Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Season 7 Episode 22

Soul Mates (2)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 24, 2003 on ABC

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  • True love never dies.

    After a bumpy road full of mistakes and through many signals from magic and her heart, Sabrina finally realized that Harvey is her one and true love.

    I was at the point of giving up my childhood dream and accept the fact that she was gonna marry Aaron, but real love triumphed above all things.

    LOVE how these two got back together each holding their soul stones, but at this point Sabrina was willing to ignore magic and Harvey not knowing what was it about: they simply followed their hearts.

    What I truly loved is when their soul stones matched and became one, it's like the magic and mortal way merged and unveiled the truth: Harvey and Sabrina were and always will meant to be together, like real soulmates.

    The 12:36 plotline was a perfectly recaptured momentum that complemented this beautiful ending.

    Sincerely, I wish we could have seen what happened to them after they ran away together, but I can't seriously complain about it, this finale is a one to keep in my mind.


  • Probably the best way to end this awesome show

    I have to admit that Season 7 wasn't a very good one for me in the beginning. Sabrina's coworkers were annoying and I just didn't care for them because they were very one note in personality. Anyway, as far as tv series finales goes, this one was pretty decent. I was so relieved that Sabrina ended up with Harvey, her true soulmate. Sorry, I really didn't like Aaron, the way he was brought in and how they rushed their relationship was very unsettling, so much so that I would have rather her end up with Josh if they couldn't get Harvey to come back (and I really didn't care for Josh neither lol).

    I was a little bummed that they couldn't get Beth Broderick (Aunt Zelda) to return to the finale, it would have been amazing to see all three Spellmans together again. Another thing that could have made this ending even better was if Valerie could have made it to the wedding as well. I would have included Jenny but they pretend like she never existed unfortunately but I digress, Valerie was Sabrina's good friend and it would have been nice to see her be a part of the wedding as well.

    All in all, despite the show's quality slipping a bit in season 6 and especially in the first half of season 7, the show will always be a special one and the ending, despite a few nitpicks was equally satisfying.
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch rocks

    It was awesome
  • Good ending Awesome series

    good ending but the only thing i hate about this show is that they always have 2 end
  • A great ending to a great show.

    I know I've said Josh and Sabrina we're a good couple, but after seeing Sabrina almost getting married to Aaron, i've realized Harvey and Sabrina have too much history together to just get married to another person. They belong together and I for one have thought this was the most well scripted, well written, well acted Sabrina episode i've ever seen. Harvey and Sabrina deserve each other. Even if Sabrina is a witch and Harvey is a mortal they belong to each other. Even Aunt Vesta, who loathes mortal/witch weddings even agrees. This, as i said before, was the most well scripted, well written, well acted Sabrina the teenage witch episode i've ever seen.
  • Great ending to a great series.

    It's Sabrina's wedding day, and she has cold feet- literally. Everything takes an unexpected turn when Hilda, Sabrina's mom, and Zelda- in the form of a candle- comes, while Amanda is trying to get Harvey to come to the wedding. Then, Sabrina finds Doubt- the person- in her room, and he tells her about soul stones and such. Soul stones are the essence of someone's soul, and it fits together perfectly with their soulmate's soul stone. Sabrina, doubting that she's Aaron's soul mate, goes to the north star to get her own soul stone, and tries to fit her's into Aaron's. The stones don't fit together. Sabrina begins to doubt even more, and must decide whether or not she wants to be with her true soul mate. Amanda, seeing Sabrina like this, gives Harvey his soul stone, knowing what will happen when he finds it. Sabrina, at the last minute, backs out of the wedding, wanting to be with her true soul mate. When Sabrina walks out of the chapel, she finds none other than Harvey-referring to the soul stone Amanda gave him- saying that he doesn't know what it is, but knew that he'd find out if he came here. She rides off with him, and finds out that he's her soul mate when their soul stones fit together. It ends with that, and Sabrina's dad says: Would you look at that. 12:36, on the dot.
    12:36 was the exact minute that Harvey and Sabrina met when they were teenagers. Great ending, one of the best series finales I've ever seen.
  • Loved every minute of the show, Sabrina is the best.

