Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Season 1 Episode 10

Sweet and Sour Victory

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 06, 1996 on ABC
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Sabrina learns a hard lesson in witchcraft when she tries to make Harvey notice her by using her powers to become an instant kung-fu expert under Mr. Pool's astonished tutelage. She easily defeats the standing champion, but must face the disapproval of her aunts and the jeers of the (magically animated) trophy she won. Meanwhile, Aunt Hilda tries out for first violin in the local symphony the mortal way, but loses to her longtime rival Gustav.


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  • Cheater,Cheater,Cheater. Very Funny

    This episode was a very funny episode of season 1 which I truely enjoyed.

    Now I have started to watch Sabrina the teenage witch after I bought the season 1 DVDs and uptil now its been pretty good until this episode came along and took the spotlight because it's such great FUN !!!!!!!!!!!

    Now what happens in this episode is that in a try to impress Harvey Sabrina turns herself into a Kung-Fu expert and kicks butt mainly Mr. Pool's. Then Sabrina is asked to join a tournament but is nagged by her aunts to make a choice to go through with this because of the cheating due to magic element playing a part in this like the title said 'sweet and sour victory '.

    This episode has a great storyline,funny lines, lots of magic and another Sabrina trying to impress Harvey story.

    This goes in my top 10 episodes and I think everyone should watch it.

  • Guilty conscience...

    Sabrina decides to enroll in the Kung Fu class after discovering that she's really useless at badminton. When she discovers that the class is run by Mr Pool, she gets really happy. After a few bad throws, she decides to use her magic to give herself master level Kung Fu skills. Mr Pool is amazed and immediately signs her up for a contest which she proceeds to win, again with the aid of her magic. However, when she gets her trophy home and it starts tormenting her about cheating, she discovers that things aren't quite as easy as that. She then decides to have a rematch and honorably lose it, so that the trophy would go to his rightful owner.moreless
  • When Harvey gets excited about the new Kung-fu class, Sabrina decides to join too and uses her powers to beat Mr. Poole. But when he encourages her to compete, she learns an important lesson about right and wrong.moreless

    "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" isn't exactly great television, but I think shows like this that are geared towards pre-teens can best be viewed as wholesome TV that the whole family can watch and enjoy. Keeping that in mind, I think that the show is at it's best when it's teaching a lesson. In this episode, Sabrina learns that using her powers to win is wrong (as we see when she checks in with her moral compass) and that her friends will still be there for her, even if she isn't the best.

    Overall, it's an average episode by the show's own standards. I think the later seasons were stronger, but when you take this show for what it is, it's not half bad.moreless
Caroline Rhea

Caroline Rhea

Hilda Antoinette Spellman

Beth Broderick

Beth Broderick

Zelda Spellman

Nate Richert

Nate Richert

Harvey Dwight Kinkle (recurring in season 5-7)

Paul Feig

Paul Feig

Eugene Pool

Nick Bakay

Nick Bakay

Salem Saberhagen, the Cat (voice)

Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa Joan Hart

Sabrina J. Spellman

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The fourth outfit for this episode's credits is a splashy 1960's dress of yellow, orange and brown, yellow go-go boots and a yellow headband in Sabrina's hair that is styled like the 1960's. Sabrina dances and says, "Feelin' groovy. Far out." This outfit is a repeat from episode 6, "Dream Date".

    • Sabrina's sash is tied on the right, when it's supposed to be on the left.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • (Tai Wai Tse won't take the trophy back unless he wins it honorably. He wants to have another Kung Fu fight, but Sabrina is hesitant)
      Sabrina: How about we play foosball?
      Tai Wai Tse: There is no honor in foosball!

    • Tai Wai Tse: (on phone) I'm tired of playing the ninja assassin... I know Marty, look; I just want to play the dad on a phone commercial!
      (Hears a knock at his door)
      Tai Wai Tse: Yeah, work on it. Look, I gotta go. Someone's at the door. Love you, ciao.

    • Sabrina: Focus and concentrate. Focus and concentrate.
      (Harvey comes up at the wrong moment and gets hit in the stomach)
      Harvey: Oof!
      Sabrina: Oh; Harvey, you made it.
      Harvey: I couldn't miss your big match. I mean it's amazing all the progress you've made in the past... two days.
      Sabrina: Oh well, um... Mr. Pool's a great teacher.
      Harvey: Well, listen. There's something I want to say to you. It's something I always wish my dad would say to me before a game. 'It doesn't matter if you win or lose, you're still a winner to me'.
      Sabrina: Thanks.
      (A gong sounds)
      Sabrina: Now if you'll excuse me Harvey, I've gotta go kick some butt.

    • (Mr. Pool is teaching Kung Fu in gym class, and is trying to teach Sabrina a metaphorical lesson about strength)
      Mr. Pool: Now, together we're going to demonstrate the philosophy of the river and the rock. (To Sabrina) Which do you wanna be?
      Sabrina: The rock obviously. Nothing can move a rock.
      Mr. Pool: Western thinking. Okay Sabrina will be the rock, I'll be the river, we'll see which one is stronger. We bow.
      (Sabrina and Mr. Pool bow to each other)
      Mr. Pool: And go.
      (He steps forward hooks his leg behind her and pushes her forehead with his finger. She topples over onto the mat)
      Sabrina: You tripped me!
      Mr. Pool: The river tripped you. The river always beats the rock because the river has great inner strength.
      Sabrina: Maybe the rock has great inner strength too but just didn't have a chance to use it.
      Mr. Pool: Huh, the rock is slow and heavy.
      Sabrina: The river's all wet! The rock wants a rematch.
      Mr. Pool: The river's game.
      Harvey: (To the student beside him) What are they talking about?

    • Sabrina: I lost my chi. Where is my chi? Have you seen it?

    • Sabrina: I just want to ask you if there's an honorable way to beg for mercy...

    • Zelda: What's all the noise?
      Hilda: Everything okay?
      Sabrina: No! My trophy won't shut up.
      Hilda: Well just tell it to... Huh?
      Sabrina: It keeps calling me names. I don't know what's happening.
      Zelda: I take it you decided to compete in Kung Fu?
      Trophy: Yeah and she won. Cheater!
      Zelda: That explains it. The trophy is speaking your guilty conscience.
      Sabrina: You told me to decide for myself and I did.
      Trophy: And you decided wrong.
      Sabrina: How do I get it to stop yapping?
      Hilda: Well you could put a teeny weeny sock in his mouth, or you could clear your conscience.

  • NOTES (2)