt too guilty to call, but I still love my little pumpkin
        Sabrina: Is there anything I can do to help?
        Salem: Just spit-balling, but...
        Annabelle: (In the Other Realm) So let me get this straight. My father is your house-pet?
        Sabrina: A very contrite house-pet and-and he loves you very much and he desperately wants to share your wedding with you. (Annabelle starts crying like Salem)
        Sabrina: You've certainly got your fathers cry.
        Annabelle: I always wanted him to be in my wedding, I just wanted him to ask.
        Sabrina: Well I'm asking for him.
        Annabelle: Close enough. (Starts sobbing again) Oh I'm sorry, I'm just so overwhelmed. There's so much to planning a wedding.

      • Newspaper Boy: There's your Other Realm Gazette and I need to collect. (Holds out his hand)
        Sabrina: You're the newspaper boy?
        Newspaper Boy: My mother took a lot of folic acid when I was in uteri
        Sabrina: My aunts aren't home and I don't have any money, so...
        Newspaper Boy: Good old Mikey gets stiffed!
        Sabrina: Can you come back tomorrow?
        Newspaper Boy: Oh sure, come back tomorrow. Oh I don't get paid till Friday! Everybody's got an excuse! Y'know I give excellent service but...
        Sabrina: (Interrupting) Excellent service? Last Tuesday's paper was from nineteen forty-eight and Monday's paper was wrapped around a fish!
        Newspaper Boy: I've been sick.
        Sabrina: Well when we get our replacement papers, you'll get paid.
        Newspaper Boy: Fine! (Zaps in a large pile of old newspapers)
        Sabrina: (Looking at the top-most paper) Huh well, it looks like it's gonna be sunny tomorrow.

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