    Loved every minute of it, the whole series was the same, couldn't wait for the next one to come on. Sabrina and Harvey were meant for each other you could tell from the very first season. And the ending is everything i thought it would be and better. They had a very special conection from the beginning, and the way he came to his senses when he found out sabrina was a witch, he still loved her though she was different. My whole family loves this show and we all sit down and used to watch it together, it was great. The comedy in it was fantastic, Salem was great i'm a big fan of his i love cats and one that can talk would be fantatsic, loved the show, loved the movies just love Sabrina the teenage witch.
  • The PERFECT possible ending anyone could've written.

    On the morning of Sabrina's marriage to Aaron, she contuniously doubts if they're "soul mates". So when she wakes up, she had cold feet...literally. Zelda shows up with Hilda in a different ehm form and gives her the gift of her soul rock. So when she starts to get ready she decides to set out to find out if her and Aaron truly are soul mates and if her decision is right. Sabrina goes to the other realm and finds Aaron's soul rock, and while fitting them together she makes an amazing realization. And goes through with the wedding. An amazing yet shockingly perfect ending.
  • This was the perfect ending!

    This was such an amazing end to the show! I am sad it ended but I am happy it ended up the right way. Sabrina and Harvy were made for eachother ever since the 1st episode! It was such an unexpected twist and I loved it! I would of been quite mad if she went of with Aaron. But I am happy, although at the end when they rode of on a moterbike together, it was an okay ending but I would have liked to actually see them being married and have that perfect kiss. I can't remember if they did kiss in this episode. I think they did. I think it was really sweet that Hilda and (kind of Zelda) came back and the mother aswell!
    This was just the perfect ending to a perfect show!
  • On the day of Sabrina's wedding, she gets cold feet because she has doubts about her and Aaron. She finds out that her soul mate isn't Aaron; it's Harvey.

    this is the best episode i've ever seen in the history of television! i seriously cried and i have it recorded so i like watching it over and over again. this is the best episode ever and i'm so sad that sabrina is really over!! i always knew harvey was better than ALL of her other boyfriends, and i REALLY didn't want her to marry aaron. sorry, i just love harvey more than any of them. i'm glad she found out that he was her soul mate. He was always the best for her. =]] I love this show so much.
  • The Greatest episode ever... EVER!!!

    This episode was the best I loved it, it was so sad when Harvey and Sabrina broke up now they get married at the end and become soul mates this was such a great episode when it ended I was speach less and I am so glad she is back with Harvey they were soul mates high school and the few times the broke up were sad episodes but this was the best too bad the show ends now i wanted them to have like a special on life after Sabrina and HArvey get married.
  • She couldn't possibly be paired with anyone else!

    "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" was central to my childhood. It was almost always clever & cute, with my favorite storyline being the Family Secret episodes. As the show matured, so did I. I began watching "Sabrina" less & less, but since memories of it remained in my household in the form of cds, books, etc. I knew there was no way I could miss the series finale.

    Granted, I had begun to lose track of Sabrina's many boyfriends after Josh, but I still managed to understand this episode ... somehow. After a long and difficult journey to get her soul stone, Sabrina discovers that hers & Aaron's are not matching. Pairing this with her anxiety & general discomfort, it takes her whole family to convince her to go through with the wedding. At the last minute, however, Sabrina's devilish cousin goes to Harvey & presents him with HIS soul stone. He travels down to the wedding just as Sabrina realizes that she just can't do this.

    She runs out & into Harvey's arms. As they embrace, their soul stones fall to the floor & surprise, surprise, are perfect matches. As the couple rides off on Harvey's motorcycle, Sabrina's father coolly remarks that it is exactly the same time that the couple first met.
  • Couldn't have been better

    Well, the end was kind of clichee, but the episode title already indicated that and I didn't mind at all. This episode was the best way to end the series and I think bringing Harvey and Sabrina together in the end was the only sane storyline after all that time.
    Thanks to Amanda. Who knew that little beotch would actually turn out to be such a nice and helpful girl.
    And when Sabrina's dad said it was exactly 12.36 - the exact time they first met, well, it couldn't have been any more romantic. And did I mention how much I loved Sabrina's dress?
    Anyway, great ending to a really good show that has accompanied me for years. I'm glad I finally watched the finale which hasn't aired here yet
  • Really great, a fantastic ending to a fantastic series.

    Sabrina ends up decided not to marry Aarron but she rides away with Harvey on Harvey's motorcycle, because Amanda got Harvey's soul stone. It was truly amazing and worth seeing for sure. Of course, it wasn't suprising, in a way, but it was the right way to end Sabrina the teenage witch, because it showed her grow up right until this episode, the very last one.
  • The best!!

    I think this episode was the best!! I mean it had everything. Drama, and comedy. It was really dramatic because of Sabrina's love triange. I mean she had to choose between a man that she loves, but a man who is her soul mate. It was also very funny because of, well Sabrina is always funny. I am so glad Sabrina chose Harvey over Aaron because they are meant to be together. I was so sad that the series ended, but I have to say the ending was GREAT! It was by far one of the best episodes of Sabrina that I have seen.
  • The final.

    Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,
    In this episode we find Sabrina on her wedding day. She wakes up with cold feet. And the ice blocks are huge. Sabrina gets told the Aaron might not be the right soul mate. So Sabrina goes to north star to find the gems. She finds that the gems dont fit. In the end Sabrina leaves Aaron at the alter and runs to find Harvey. In the end part two Sabrina and Harvey drive away.
  • This is, like, so totally, one of the saddest episodes! Sabrina isn't sure if Aaron is her soul mate!

    Sabrina, Morgan and Roxie return from the holiday from hell and it's time for Sabrina's wedding. Sabrina has cold, no wait, frozen feet, then Doubt comes to her room and gives her Aarons soul stone, Sabrina then tries to put her soul stone together with Aarons but it doesn't match. Meanwhile Amanda finds Harvey and gives him his soul stone. In the end this is one of the best, saddest and most romantic episodes of Sabrina! The end scene with the song "Running" is soo great, I'm just so sad that the show ended... One of the better episodes. All in all this is a great series finale to a good TV show!
  • The series was ended beautifully.

    This was a great series finale and definitely one of my favorite episodes. Hilda, Sabrina's mother, Sabrina's father, and Amanda return for the episode - Hilda looks even better than she did in season 5 and 6 and Sabrina and Amanda, too. I'm just sad that Beth Broderick, Zelda's actor, was not in the episode. Anyway, I love just about everything about the ending of the episode - Sabrina has a discussion with Aaron, she cancels the wedding, she runs out of the building, she sees Harvey, she finally realizes that she loves him, she runs to his motorcycle, they throw their soul stones and those merge, several people watching, including Hilda and Zelda, say "It's about time", Sabrina's father says "12:36" on the dot, and Sabrina and Harvey drive away.
  • Sabrina wakes up on her wedding day with cold feet, and questions if she and Aaron really are soulmates.

    I watched this TV show from the time I was 6 to 11 every day after school, and I've seen every single episode. This one is of course exciting with it being the finale, yet sad to know there's no more to come. We all knew she and Harvey would get together in the end, but it was still fun to see. And I loved the 12:36 reference -- that is a running line throughout the series. Season 7 was without a doubt the weakest season, but it was still a fabulous conclusion. I love it every time I see it!
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  • The perfect series finale!

    This episode made me cry when I first watched it! I do wish that Zelda candel could talk, but I know why it/she didn't. I was so happy that Sabrina and Harvey got back together, although I thought it was a little sad to be left at the altur and watch your almost wife ride off with another guy. This was still a great episode. The cold feet part was just great and how she tried to fix the stones so that they would fit. That was a bit sad! Everyone knew that Sabrina is and was better with Harvey!!! Great epi.!
  • This episode rocks.

    In the seventh-season finale, Sabrina tries to conceal her wedding-day jitters after waking up with a case of cold feet - literally. The bride-to-be receives a measure of comfort from her mother and Aunt Hilda, who arrive unexpectedly with an unrecognizable Zelda in tow.In the seventh-season finale, Sabrina tries to conceal her wedding-day jitters after waking up with a case of cold feet - literally. The bride-to-be receives a measure of comfort from her mother and Aunt Hilda, who arrive unexpectedly with an unrecognizable Zelda in tow.
  • Sadly, the last episode of the series.

    In "Soul Mates", I really enjoyed how the episode was written, with Sabrina doubting if she can marry Aaron because he isn't her soul mate. Even though I kind of found it to be sentimental being the last episode of the series, I was really happy to see that the writers brought back Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda (even if she was only in the form of a candle) to see their beloved niece get "married". What I also loved about the episode what how tense Sabrina and Aaron where that they were actually funny. I found that Melissa Joan Hart and Dylan Neal did superb jobs portraying the parts of the stressfull bride and bridegroom. And with the end of the episode, I couldn't have asked for a better way to end the series, with Sabrina riding off into the sunset with her Soul Mate, Harvey.
  • A very predictable and rather cheesy and corny episode. Sabrina is about to exchange vows with Aaron at the altar with many delays and second thoughts. One guess to who she ends up fleeing with, no prizes.

    I've always liked Sabrina the Teenage Witch because despite it's always-annoyingly-happy-endings and meaninglessness, it is a very funny show, starring Melissa Joan Hart as the very perky and blonde witch Sabrina Spellman.

    This was the seventh-season finale but is it the series finale is something I should check out.

    Sabrina's about to get married to Aaron Jacobs but on the day of her wedding she wakes up with cold feet. Literally. Salem warns her those things don't just happen coincidentally. There are tons of delays, silly and serious alike, with Sabrina desperately finding a way for proof that she and Aaron click, not almost, but perfectly. Hilda and her mother who attend her wedding day reassure her that she shouldn't decide to marry him or not based on what magic is telling her. However though, she does not get married to Aaron. Nope, she goes back to Harvey. Roxie says, "I guess that was the something old she needed." Something along the lines like that. C-H-E-E-S-Y if ever but I guess that's what comes of shows like this. But of course there are funny bits in between.

  • WOW!! This was a great episode and i would watch it over and over again.

    Wow ! OKay everyone is expecting for Sabrina to marry that ugly old guy in this episode but then she starts getting cold feet (literally speaking lol) so she wants to find out if their really soulmates. Well to her dismay they\'re not ! Ofcourse i am very happy at this point ... but then who is her soulmate? HARVEY !! Yeah i am very hapy to find this out ... I mean who doesn\'t want them together? (don\'t answer that lol) In the end Sabrina knows her place is not with the old guy but with her high school sweetheart ! I loved this ending !!
  • Wow ... this could not have been a better ending to a great tv show.

    Magnificent was a way to describe how "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" ended. First i didn't like the guy she was marrying in the first place so that made me happy. Second I loved how they made her and Harvey soulmates which is true. He was always there for her and accepted all the weird stuff even before he knew she was a witch. And how Sabrina knew she wasn't suppose to marry that old guy (lol) showed how she knew it wasn't meant to be. In a final note this was the best "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" episode. It is a MUST watch !
  • Sabrina is getting married but is having second thoughts about wheither the guy she is marring is her true soulmate. She decides to cast a spell.

    This one is so sweet! Sabrina ends up with her true soulmate and let me say its about time!!!! She and Harvey were destined for each other. He accepts her as a witch and for who she is. But if shes a witch i wonder how they're relationship will end because she will live longer than him...
  • It's about time..

    We pretty much all knew that Harvey & Sabrina belong together - he's the only mortal that knows about her true secret(besides her mom) & she was always there to help him .. even if she had a boyfriend. I think the ending was perfect for all the history this show went through.
  • Brilliant when the true soulmate is discuverd hu I thought it was the whole time!!

    This episode was brilliant whenSabrina was guna get married I was think she cant get married to him especially if he was not er soulmate she cudnt change dat and when another piece of the heart is givin 2 the true soulmate hey connect and ride off together all is revealed. If you watch this i'd give you 3 gesses 4 u to gess hu it is but I think u'd onli need one. A superb episode to finish the whole thing off, SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!!